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Disclaimer:Reboot verse belongs to JJ Abrams.


AN:I was trying to work on a Halloween fic but my muse is causing problems and all of a sudden this one shot came.


He heard the sound of laughter coming from the observation deck and followed it; everything about James T. Kirk was hypnotic. His blue eyes which were as blue as Earth’s oceans, and his blond hair which seemed to glow from the ships lighting. The confident swagger in which he walked it projected authority without having any arrogance in it.


Spock knew he would follow this man to the ends of the universe; he would do anything for James Tiberius Kirk. He was Spock's Thyla, it had taken four years to realize that.



But Jim would never return his feelings, Spock knew he had waited to long and Jim had moved on. He was currently in the arms of Admiral Pike, who thanks to the miracle of twenty second century technology had regained the use of his legs.


"He loves me, Spock." Jim's beautiful blue eyes shone with happiness as he delivered that news to Spock one year ago over a game of chess.


Spock was thankful his Vulcan side helped him keep his sadness bottled up. "I'm happy for you, Jim, you deserve it."


Spock sighed and quickly slipped away, he knew Pike was wrong for Jim, his service with Pike hadn’t been that long but his respect for his Captain had been deep and he knew Pike had a respect for the Kirk family, and then he discovered through reliable sources that Christopher Pike had actually known George Kirk.



It was hard watching Jim with a man old enough to be his father, knowing that man was using Jim as a substitute. He recalled the night he had walked into the observation deck to take his nightly walk and had seen Pike looking at a holo image of George Kirk and then heard Pike talking to himself.


"I loved you enough to want you to be happy George, so I let Winona have you, I do care for Jim in my own way, and I know what I’m doing is wrong but I just can't help it."


Spock had returned to his quarters and knelt in front of the dragon statue. He wanted to tell his Thyla the truth, but he knew Jim had self worth issues that he was working hard to overcome, Spock felt a fresh wave a shame at how he'd brought up Jim's father at the trial.


It had been Nyota to bring it to his attention and see how wrong it was. He valued his friendship with Jim and it was still on shaky ground at times.


Maybe it was time to contact his counterpart.


He did care for Jim and it was time to get the courage to show it.


It killed him to see Jim with a man who would never truly want him.


It killed him knowing what he was about to do would probably cost him his chance at happiness as well.

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