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This story is directly inspired by my favourite Star Trek Pro-Novel ‘The Prometheus Design’ A terrific read with some extraordinary passages that are truly inspired. The final chapter of the book is straight out of any great Star Trek episode, but it also has some lovely slashiness that forced me to write this story. This is what happened after Chapter Twenty Five. SPOILER ALERT!!! If you have not read ‘The Prometheus Design’ this story does contain some possible Spoilers, so if you want to wait to read it first, please do, but it is not necessary to have read the novel to understand and (hopefully) enjoy this story.


From ‘The Prometheus Design’ by Sondra Marshak & Myrna Culbreath

“Captain’s Log. Judicial. Note is made of the fact that some members of the command crew have been under alien mind influence that made them act in manner impossible to their normal personalities and patterns. That demonstrably includes influence to attempt murder and one could logically suppose that it could also include insubordination and mutiny. No official action is contemplated for such lapses, provided that they are not repeated.”

He switched off and turned to Kirk. “Is that understood Mr. Kirk?”

“Perfectly, Captain.” He stood straight and let the relief and the gratitude show. It was not something Spock had to do, and they both knew that it was not wholly true. But it would serve.

“As for the matter between us,” Spock said in the tone of not letting him off the hook. “I believe that can be resolved privately.”

“Yes, sir.”

“When you are quite recovered, you will conform to double fitness schedule and meet me for ‘asumi’ – and chess.”

“Yes, Captain Spock.”

Spock did not smile. “That being the case, Mr. Kirk, and the Designers having departed, I am returning command of the Enterprise to you.”

“What?” Kirk said.

“I believe you heard me, Captain Kirk.”

“Yes, Mr. Spock.”


Captain and First Officer, Human and Vulcan, friends, brothers…

Spock and Jim sat back in their chairs in Jim’s cabin. Spock, having been beaten by Kirk, eyed the chessboard almost absentmindedly. Jim was about to gloat a little in his victory, but stopped short when he realized that the Vulcan’s mind had not been on the game.

“Spock, let’s talk about what happened these past few days.”

“You have heard my official statement regarding this affair, Jim. I believe it will suffice for Starfleet, but there is indeed the matter of your continued insubordination in the face of my official command.”

“Spock you know everything I did was to buy us time…and to protect you from yourself.” Kirk said.

“And who is it that protects you from yourself?” Spock snapped back hotly.

Kirk merely looked down, silenced by the demanding anger in Spock’s voice. This was not going how he wanted. He wanted to talk about what the Designers had seen within them, and what they had seen within each other.

Spock seemed to read Jim’s thoughts and breathed into the air around Kirk. “Much passed between us as we faced the tests the Designers set us, wouldn’t you say?”

“I think we both learned a lot about ourselves; what are you trying to say Spock?” Kirk said suddenly feeling unsettled.

“Jim, you broke the pattern of a life-time and it saved us and the galaxy, and you taught the Designers about ‘blind-spots’, you taught them about the destructiveness of self-delusion.”

“I realized that we all fool ourselves, when the truth is, we choose every moment; we get the luxury of seeing things differently and choosing a course that’s in everyone’s best interest.”

“And yet you cannot see what is right before you.” Spock said as he moved closer to the human. “Jim, you must trust that I know what is in your best interest – Tzaled – the Vulcan oath of loyalty; unspoken, never asked for, seldom declared. It requires that I protect your wellbeing, even when you protest.”

“And that was why I submitted in the end Spock, because I knew your order was not frivolous, it was not demanding, it was truly unassailable; at that moment my life was yours to command.” Kirk looked down again, feeling some part of himself not worthy to look the Vulcan in the eye. This being, his Warrior Brother, his T’hy’la held his very heart and soul enthralled. Kirk had never felt such unconditional love.

Then without a moments hesitation Spock lifted two fingers and ran them gently down the human’s cheek, slipping smoothly down until delicately tilting Jim’s head up by applying the lightest pressure under his chin.

“I know exactly what is right for you, Jim.” Spock said as he moved his free hand behind Jim’s back and pulled him into tight embrace; mouth to mouth, hot Vulcan spirit flowing into the cool human vessel. Kirk felt himself surrender once again, but this time, it was a different kind of power that Spock exerted over him; and Kirk wanted to submit. This was their answer then…Mr. Spock, First Officer would submit to Captain Kirk; but in private the reverse would be true.

Kirk felt as if he had walked into the room and unexpectedly caught himself in this act with Spock; part of him was scandalized, another part curious. Was this another of those tests set by the Designers? He half expected to see Belen and Flaem materialize and start taking notes on his behaviour. But the image was wiped from his consciousness by the force of Spock’s advance. The Vulcan pressed their bodies together until their very molecules seemed to fuse. Kirk felt a heat coming from the Vulcan like a blast of southern wind in the height of an Iowa summer, almost overwhelming and yet there was a familiar comfort the human hadn’t realized he’d missed. Spock was an elemental force in Kirk’s life; one made flesh and bone.

A small part of him panicked; was this who he was? Is this what he wanted? Did he see himself loving a man, wanting a man? Fucking a man? To be fucked? Again he surrendered, his head falling back.

Spock took a deep bite at Kirk’s offered neck and felt the human go weak at the knees. Spock suddenly pushed Kirk away, yet held him tight by the biceps at arm’s length.

“No Spock, don’t stop.” Kirk pleaded. “It’s okay, I surrender.” Kirk said with a light-hearted humour in his voice, his eyes sparkling and a smile playing across the entirety of his face.”

“Would you have me show you favour, when we both know that you deserve punishment?”

Something clicked inside Kirk. This was a game, but it was deadly serious. Spock had promised to no longer train Kirk using V’asumi (the techniques used when sparring with an inferior student) but to engage in the full Asumi training. Spock would no longer mollycoddle his commanding officer, for to do so would weaken him and to do a disservice to both of them. It was the same thing here, now. Spock expected an answer, expected Kirk to choose the harder of two paths.

“You are right Spock; I deserve to be punished for flagrantly disobeying your orders.” Kirk felt something else, a profound weight fall away and the resultant release flooded his body with endorphins, and this was accompanied by a sexual rush, that made him want to throw himself on Spock and devour him bodily. But he waited, for he saw Spock’s face become stern, somber. Spock released Kirk’s arms and clasped his own hands behind his back.

“Strip.” Spock ordered.

“Yes, Sir.”

The very human half of Spock watched in fascination as without a word his Captain slowly and un-self-consciously shed his uniform, to finally stand naked and unashamed before his First Officer. In that moment Spock knew lust, for the first time, but he held himself apart from his quarry, content to play a little longer before he would finally taste fully of his flesh.

“Very good Ensign Kirk.”

Kirk stood to attention, his cock hardening visibly.

“What are your orders Captain Spock?”

“First, you will only speak when spoken to. You will answer with yes or no, Sir, unless ordered otherwise. You will address me as ‘Captain’. I trust you understand me Ensign?”

“Yes, Sir!”

“Show yourself to me.”

Kirk slowly and seductively turned his body so Spock could see every muscle and sinew. Kirk completed his turn and smiled lasciviously at the Vulcan, instantly drawing his ire.

“It is routine for you use your charms to seduce your enemy, but I will not accept it within our Viskulan. Our private sanctuary must not be sullied by your wantonness. You do not have to try to win me Ensign, for it is I who possesses you.”

Kirk let the expression drop from his face, and stood chastised and rightly so, he thought. He had tried to seduce first Flaem and then Belen in an attempt to secure their freedom, but he had succeeded only in embarrassing himself and distressing Spock once again. He felt guilt; guilt for his callousness of years past. He winced at the number of times he had forced Spock to watch as he charmed yet another woman into his bed. And he berated himself for not really being there for Spock after the Vulcan had encountered V’ger and had his shields ripped away. Instead Kirk had wallowed in self pity at being passed over, yet again, for the Captaincy of the Enterprise. Instead of nurturing their blossoming relationship, he had run from it and forced Spock to love him unrequitedly. The agony he must have caused his beloved comrade. Any punishment that Spock saw fit to bring down upon him would be less that the crimes committed to attract it.

“On you knees.”

Spock watched enchanted as the man he loved relinquished his power and moved smoothly to kneeling in front of him, head bowed.

The atmosphere between them sizzled with their passion play; Kirk slipping into the unfamiliar landscape of his submission; Spock standing above him empowered by the man at his service. Their minds arced across the slight distance between them and instantly they both knew what would happen.

Spock struck out, back-handing Kirk, hard enough to make him lose his balance, but not enough to send him crashing to the floor (which the Vulcan was perfectly capable of doing). Instead Spock reached for Kirk’s arm and pulled him back level again.

“You will endure more punishment when it is deserved. Do you understand?”

Kirk stared straight ahead, showing no defiance, in truth rejoicing in the sting of Spock’s physical retribution.

“Yes.” was all the human could articulate.

Spock’s hand was around his neck before he realized that the Vulcan had moved. Kirk felt Spock’s palm hot against his throat, powerful fingers, insistent, pulled him to standing then pressed him back against the room divider.

“Yes, Sir, Ensign Kirk!” Spock said, demanding that Kirk correct his mistake. “You belong to me.” he growled.

Kirk wanted Spock so badly to take him, beat him, and annihilate the small sweaty human ego that had the temerity to think that it could defy a Vulcan Warrior.

Spock thrust his body hard against Kirk’s, released his grip on Jim’s throat and dragged his nails, like tiger claws, across the willing flesh of his captive. Kirk groaned as his body bucked, crying out for more of Spock’s feral desire.

No sooner had Kirk had the thought, than Spock spun him around and half threw him onto the bunk. The Vulcan pounced like a cat on top of him, one hand firmly holding Jim’s neck, forcing his face hard into the mattress, his mouth and other hand seemed to be everywhere at once, biting, clawing, tasting.

Eventually Spock realized that he needed both his hands to play with his prey properly, so he paused briefly to slither up Jim’s body and whisper in his ear. “You will do exactly as you are told, or I will break you.” Then Spock released his hold on Kirk and turned his attention to that perfect behind his Captain had unknowingly or unconsciously flaunted at him for years. Now it was his to devour. Spock set about his task with abandon, chewing, sucking, and licking. He cupped each cheek, then both, kneaded them together then pulled them apart to reveal the sphincter at the entrance to Kirk’s most private place. He buried his mouth and nose in the crevice and emboldened by Kirk’s moans and breathless gasps, licked and insinuated his long, powerful tongue into Kirk’s body. The human squirmed and bucked back mindlessly, seeking to take more of his lover into his body. Spock knew his victim was almost ready for the ‘kill’.

Spock spat on his fingers and smeared the viscous fluid on Kirk’s entrance and then pushed his finger inside, and moved it around, enjoying the accompanying vocal orchestration this had elicited in Kirk. The human started to rhythmically push back against the finger, so Spock inserted another and allowed Jim to ride as hard as he obviously wanted to. Kirk’s muscles relaxed quickly and he felt the head of Spock cock kissing his hole.

Spock stared intently at the sight of Kirk’s lust, soaking up the feeling of finally being equal with this shining being, whom he had loved from the moment they met. Even the Designers had had to admit that theirs was an extraordinary ‘rapport’. This moment Spock was about to push back the final frontier for both of them. He leaned forward and deftly forced his penis into Kirk’s ass, finding it a not unexpected perfect fit. Both beings all but screamed as their bodies, minds, energy bodies and very souls merged into one. Ecstatic waves of love poured through both; Spock speared his prey as they played out an ancient and eternal dance of Life, Death & Love. The Designers had been wrong about this; this was not just tribal, it was also transcendent, and no matter how callous others chose to be Kirk and Spock would always meet them united to honour Love.


“Do you observe them in the precognon?” the fire-presence said.
“Dimly,” the cool one answered. “It is difficult to predict those who are capable of reversing patterns.”
“It is, however, fascinating.” The flame one said.”

From ‘The Prometheus Design’ by Sondra Marshak & Myrna Culbreath

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