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After yet another argument about rash humans and pissy Vulcans, Jim stomped into his cabin, wishing that the doors on a starship slammed so he could slam his. He took off his boots and chucked them at the opposite wall, the wall his quarters shared with Spock’s, hoping that the Vulcan heard the “thump,” hoping that the sound offended Spock’s ears, (those evil, pointed, gorgeous, delicious, suckable ears…)


Goddamnit, he was doing it again! Just when he got up a full head of steam, just when he got to the place where he was ready to have Spock thrown into the brig (thrown into the brig naked, chained to the wall, left to the mercies of his captor, the golden-haired, blue-eyed pirate…)


Son of a bitch! He never should have gotten involved with this Spock, never let Spock Prime sing that siren song of their fated destiny, their immortal love (their instant rapport, the way the curves of Jim’s ass fit so perfectly into those hot, hard hands, the way Spock’s mouth captured Jim’s lower lip and sucked on it like a delicious fruit, the way Jim’s cock slid so easily into ….)


Fuck, fuck, fuck! How could Jim fight properly with Spock when he wanted him so much, how could he fight (fight to get his hands inside Spock’s pants, fight to caress every inch of that taut, muscular body, fight to kiss and lick and suck until Spock was melting under his hands, fight…)


Jim sighed and slumped down on his bunk. He might as well face it; he couldn’t stay mad at Spock. He loved him, craved him, adored him. If the price he had to pay for all this joy was putting up with a pissy Vulcan, then he’d put up with him forever. If he had to let Spock win every argument, then so be it. He’d go apologize right now, because he couldn’t stay mad at Spock, couldn’t…


The door between their quarters opened. Spock walked in, walked straight to where Jim was sitting, and knelt on the floor, laying his head in Jim’s lap with a quiet sigh.


“I am sorry, t’hy’la,” Spock said softly. “I cannot stay mad at you, and I cannot stand to see you angry with me. I concede that my words were ill-chosen and that your point is the correct one. In other words…” Spock took a deep breath and raised his head, looking longingly into Jim’s eyes, “you win.”


Jim pulled his love off the floor and into his arms. No, he couldn’t stay mad at Spock. He was damned glad his Vulcan couldn’t stay mad at him.

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