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She was dressed in a too-big leather jacket, black but worn down to fading grey in places. It was stitched with different logos, the most eye-catching a large Ace card, the red heart bright on her left side.

He thinks it should be green, but it still wouldn't be an accurate representation of the organ.

She had a pair of matching shorts, black leather cracked and damaged, and her stockings were torn and her shoes hugging her ankles and with the sharp heels were patched with black tape.

The old Andorian by the street corner who was missing an antenna, and reeked of Romulan ale, shivered at the name. He hadn't seen him since he'd pointed him in the right direction.

A white top could be seen through her baggy jacket, with glimpses of suspenders strung over her breasts.

He remembered her smell, from when he clutched her to him and bled green. He remembered that she didn't wear a bra.

The red on her lips were bright compared to the smoky black around her eyes, and if perhaps her hair was a bit too messy it didn't matter, because she wore a fedora to hide spiky locks of blonde.

She'd left with a name for the chase and he'd been running to catch up ever since.

"You count cards."

He doesn't deny it. He hasn't spoken yet because he's finally here and words seem inadequet.

"You barely glance at them, but you never lose track, do you?"

He doesn't admit it, either. She's smiling again.

"First time playing poker?"

"Yes." He can't help it.

There is a gun (.44 Magnum Colt Anaconda, production 1990-1999, weight 53 oz, length 11u41; in, barrel length 6 in bbl) in her hand and he wonders where it came from. Her long legs are stretched over the desk. Mahogany, he notes. There's a piece of gum stuck underneath her left shoe.

"Also your first time underground, isn't it, darling?"

She's shifting in her seat. The light hits her face for the first time as she titles her head. She's got freckles.

"I have ventured down in cellars and other facilities located beneath ground level before."

Her laugh isn't as cold as he had expected, or as harsh. It's soft, like the curve of her cheek. She's young.

"I like you. I'm Jamie Kirk, Mr. Tall Dark Stranger."

She's the Queen of Hearts the Queen of mine and she welcomes you to the Enterprise, Mr. Spock and he can't help but smile.

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