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A/N: This I wrote up tonight per reviewer request. :) If I do end up writing a sequel, this will probably be integrated with it. I do have ideas for one but unless inspiration strikes, unfortunately, it won't happen. And if anyone is interested, here is the youtube video (take out the spaces) that started it all: http:// www. youtube. com/ watch? v=19_zMK8q0wc Hopefully it will show up correctly here! If it doesn't, go to youtube and search for "it is you i have loved kirk spock" and the video should be at the top.


Thank you MyriadProBold for reviewing and many thanks to whomever might review in the future!


All Along: Fortune




Jim found himself in a strange room. He had a vague feeling that he shouldn't be here. He should be at home, with Spock. He started walking around the house, and it just seemed to get bigger and bigger and emptier and emptier the more he looked. Starting to feel frantic, he finally found the door to the outside and stepped out.


But the sky was the wrong color. He wasn't even on Earth anymore! He started to search around for someone, anyone, or a comm, but there was nothing. He looked back, but he could not find the house. He was lost, and alone. Panic welled up in him. What would he do now? He was abandoned, forever, helpless...


Abruptly Jim shot up in bed, panicked and breathing hard. It dimly registered in his brain that he'd been dreaming, but the fear was real and overwhelming. He shot out of bed and headed for the living room. Spock, he learned, did not sleep much, so he expected him to be there, meditating as usual.


He was. Jim relaxed marginally at the serene figure sitting on the meditation mat. He wasn't alone anymore. His new dad opened his eyes as he approached. As the blind urgency of his panic wore off, Jim grew more hesitant and a bit embarrassed.


Spock interrupted his thoughts. "You had a nightmare," he stated calmly with a hint of empathy.


"Yes," Jim admitted, stopping a few feet away from him and sitting down. His breathing was slowing down to normal now.


Spock regarded him thoughtfully. "It is understandable. You are experiencing some major changes in your life." He paused a second, considering, then said, "You fear being alone. Logic informs me that recent events have done nothing to ease that fear."


Jim's gaze sank to the carpet, reliving the dream, and he nodded, withdrawing into himself slightly.


"I am due for some sleep. I do not want you to feel alone." Spock stood. "Come with me."


Jim followed Spock into his bedroom. Spock climbed into the far side of his queen size bed, saying, "Make yourself comfortable, Jim."


Jim stood a moment, unsure. Someone his age should not be sleeping with his parents anymore! Yet, the idea of being alone again was scary and the caring affection and consideration Spock was showing with this gesture was compelling and irresistible. Quite frankly, (pun intended) he could not remember ever being offered this.


Jim climbed in and snuggled up to Spock as close as he dared. In the privacy of his own mind, he allowed himself to savor the moment. Just being with Spock was reassuring. He didn't think he'd have any nightmares now. He'd never admit it, but he loved snuggling. Spock liked hugs, so maybe he liked this too? He sure hoped so.


When Jim woke up the next morning, he found that he'd migrated a bit in his sleep. He was now snuggled into Spock's chest, and one of Spock's arms was loosely draped over him. Jim did not move, despite his embarrassment returning. He would stay until Spock decided to get up. He felt quite comfortable.


Spock, meanwhile, was awake and perfectly aware that his young charge was too. Through their touch, he could discern vaguely some of Jim's contentment. There was no logical reason to move at the moment. He could give Jim more time.


More time now, and for the rest of his life.

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