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                Spock was acting differently, Captain James T. Kirk thought as he thought of his first officer and chief science officer. He had been a lot more open with his emotions since the incident on the sands of Vulcan. Not that he minded anyways, he was just that much closer to having Spock for his own.

                When Jim found out that Spock was going to get married, it took everything he had to keep his heart from falling out of his chest. Things did not get any better when saw the cold bitch T’Pring. She was cold and calculating, even for a Vulcan. She was nothing like Spock deserved. She wouldn’t let him feel, she didn’t even treat him like a person. She brought him all the way back to Vulcan only to refuse to marry him right when he needed her! That really started Jim fuming. He was starting to hate Vulcans.

                His relief at seeing Spock so soon after leaving the planet’s surface was outdone only by his relief at being alive. He did not want to think about Spock marrying a bitch like T’Pring. He didn’t want to think about Spock marrying anyone… Anyone that wasn’t him. Jim smiled to himself as he flipped on his computer terminal, maybe there was a chance for that after all.

                Apparently Uhura had forwarded him some messages. He went through them, most were from the Admiralty commending him on missions well-done. One, however, was from T’Pau. Apparently she was not impressed with their trick down on Vulcan. She wanted a rematch… No hypos this time… Yes, Jim was really starting to hate Vulcans.



                Spock sat in alone in his quarters, unable to control the shock travelling through his limbs. He was beginning to believe that his grandmother had lost her mind. How could she expect him to kill his captain, his friend?

                In the year Spock served with Jim, he had begun to realize that the human emotions within him were not always unwelcome. In fact, he had begun to encourage them in Jim’s presence. Emotion had allowed him to forge this friendship with his captain, and it was enabling him to feel more. Whenever Spock looked at his captain, a barrage of warm feelings began to collect in his stomach. And apparently, just has it appeared his love would be allowed to flourish, his grandmother decided to order them to fight to the death. That did not seem logical at all.

                There was no question, Spock could not allow Jim to die. The thought that Jim almost died on the red sands of his home planet, at his hands no less, was enough to make him physically sick. He could hardly bear the thought of them being thrust into the same position once again. There was no other choice, Spock would allow Jim to be the victor… or was there another way?

                As far as Spock knew, a situation such as there has never occurred, but a law was in place for the protection of… bondmates. If he and Jim were to bond… Spock stopped his thoughts right there. He could not bind Jim to him like that. Even if Spock wanted a lifebond with his captain, it was almost certain that his captain would not. Spock had no intentions of spending his life bonded to a man who did not love him. He would offer his first solution. He knew Jim would protest, but Spock could not allow his t’hy’la to die. He stood up, determined, and left his quarters.



                “Come,” Jim said when his door chimed. He knew who it would be. “I’m assuming you’ve heard, Spock?” he asked the stiff-standing Vulcan who entered his quarters.

                “Indeed, Captain,” Spock replied quietly.

                “Well… is there anything we can do?” Jim asked helplessly. “I don’t want either of us to have to die!”

                Spock’s heart missed a beat at the pain in his captain’s voice. “This situation was caused by me. I offer my life in order to save yours, Captain. It is my duty-”

                “Dammit Spock!” Jim cut in. “It’s not your fault! It’s biology! Biology! I can’t just let you die for me!”

                “Captain, as your first officer, and as your friend, I cannot allow you to die,” Spock said quietly, not meeting his captain’s eyes.

                “Well, I’m not letting you die either Spock,” Jim said stubbornly. “When we get back to Vulcan, it’s going to be you who leaves that planet alive. You’ll be captain, I’m not letting you do this,” he said sternly as Spock had opened his mouth again. This is the end of the discussion.”



                Spock had anticipated that Jim would argue. He had not, however, anticipated that Jim would throw him out of his quarters without giving an ounce of thought to what Spock had to say. Apparently Jim would not allow his sacrifice.

                Spock allowed himself to sigh. He wanted to keep Jim alive. He could not risk Jim sacrificing himself before Spock could stop him. He had to consider the alternative.

                He would bond with Jim, but he would not force monogamy on him. He could learn to shut out their bond. He owed his friend this. With a nod to himself, Spock moved to the bathroom that connected his room to Jim’s. He stopped in front of the mirror, not looking at himself but breathing deeply. He had to keep his emotions in check. This was going to be difficult, but, for Jim’s sake, it had to be done.



                Spock had never entered Jim’s quarters without knocking. Jim stared dumbfounded as the Vulcan determinedly stalked towards him. Gold tunic in hand, chest bare and pants open, Jim had never felt so vulnerable in the Vulcan’s presence.

                “Spock, what are you doing?” he asked, trying to force his mouth to stay closed. He was fighting a losing battle. The look in Spock’s eyes was far from Vulcan, they were dark and fiery, and Jim couldn’t help but stare into them.

                The Vulcan didn’t answer him. He simply walked purposefully towards him and backed him into the divider dividing his bedroom from the rest of the cabin. Without breaking eye contact, he descended upon Jim’s lips for a fierce kiss.

                “Spock?” Jim gasped when the Vulcan pulled away for air. “Is this your way of saying goodbye?”

                “Quite the contrary, Jim,” Spock whispered into a round ear. “I am saying ‘hello’.”

                “Good,” Jim breathed, kissing the neck presented to him. “I’m not ready to say goodbye just yet.”

                “Nor am I,” Spock trailed his lips from neck to chest, sucking a cooperative nipple in between his teeth.

                “God Spock, if you keep that up, I’m gonna come in my pants,” Jim struggled for breath.

                Spock growled quietly, fingers diving to Jim’s already-opened pants, searching for the quickly-hardened member hiding in them. Kirk’s sharp intake of breath was his reward for searching.

                “Spock… Please…” Jim whimpered. “I want you.”

                Spock suppressed a moan and gathered the human in his arms, divesting him of his pants. He carried Jim to his bad and lay him down on the edge, kneeling in front of him. He pressed a kiss to the top of the erection.

                Jim moaned. “Spock… before I die… I want… you… in… me,” he said between stuttering gasps.

                “Dungau-tu ri tev-tor, you will not die,” Spock whispered under his breath, standing up. “You are sure?” he added more loudly.

                “Yesssss,” Jim groaned. “Soon, please.”

                “Yes, t’hy’la,” Spock unfastened his uniform trousers, allowing his own jade erection to spring free.

                “Here,” Jim held out a tube he retrieved from the drawer on his bedside table. Spock took it.

                After thoroughly preparing Jim and coating his own organ, Spock poised himself at Jim’s entrance. He leaned forward, fingers reaching for the meld points on Jim’s face. Whispering ancient words, he entered both Jim’s body and his mind.



                “That was amazing,” Jim gasped when Spock rolled off.

                “I must concur,” Spock agreed.

                Jim’s snorts of laughter filled the cabin. “You did not just say ‘I concur’ after sex!”

                “I believe I did.”

                “I hate that it had to end like this,” Jim said, pained. “But I’ll do anything to save your life.”

                “As I would for you,” Spock said, staring at him with sparkling eyes.

                Jim yawned. “It’s my turn to save your ass,” he gave a tired smile, eyes drooping.

                “Sleep Jim, t’hy’la,” Spock gave a small smile. “I shall see you in the morning.”

                “Spock, please don’t leave,” Jim almost whimpered. “I don’t wanna be alone.”

                Spock’s heart almost stopped and his breathing hitched. “Anything for you, Jim.”

                Jim grinned sleepily. He moved over on the bed to make room for Spock, mumbling incoherently. Spock felt the corners of his mouth twitch upwards and he lay down next to Jim. The human snuggled up against his chest, sending his warmth into the Vulcan’s core. Grinning like a fool and clinging to his Vulcan like a beloved teddy bear, Jim fell asleep.



                Spock extricated himself out of Jim’s grip carefully around 04:00. He padded quietly to their connecting bathroom and slipped into his own quarters. He flipped on his computer and went about getting dressed. He had a difficult conversation ahead of him, and he attempted to steel himself with deep breaths.

                With a sigh, he sat in front of the terminal on his desk. Without bothering with Communications, he patched himself directly to Vulcan.

                “Spock,” T’Pau’s cold voice said without surprise as he impassive face came into view. “I have been expecting a reply from you.”

                “Indeed,” Spock inclined his head politely. “There is a complication… I cannot comply with your request.”

                “Spock,” T’Pau said, as stern as a Vulcan could be. “If you do not comply, you shall be subject to the laws of Vulcan. You are well aware of the consequences.”

                “I am,” Spock nodded. “However, there is one detail you may have overlooked. A Vulcan cannot harm their bondmate.”

                T’Pau’s threatened to breach her hairline. “You will beam down to Vulcan later this morning,” she said, recovering quickly. “We shall discuss this.”

                “I look forward to it.”

                “Live long and prosper, Spock.”

                “Peace and long life, grandmother,” Spock offered a salute before flipping off the communication.

                He stood slowly and walked to his meditation mat. He would have to prepare for a complete questioning.



                Jim woke up alone and was feeling dizzy and disoriented. It felt to him like someone was moving around in the back of his head. Physically shaking his head, he rolled out of bed and headed for the shower, wondering where Spock had gone.



                “You want tae what?” Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott asked Spock as he stood by the transporter pad.

                “I wish to beam to Vulcan,” Spock said. “I am certain you have been made aware of the situation, and I intend to remedy it this morning.”

                “Aye, sir,” Scott nodded, readying the controls.



                “Computer,” Jim said, stepping out of the bathroom. “Locate Mr. Spock.”

                “Mr. Spock has just entered Transporter Room,” it rattled off.

                Jim emerged from the fold of his gold tunic shocked. “In the Transporter…” He turned towards his door and took off running down the hall.



                “Are ye ready Mr. Spock?” Scott asked the Vulcan, who stepped onto the pad.

                “Yes, Mr. Scott.”

                “Spock! Wait!” Jim burst into the room, completely out of breath. “What… you… doing? I’m… coming…. With you.” He stepped onto the pad next to Spock. “That’s… an order,” he added when it looked like Spock was going to argue.

                “Alright then, sirs,” Scott, said, hiding his surprise. He moved the controls and sent both men down to Vulcan.



                “Spock,” T’Pau said as a greeting, standing in front of her large stone home. “You have brought your bondmate.”

                “He would not be left behind,” Spock replied quietly.

                “I see,” T’Pau inclined her head. “We have much to discuss, I wish to do so quickly. May I enter your mind, Spock?”

                “I do not object,” Spock walked towards her, allowing her fingers to settle on his meld points.

                T’Pau was thorough in her examination of their newly-formed bond. Once she seemed satisfied of Spock’s devotion to Jim, she withdrew. “You shall require a ceremony to complete the bond. I can offer to do so for you.”

                “Like with T’Pring?” Jim asked, overhearing.

                “Indeed,” Spock replied quietly, hoping that the anxiety seeping through their new bond would be enough to quell any questions.

                “Great,” Jim said, seeming to catch on. “When can we do it?”

                “We can proceed immediately,” T’Pau said quietly. “I shall need to see your mind.”

                Spock stiffened, but Jim placed a hand on his shoulder. “Spock, it’s okay,” he smiled reassuringly, standing in front of T’Pau.

                “Afterwards, we shall proceed with the ceremony,” T’Pau said smoothly.



                “That was an interesting solution, Spock,” Jim said as soon as they were in his quarters.

                “I could see no other solution,” Spock admitted. “I can assure you that this will not change anything in your life, Jim.” He looked at the floor.

                “On the contrary, Mr. Spock,” Jim grinned. “This changes everything.”

                “Jim, I shall do my utmost to block this bond. You can continue your life as you have been living,” Spock tried very hard not to let his sadness seep into his voice or the bond.

                “Spock, what are you talking about?” Jim gaped, his joy fading fast. “From what I hear, this isn’t something you can just turn off. Are you saying you don’t want to be married to me?” Jim felt his face fall.

                Spock felt a pulse of sadness in their new bond. “I can assure you that is not the case, Jim,” Spock admitted quietly. “I simply do not want to trap you into a bond when none of this is your doing.”

                “What if I want to be trapped in a bond with you?” Jim asked cautiously.

                “Jim… Your lifestyle,..”

                “Is due for a good ol’ change,” Jim grinned. “Besides, I’ve been good for almost a year and a half. I guess I was kind of waiting for you.”

                Spock stared. “Jim?”

                “Spock, I love you. I want to be with you. This is possibly the best thing that has ever happened to me. Not only did you manage to save both our lives, you gave me the thing I wanted most: to marry you.”

                Spock forced himself to breathe through his shock. “You… want me?”

                “Nobody else has been in my mind for so long, Spock,” Jim grinned. “Not even Ruth. You’re my best friend, you’re closer to me than a brother. I love you and I want to be able to spend my life with you.”

                “T’hy’la,” Spock sighed and pulled his Jim into an embrace.

                “What does that mean? You said it last night too,” Jim said into a warm collarbone.

                “Much like you just said,” Spock whispered into golden hair. “It means friend, brother and lover.”

                “Sounds like a perfect definition for us,” Jim laughed, sending vibrations through the muscles on Spock’s chest.


                “So. Any chance we can repeat last night?” Jim looked up with a smile and what he hoped were his best ‘puppy eyes’.

                “Jim, right now, there is nothing I would love more.”

Chapter End Notes:

Don't leave me unattended with a computer and challenges at 4 in the morning... THis will happen.

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