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The festivities to celebrate the upcoming bonding of James T. Kirk and S'chn T'gai Spock were decorous, as befitted a largely Vulcan gathering, but enjoyable as well. Star Fleet brass, Enterprise personnel, and various members of Vulcan society congratulated the happy couple and mingled in the garden on Sarek’s estate as they worked their way through a vegetarian buffet.

Leonard McCoy was happily drinking something that tasted an awful lot like good sippin’ whiskey when he spotted Spock talking with Sarek. Both looked slightly unhappy. McCoy decided to go see what was wrong. He got just close enough to hear Sarek’s voice.

“Spock, that is not what I meant,” he insisted. “You are making an assumption that I am unwilling to welcome James into our family, and that is not true. There are simply others who would be much more…”

 “You have made it plain what you wanted for me,” Spock said, “but it was never what I wanted.”

McCoy had heard enough (the sippin’ whiskey might have had something to do with that). “Hey,” he said angrily, striding right up to Sarek. “I don’t care if you are an ambassador and an elder and whatever else; you are off base if you have a problem with Jim as your son’s spouse. I don’t know if you’re objectin’ to him because he’s human or because he’s got the same equipment as Spock…”

“Doctor, please,” Sarek said, holding up one hand. “You misunderstand me.”

“Oh?” McCoy said belligerently. “Well, then, suppose you explain?”

Sarek looked at him. “When Spock told me he was bonding with an officer on the Enterprise, I will be honest. For a moment, I believed it would be someone other than Captain Kirk.” Sarek had the grace to look slightly embarrassed. “Like many parents, I had always entertained the fantasy that my son would marry…a doctor.” He gave a McCoy a long look.

Jim, on the other side of the garden, never found out why McCoy backed away from Sarek like he was a rabid le-matya.  Spock wisely decided there was no logical reason for his t’hy’la to discover that Sarek had always wanted to be able to say, “My son, the doctor.”



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