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Captain James T. Kirk prided himself on his ability to concentrate while he was on the bridge. Lately however, there was a big distraction floating around the ship with impressive cat-like grace that he found hard to ignore. While he had always been attracted to his First Officer Spock, Jim had been finding the Vulcan more and more enticing with each passing day.

“Captain?” Spock’s voice brought Jim out of his thoughts. His first officer was looking at him in a way that told him this was not the first time he had been spoken to.

“Sorry Spock, I’ve been tired lately. What can I do for you?” Jim physically shook his head, trying to dispel the inappropriate mental images he had conjured of the sexy Vulcan in his mind’s eye.

“Perhaps a visit to sickbay is in order?” Spock looked as concerned as a Vulcan could look. “Doctor McCoy might be able to offer you a solution to whatever problem is causing your fatigue.”

“No, it’s okay Spock, I just need to get more sleep,” Jim ran his fingers through his hair. “Now, what were you asking?”

“I wished to know your verdict on the 56 requests for shore leave this month,” Spock said, still regarding him with that concerned look in his eyes.

“I still have to review some of them,” Kirk sighed. “It’s the same thing every year, everyone wants leave at Christmas.”

“Might I remind you that not ‘everyone’ wishes to spend the human holiday season off-ship,” Spock said quietly.

“Well, most of the crew anyways,” Jim smiled.

“Well, if you have not reached a decision yet, I shall leave you be,” Spock turned away from him and made his way back to the science console. Kirk allowed himself a few appraising looks towards the officer’s backside, but then stared determinedly in front of him.

Soft music flowed in through the loud speakers; he had allowed music to be played for the holiday season to help boost crew morale and keep the mood light. Kirk did not know how to tell his crew, but there would be no leave this Christmas. They were being sent on another diplomatic mission, a milk run as Jim liked to call it, to the Heimalis system. According to the records, the planets there were basically the Terran idea of a winter wonderland; at least the crew would get a bit of snow for the holidays. With a sigh, he settled more into his chair and listened more intently to the music flowing onto the bridge.

‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’ was currently making its jolly case to the crew’s ears. Jim had a hard time not getting into the spirit of the holiday, even if he had to be the bearer of bad news when this song played. It was just such a cute little song. Jim looked sideways at Spock again, and briefly wondered what the Vulcan would say if he presented him with a partridge in a pear tree.

Kirk almost laughed out loud. Spock’s response would be a complaint about the illogicality of his actions at best. Or would it? Jim looked at Spock again. The Vulcan had become increasingly open with him since his botched marriage a few months ago… Perhaps he would not only allow Jim’s overly human attempts to court him, but actually accept the overtures?

Jim could almost laugh at his hopeless optimism. He couldn’t quite scorn it; his human nature made it quite impossible for him to give up hope on something he wanted more than anything completely.

Jim knew that Spock had deep feelings for him; he had proven that fact many times in over a year as his first officer, and even longer as they went through the academy together. He just couldn’t be sure if those feeling extended beyond friendship like his own did. He also couldn’t be sure that revealing his feelings as more than friendship would not send the Vulcan running away screaming.

He would have to take it slow. Perhaps this song had given him the idea he needed.

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