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Spock stared at the computer screen, waiting for the scan to complete. The ship's computer was running slow, so the scan he was running for life forms on the newly discovered planet below them was sluggish, to say the least. Though it usually took five minutes, it had reached the twenty minute mark to no avail. Looking about as agitated as a Vulcan can, he stood from his station on the bridge and stomped to the turbo lift.

Jim Kirk, who had been staring at the front screen of the bridge in some sort of trance since they dropped out of warp half an hour ago, turned sharply at his first officer's sudden movement. With a look of worry in his eye, he turned to Chekov. "Ensign, you have the conn."

"Aye, sir." the young man replied.

With that, the captain jumped from his seat and swiftly jogged to the turbo lift. He heard one of the crewmen sigh, and he could feel all their eyes staring at him as the door hissed shut. He was drumming his fingers on the wall, waiting for the doors to open. As soon as he reached the right floor, he ran to the front door of Spock's quarters. He hesitated, but eventually knocked lightly.

"Spock?" Jim called, almost in a whisper. "You there?"

He knocked again, this time a little louder.

"You may enter." He heard Spock call from behind the closed door.

Kirk slowly opened the door, peeking around it cautiously. He knew that his friend was extremely stressed, and, being Vulcan, could snap at the slightest amount of negativity. Couple that with the fact that Vulcans have thrice the strenth of the average human, and Kirk definitely did not want to make Spock angry.

Kirk gently walked into the room and sat down on Spock's couch. "How are you?" he asked, or more-so pleaded, with a distinct sound of worry in his voice.

Spock, who was on the other side of the room standing beside a window, shifted slightly. He looked out the pane of glass. "May I inquire, Captain, as to how you would feel if a Romulan who came from the future used a currently undiscovered technology to create a black hole in the center of your homeworld, thus killing billions, including your mother?"

Kirk stood. "Well..." he started, but his voice trailed off as he realised that he really didn't know how to answer.

Spock spun around to face Jim. "Exactly my point." This was one of the rare moments that Spock let a miniscule anount of emotion shine through. He had a look of mourning as he stared Kirk directly in the eye. The captain felt something in his heart shatter at the look. He hated seeing Spock like this. His first officer, his best friend, his...

His love...

Kirk straightened his posture and held back stinging tears as he walked to Spock's side. "I know you've been through so much recently, and there's probably nothing I can do to soften the blow of it but..."

Jim, still sharing a long stare with the Vulcan, stepped in even closer, with thier faces now just inches apart. Spock, by this point, had made his gaze as blank as he possibly could, trying to hide the full effect of the emotional strain. And, honestly, Jim being this close didn't help at all. Even though he wanted nothing more than to finally make the captain his, at this particular moment, it only made him more nervous and edgy.

"Spock," the captain spoke, his voice layered with compassion and earnest empathy. "Let me help you."

Spock's eyes widened, and he gulped down everything he wanted to scream. His heritage made it hard enough to handle love, but with Kirk always playing mind games, it made it almost impossible to not collapse in a strange fit of anger, yearning, hatred, and joy.

Spock finally worked up a decent sentence. "Captain, there is no physical way for you to help me at this moment."

Jim smirked. "Oh, yeah?"

Before Spock could raise an eyebrow, Kirk's lips met with his. The science officer, frozen with shock, had a million thoughts running through his head. Before he could control himself, he was kissing back.

'Well,' he thought. 'If he get to have fun, so do I.' As soon as the thought was finished, he grabbed the captain's hand and began rubbing it artistically. Spock felt Jim hesitate, due to the fact he didn't fully understand what Spock was doing, but he eventually complied and began to rub back.

Everything Jim had imagined about kissing Spock was replaced by the euphoria of it actually occuring, which was amazingly better than he'd ever expected. He slowly slid his tongue into Spock's mouth, swirling it around all the contours in a fight for dominance. He felt the Vulcan smiling against his mouth, which was strange in itself, but an indication that he was definitely enjoying it as much as the captain was.

Spock pulled away, making Jim gasp from the withdrawl. His first officer gently grabbed both of his hands and looked him dead in the eye. "Any orders, captain?" he whispered softly.

The captain smiled, a shine in his crystal blue eyes. "Nothing at the moment, Mr. Spock." He looked his first officer over, noticing the medallian around his neck.

"Spock, I've been meaning to ask," Jim asked, reaching out to grab the pendant. "What does the symbol mean?"

Spock looked down, and, if Jim didn't know any better, he'd say he smiled. "It's the Vucan IDIC symbol," he said slowly. "It stands for 'Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations'."

Jim giggled. "In English, please, Spock?"

Spock cocked an eyebrow. "I'm quite sure my sentence was in Federation Standard English, sir."

Jim rolled his eyes and smirked. "It's a metaphor. It means say it in a simpler way."

Spock smiled in a surprisingly obvious way. "Well, to put it a more simply, it's a representation of the billions upon billions of pairs or groups things and people can come together in, no matter how unexpected."

Kirk's smirk slowly grew into a grin. "It applies to us well."

Spock nodded in understanding, his gaze never breaking. He took Jim's hand off the pendant and squeezed it gently. "And I'm amazingly glad that it does."

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