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Behind this wall there is me.

 So cold, so lonely.

 Behind this wall, I am one for eternity.

 Beyond this wall there is he.

 So open, so carefree.

 Beyond this wall, how I long to be.

 My wall is like a fortress.

 Strong but weak,

 Betrays me like a mistress,

 Never letting me speak.

 His wall is to be worshipped like a shrine.

 To be there would be so divine.

 It is strong, never weak.

 It is he that I seek.

 My wall is made of fire and stone.

 It burns my flesh to the bone.

 His wall is made of rain and sand.

 So pliant and soft against my hand.

 My wall is sharp and coarse.

 Never to allow an intruder of course.

 His wall is pleasant and nice.

 Some days I touch it not once but twice.

 I hear a voice behind my wall.

 It is him walking down the hall.

 'Spock, speak to me.'

 'There is nothing than can be done you see.'

 'Please my friend I love thee.'

 'I want us to be, but only you can set yourself free.'

 I listen to him attentively.

 Moments later the wall starts to crumble around us, around me.

 I realize that I need no wall with him, I am free.

We were meant to be, forever, for eternity.

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