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First in the Progression Series. Jim doesn't like Spock. But after all of that, he figures that he can maybe tolerate him for a while.

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Published: 10/03/2010 Updated: 10/03/2010

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Original Title: Loathing to Tolerance

Notes: The first in a series of six or seven stories mapping the turning points in the relationship between Jim and Spock. In every turning point, it is influenced or caused by Spock being hurt, ill or in danger. It'll take a couple of stories, as you can see, to get to the slash, but we will get there. The series is called the Progression Series, and a masterlist will eventually appear on my profile. While they will have different titles, the transitions are as follows:

Loathing to Tolerance
Tolerance to Respect
Respect to Friendship
Friendship to Companionship
Companionship to Love
Love to Soulmates
Soulmates to Singularity