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Kirk's POV during Star Trek the Motion Picture

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Published: 07/18/2010 Updated: 07/18/2010
Story Notes:

I have always wanted to extrapolate on Kirk's POV during Star Trek the Motion Picture.  Of all the movies, this one, I think, was the most touching and outwardly emotional when it came to Kirk and Spock.  I have selected various scenes and voiced them through Kirk--though, not in first person. 

The ending is a little rough, as I was having a hard time pulling it all to a close.  i kind of felt like I could go on forever, but I needed to stop somewhere.  So i apologize to anyone who feels a little jarred byt the sudden stop.  I may give it some more work in future, but for now, it stands as is.

Star Trek and all its personalities belong to their beloved creator Gene Roddenberry without whom we would have nothing so wonderful as Kirk and Spock to write about.  Thank you, Gene!

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