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It was Spock’s birthday. Even though Vulcans really didn’t celebrate birthdays, Jim had managed to “corrupt” Spock (as he laughingly put it), and now the Vulcan participated in the same shipboard celebrations that all officers did. A few of his closest associates even gave him gifts, which is why Leonard McCoy was on his way to Spock’s quarters with a new music disc for Spock’s collection.

Spock’s door was not locked, and McCoy thought he and Jim were probably in the Observation Lounge. They spent a good deal of free time there, and frankly, McCoy couldn’t figure out why. It’s not like Spock was a barrel of fun. Some of the crew suspected that the two of them were “involved,” but McCoy always discounted those rumors. He knew what a skirt-chaser Jim Kirk was, and Spock probably only got aroused by Vulcan chicks with lirpas.

McCoy slipped into Spock’s cabin to leave the disc. He was about to put it on Spock’s desk when he caught the sound of voices from Spock’s sleeping area. Oh, Hell. They’re here, and I just walked right in on them. For a second, McCoy thought about calling out, but that might be even more embarrassing. He started backing stealthily towards the door but froze as he heard Jim speak.

“I’m afraid it’s too big.” Jim’s voice had that laughing purr it had only when he was talking to Spock. Why had McCoy never noticed that before?

“There is no such thing as too big, my Jim, and it is so beautiful, such a golden color, so warm, so velvety to my touch…” Spock’s voice trailed off, and McCoy heard the distinct sounds of kissing.

Oh my God, the rumors are true! McCoy turned and fled, the disc still clutched in his hand.

Jim raised his head. “Did you hear something?” he inquired, looking down at his soon-to-be lover.

Spock had, but he wasn’t going to ruin the mood. He’d waited too long for this. He drew Jim back into his arms, and the human cuddled against Spock, who was dressed in a new, warm, gold velvet tunic that was, truth be told, a bit baggy on his lean frame.


Jim never knew why McCoy blushed and ran out of the mess when he met them at breakfast the next day.

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