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It was very late, at least 0200 hours. Commander Spock had been working a double-shift, as he so often did when needed. And it was needed now; half the crew (or at least it seemed that way) was down with some kind of flu, including the heads of the Cartography and Astronomy departments. The Enterprise was investigating a new type of star, one that had never been measured or categorized before. So Spock was spending a good deal of his time on the Bridge, in the lab, and bent over a scanner. He would never admit it, but his back hurt, and he was tired. Worst of all, he was lonely. Jim was trying to cover for several more flu-ridden officers, so they’d had almost no time together for a week now.

With a sigh, Spock walked past Jim’s quarters. He would have loved to go in and curl up with his t’hy’la, but he didn’t want to disturb Jim if the captain had finally managed to get to sleep.

Spock slipped into his cabin. He thought about getting something to eat (when had his last meal been?) but decided it was too much effort. He shucked off his boots and tunic and rounded the divider between his living area and his bed. He stopped.

There on the bunk lay Jim, flat on his back, with two small white balls of fur in his chest. Dust Bunny and Snow Ball, Spock’s pet tribbles, purred softly as they cuddled the human. Jim slept quietly, a faint smile on his face.

Very carefully, Spock climbed into bed, arranging himself around Jim and the tribbles, managing to get close to all three without disturbing them. It was a tight fit, but Spock would not have changed it for the world.

Before he drifted off to sleep, he thought about the logistics of getting a larger bunk. After all, he had a family now.

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