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An Enterprise Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the ship,
The red shirts were pacing, phasers at the hip.
The captain was sitting at the edge of his chair.
He turned to his first and said with a flair

“Do you feel it in the air? It’s Christmas time Spock.”
And with an eyebrow raised and an expression like rock
Spock went “Illogical Captain. The air is as it was before.”
To which the captain just laughed and said no more.

Later in the captain’s quarters after a game of chess,
Spock stood at the replicator and no sooner did he press,
When a whoop! and a wap and a clank and a clack!
And his tea wasn’t tea but a brightly wrapped sack.

Kirk burst out laughing, and Spock raised a brow,
“Looks like you’ve been good Spock, open it now.”
Spock delicately opened it to find a new Data Padd
Kirk couldn’t stop beaming when Spock smiled a tad.
“I assume you have something to do with this James”
“Of course not Spock, only Santa plays those games.”

Meanwhile around the ship, gifts were appearing sporadically,
Romulan Ale for Bones was opened automatically.
Uhura received an antique lyre, made from a rare Halkan gourd,
And Sulu was seen sparring with his new sword.
Chekov was reading his “Everything is Russian” book,
And Scotty found wrapped Saurian Brandy in his liquor nook.

The Captain, sitting with Spock, was beaming with glee,
And a highly intelligent Vulcan was the only one who could see,
That last night when Jim should have been within dream
He was instead coding in gifts through a transporter beam.

“Captain” Spock said with a sly look in his eyes,
“I think I found a suiting gift for you, just the right size.”
And from behind his back, Spock pulled a Santa hat,
Plopped it on Jim’s head and gave him a pat.

“Oh you might have figured that out Spock, but not all is so,
for I seem to have caught you under mistletoe!”
And that my dear friends, was a Starfleet Christmas in flight
Merry Christmas to you Trekkies, and to you all a good night. J


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