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Story Notes:

Prequel to '2 Lives, 1 Bond'. Read it to know how her plan goes. ^.^

                T’Pau knew what her grandson felt, she had seen it in the meld they had shared when he had returned to Vulcan during his Time to complete the bond with T’Pring. She also knew that he would never let anyone know.

She knew Spock had deep feelings for his captain and she knew he had none for T’Pring. It had caused her some sadness to watch Spock fight his T’hy’la in the haze of his blood fever. She had never really approved of T’Pring, the girl was cruel and far more calculating than a Vulcan should ever be. She was relieved to see the bond dissolved, Spock would be free from her. She may not show it, but T’Pau loved her grandson and wanted him to be happy.

She also knew that James Kirk was alive. It did not upset her that Doctor McCoy had deceived her to save his friend. In fact, she thought his actions were admirable. She did not say anything and allowed the doctor to beam away with the unconscious captain. She watched her grandson leave, knowing he would soon be reunited with his T’hy’la. She wished him well.

It had been days, and she knew Spock had said nothing to his captain about his feelings. She knew the captain felt the same way, she had seen it in the determined way Kirk had accepted the battle in order to protect him from Stonn. Spock’s insecurities and dignity were becoming detrimental to his well-being. She did not wish to interfere directly, but she wanted her grandson to find the happiness he deserved.

The ever-logical Vulcan that she was, T’Pau did not need long to find a solution. If she would not intervene directly, she would intervene indirectly by deceiving Spock. It may not seem admirable on her part, but the deception would be necessary for her grandson’s happy future.

She knew neither man would ever wish to find themselves in the same situation, and decided to use this fact to her advantage. Kirk would want to sacrifice himself to save Spock, Spock would not allow that. Spock would want to sacrifice himself to save Kirk, and Kirk would not allow that. The predicament would force Spock to consider the other option.

Yes, T’Pau smiled inwardly. Her grandson was extremely intelligent; he would undoubtedly reach the proper conclusion. She prepared herself to leave the messages that would set her plan into motion.

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