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Story Notes:

I'm new to this fandom, and it's been a while since I posted anything, so be gentle with me.  Major thanks to Sarabaldree, my wonderful beta!

Enterprising Young Men
A Kirk/Spock/McCoy story

Summary: When Spock passes out on the bridge one day, McCoy and Kirk band together to help him through his crisis, no matter what. They just wish they had known what to expect a little earlier.

James T. Kirk, one of the youngest captains ever, and in command of the flagship Enterprise, was faced with a dilemma. In most circumstances, he would rely upon the advice of his friend and First Officer, Spock, to help him. In this case, it wasn’t possible, as Spock was the source of his dilemma.

“Okay, let’s make sure I’m getting this right. You don’t know why my First Officer passed out on the bridge this morning because his vitals keep changing? Give me something better, Bones.”

“It’s the strangest thing, Jim, I’ve never seen anything like it. The blood sample I managed to get before he woke up is nothing like his baseline. Hormones and adrenaline so high I don’t know how he’s sitting still. Whenever I get in his line of sight, his pulse and blood pressure skyrocket even more and I don’t want to add more stress to his body, so I have to high tail it out of there. Unfortunately, the green-blooded hobgoblin won’t talk to my nurse at all, so I have no clue if this is normal for him or if I should be really worried.” McCoy finished his explanation by sinking further into his chair, which Jim unconsciously copied.

“Great, so how do we fix this? I know next to nothing about Vulcan biology, and if you can’t get in there, then we’re fucked.”

“Uhura might know something. Then again, she might not, but I figure we need to look wherever we can. I need your permission before I can talk to her.”

“You got it. Get her down here and try to figure out what’s wrong with my First Officer.”

“On it.” McCoy fingered the intercom on his desk and requested Uhura to report to sickbay immediately. “In the meantime, mind telling me exactly what happened before Spook passed out?”

“If you think it’ll help. I came to the bridge after having breakfast with you. He looked a little off, but I thought he was just coming down with a cold. I was making my rounds, and I heard him do his ‘fascinating’ bit, so I leaned over to ask him what was up. Next thing I know, I have my arms full of a passed out Vulcan.” Even in Jim’s head, the series of events made no sense.

McCoy cursed. “Damnit, was it just chance that you caught him, or did you set him off? And if it was you that started this in him, then why are his vitals going crazy when he sees me? None of this makes sense, goddamnit!”

Luckily for both men’s tempers, a nurse brought Uhura into McCoy’s office. “If there something you boys need? Is Spock okay?” She asked, leaning against the chair Jim wasn’t occupying.

“We’re actually trying to figure that out. But of course, there’s nothing in Spock’s file that even resembles this, and the VSA files his father gave us offer nothing as well. I was kinda hoping that Spock might have told you something about this when you two were still together.”

Uhura looked somewhat perplexed, but she nodded and said, “I’ll do what I can. What exactly have you figured out so far?”

McCoy rattled off his medical data, with Jim adding his own anecdotal evidence. (“Body temperature elevated above normal ranges.” “Normally he’s a heating pad, but today he was like an overheating warp coil!” “Shut up, Jim!”) By the time they were finished, Uhura had started muttering under her breath in what sounded like Vulcan. They let her continue for a time, when she suddenly opened her eyes wide in what might have been shock.

“Uhura? You in there? Come on, Lieutenant, I’m already down one officer,” Jim tried to rouse her, concerned.

With a shake, Uhura seemed to come back to herself. “I think I know what might be wrong with Spock. But I need to talk to him first. I’ll be right back.”

She rushed out of the office, and McCoy and Jim could hear a muffled conversation in some dialect of Vulcan that neither recognized. Uhura’s voice sounded concerned, and although Spock was speaking in his usual monotone, Jim could hear a note of what sounded like resignation in that low voice.

Uhura came back after a few minutes, a strange look on her face. It seemed to combine embarrassment with determination. She took and released a deep breath before she began to speak.

“Okay, what I’m going to tell you is embarrassing enough for me, so just imagine how it is for Spock, alright?” Once both men had nodded, she continued in a rush of words.

“Spock’s in pon farr. Apparently the combination of your scents overloaded him this morning, because his mind accidently bonded to both of you.”

Before Uhura could say any more, McCoy interrupted her. “Slow down, Uhura. Just what on God’s green Earth is pon farr? I’ve never heard of anything like that before.”

Uhura seemed to curl in on herself. “The best way to describe it in Standard is as a killer heat, which if Spock doesn’t satisfy, will drive him mad and then kill him.”

“Wait, you mean Vulcans aren’t totally repressed sexually? I thought they could control every aspect of their biology,” Jim asked, scatter-brained genius that he was showing through.

“This is something left over from before Surak, when Vulcans were warriors. Even with all their control, they haven’t managed to subdue this yet,” Uhura explained gravely.

“Alright, then what did you mean by mates? I’ve never slept with Spock, “McCoy glanced at the captain from the corner of his eye, “and I’m pretty sure that Jim hasn’t either, so how could we be his mates? It just doesn’t make sense, darlin’.”

Uhura sighed again. “It’s because Vulcans are telepathic. Bonds for them form from mental compatibility. Apparently, when he melded with you two on Ky’ratha, his mind found its match in Jim’s, and you got pulled in with it.”

“My mind? What could Spock’s mind possibly find attractive in my head?” Jim asked, confused and abrupt. “Hell, in the beginning we almost hated each other. I’m pretty sure my mind has no redeeming qualities to Spock.”

Uhura was quiet for a while, before she answered. “He said you’re his t’hy’la.” Her voice was meek, want and envy evident in her tone. “The closet thing in human terms would be soul mates. Two people who are perfect matches in every way. Most Vulcans can’t even dream of finding such a perfect partner.”

“And Spock said he found this in Jim?” McCoy clarified with disbelief. “And I got dragged along when he did that mind whammy to both of us? That’s just great. So what, we need to have a threesome to save Spock’s life? Yeah, like that makes sense.”

“Take it easy, Bones, and let’s figure out how this is going to happen. Uhura, what else can you tell us about his pon farr business?” Jim, actually acting like a leader, took control of the conversation.

“If you guys get started soon, it should only last for two days. However, this would also make you his mates, permanently. There’s a chance a Vulcan healer would be able to dissolve the bond that would form, but the most skilled ones died with Vulcan,” Uhura was clearly in lecture mode. That meant that Jim had to interrupt her.

“Bond? Like, I’ll be able to hear him in my head kind of bond? For real?” Jim almost looked excited by the idea, while McCoy looked somewhat concerned.

Uhura shrugged. “I think that depends on your own psi level, but it’s possible”

“You seem know a lot about this. Why don’t you take care of this?” McCoy offered, callously.

“I only know about this because I looked into it myself. Spock didn’t tell me anything, so don’t start thinking he was grooming for this or something, Leonard.”

McCoy held up his hands in defeat.

“C’mon, Bones. Maybe you’ll finally get to answer your questions on Vulcan physiology.”

“Jim, I don’t need to know anything more about Vulcans; you’re the one who’s too goddamn curious about everything.”

“Are you two going to help him or are you going to chat about him while he dies?!” Uhura stopped their debate before it could begin. Both men had the decency to look mildly ashamed.

“Sorry. I was just trying to get rid of the tension. It’s kinda weird to be told that someone’s life depends on you having sex with them,” Jim said softly, not at all like his usual cocky self.

“I understand that, Captain. But right now, we need to focus on Spock and how to help him,” Uhura answered calmly but clearly concerned for her friend.

McCoy huffed in exasperation. “I may not like the man, but I’m not about to let him die on my watch.”

“I’m in, too. Just hope Spock doesn’t get upset about what he finds in my head. I’m not always proud of what I find in there myself.”

Uhura gifted them with a small smile. “Thank you, both of you. So where should we set this up? Obviously where the crew won’t be able to see or hear.”

“We can use my cabin,” Jim offered. “It’s soundproof, and I might not have a big bed, but we could put something on the floor as padding.”

“That should work. You two go start setting up. Make sure you’ll have food and water, and crank up the heat.”

“And what will you be doing, ma’am?” McCoy’s accent was becoming more pronounced, a slight tick over his brow showing his frustration and concern.

“I’ll have Chapel send you things for padding, and then I’ll get Spock moving. He’s being surprisingly stubborn, considering what his body is going through.”

“Sounds good to me,” Jim stated as he stood up. “Thanks for all your help, Uhura.” The two men began to head for the door.

“You’re welcome, Jim. Just get him through this.” However, once the men had left the room, Uhura stuck her head out to make one last remark. “And don’t forget the lube!”

“Damn woman,” McCoy muttered as he followed Jim into the turbolift. “I think she has too much fun with us.”

“It’s either us or Chekov, and Sulu can get pretty protective. At least we won’t start chasing her with a foil in hand.”


After ten minutes of waiting, Uhura figured she had given her superiors enough time to prepare, and went to the area of Sickbay where Spock was sitting. He had isolated himself in his attempts for control, but Uhura knew he needed Jim and Leonard.

She approached him with heavy footsteps to make sure he was aware of her presence. It was never a good thing to startle a Vulcan, but to startle one in pon farr could be deadly. He offered a stiff nod to show he acknowledged her, but his face was tight with strain.

“Spock,” she said softly. “It’s all right. I explained everything to your mates. They understand, and they’re ready for you.”

“They cannot possibly understand this. Such independent people would never accept the consequences of this. Leave me be, Nyota.” His voice was almost a growl, but she could hear how forlorn he was.

“Then at least let me take you to your quarters. You don’t want more of the crew to see you like this, right?” He nodded after a moment’s contemplation and rose shakily. Uhura wanted to support him, but knew his reaction could only be negative to her in this state.
Uhura managed to lead Spock out of Sickbay, down the turbolift, and most of the way to the officers’ quarters before he slumped against a wall and panted heavily.

“Oh, don’t stop now, Spock, you’re almost there. You’ll be alone and can meditate and do what you want; you just need to go a little bit further.”

Slowly, Spock started to stumble down the hall with soft encouragements from Uhura. When they got to the captain’s quarters, she hit the call button. Immediately the door opened to reveal Jim, whom she silenced with a gesture and mouthed, “Hide until he’s inside.” Jim nodded, and retreated further into the room.

Spock lumbered in and collapsed into a nearby chair. Dizzily, he lifted his head in confusion. “Nyota, these are not my quarters. Where am I?”

“In mine,” Jim answered, stepping closer to the Vulcan with McCoy on his heels. “I take it he was being stubborn again?”

“Yes, but he’ll be fine now. I trust you two.” With that, Uhura left the room. As she keyed the door closed, she saw Spock’s panicked gaze, and smiled reassuringly.


With Uhura gone, Spock’s eyes turned to Jim and Leonard, who were both stripped down to their underwear, the area on the floor behind them covered in sheets. “Jim, what is going on? Why am I here?”

“Spock,” Leonard said gently, “Uhura explained everything to us. Neither of us is about to let you die. We’re here to help you through this pon farr thing.”

Spock’s head fell into his hands. “That is illogical. I know how strongly each of you values your freedom. I will not take that from you, no matter the cost. To do so would be unforgivable.”

“It’s not like that, Spock.” Jim knelt down and gently grabbed the Vulcan’s face. Spock stiffened, noticeably trying to not react, but he didn’t remove Jim’s hands. The human tried to project his love through his hands as he spoke. “I’m not doing this out of obligation or duty. I’m pretty sure I love you, and I’ve been trying to work up the courage to tell you for ages. Maybe this is my lucky break.”

Spock’s eyes were wide with shock, and he lifted a hand to press the human’s hand more firmly against his skin. Slowly, his eyes moved to the doctor. “And what of you, Leonard?”
Leonard shrugged. “I don’t know if I love you, but I like you too much to let you leave us. Where Jim goes, I follow, even if it’s full of Vulcan voodoo. I might complain, but I won’t regret this.”

“C’mon, Spock. Let us help you.”  With that statement, Jim leaned down to press his lips to Spock’s slightly open mouth.

One moment Spock was still sitting, the next he was standing, plundering Jim’s mouth and pulling the human flush to his heated body. One hand began to blindly grope for Leonard, who allowed himself to be pulled into the tangle of limbs.

Spock released Jim, who was beginning to pant, to turn his attention to his other mate, who was clearly unprepared for the sudden attention. Once released, Leonard was panting as well.

“You are both aware that if we continue, you will both be mine?” Spock asked, his voice dark and gravelly. Jim moaned at the voice and the heat seeping into his skin, and nodded frantically. Leonard swallowed loudly, but nodded as well.

“Very well. I apologize that I cannot go slowly with you both, but I cannot control myself properly at this time. Which was very true, considering through the last remark, Spock’s hands had drifted to Jim’s and Leonard’s asses and were squeezing and fondling possessively.

“Cool with me,” Jim breathed, eyes showing his pleasure. “Just don’t stop!” Spock’s response was to pull Jim into another overwhelming kiss, moans issuing from both men. Leonard started to back away, identifying himself as a third wheel after Uhura’s earlier statements. Spock, however, growled and released Jim to press the doctor to the floor.
“Where do you think you’re going, Leonard? You are mine; you acknowledged that. You are not allowed to back out now.” Now Leonard was feeling that intense heat trying to reach his bones while the feral amber eyes held him captive.

“Do I need to prove to you that you are mine? I can gladly do that. Jim, come down here please.” The captain willingly lowered himself, stretching out next to his best friend. Hot fingers pressed to both their faces, giving Jim an excited look.

“Parted from me, yet not parted. Never and always touching and touched.” Spock said lowly, looking into both pairs of eyes. Then his own eyes closed as he said something in Vulcan, before he delved into both minds at once, as he had on Ky’ratha.

The humans gasped simultaneously as their minds were filled with each other and Spock at the same instance. Emotions ricocheted like pin balls, moving too fast to identify but felt by all parties. From Spock emerged the thought ‘Lovers, mates, mine.’ Jim was more focused on ‘Never left behind, always with me.’ Leonard had the fleeting thought of ‘Refuge, confidante, support,’ before he was back in his body and being devoured by Spock and Jim mouthing his neck to keep from moaning.

But what was most surprising was hearing the lust flow from each other. Each had a different tone, as different as a flute from a French horn, but they all blended into a symphony of pleasure between the three males.

Leonard had to breathe eventually, so he wrenched his head back and panted. Spock switched his attention to Jim, mapping plains of muscles with a slightly rough tongue. Once he could breathe again, Leonard kissed his best friend, who was soaking up the attention gladly and responded beautifully to all that was being done to him.

Spock had reached Jim’s shorts, which he tore off Jim’s body with a growl. “When it is us alone, neither of you will hide anything from me.” Leonard took the hint and quickly removed his own shorts. Jim, of course, had to be cocky.

“Shouldn’t the same apply to you?” He teased, sliding a hand under the Starfleet tunic. Spock looked torn—felt torn—between teasing Jim physically and honoring the request. Leonard helped by pulling off the top. If Spock had felt hot before, it was hotter now with no barriers between their bodies. Leonard’s hand had slowly drifted lower, unsure about removing the Vulcan’s pants. Spock’s response was to project ‘Yes!’ at Leonard while he teased Jim’s thighs with nails and teeth.

Jim deftly removed the Vulcan’s pants without hassle and caressed the alien genitals. Multiple tendrils, each about the width of a finger, curled around Leonard’s palm, squeezing rhythmically. Spock groaned into Jim’s sensitive skin, who echoed the sound in response to the sensation.

Jim managed to lift his head enough to see what had Leonard so captivated. “Jesus, Spock. What can you do with that thing?” Spock lifted his head enough to look at Jim, confused. “You’ve got no idea. Okay, I’ll experiment. Bones, help me here.”

Together, they managed to maneuver Spock onto his back, head resting on Leonard’s lap with Jim nestled between lean thighs. The tendrils swayed like wheat in the wind, almost as if they were searching for contact. Jim reached up, petting them idly with a fingertip.
“Let’s see how sensitive these guys are, huh?” With that comment, Jim gathered them together and licked all the tips at once.

Spock tensed in Leonard’s lap, a look of profound wonder on his face. His hands fisted in the sheets beneath him, still trying to control himself despite the state his body was in. Leonard noticed this and gave Spock a smile full of southern charm.

“Need something to do with your hands, darlin’? I think I can handle that.” He trailed one hand down desert heated skin to the palm and brought it in front of his face. “Lucky thing that I’m your doctor, ain’t it? I know how sensitive these buggers can be.” Delicately, he took a Vulcan finger into the heat of his mouth.

Spock was practically vibrating, as if he wanted to thrash and twist in pleasure, but not wanting to hurt his mates. The link between their minds broadcasted the near overwhelming sensations he was feeling to the humans. Jim’s happiness at helping Spock came through, as well as Leonard’s satisfaction at finally getting a reaction from Spock for once.

“Jim…Leonard…” The Vulcan panted through his pleasure. “What are you doing to me?” Jim gave a lust-filled look as he lifted his head to answer.

“Well, I’m giving the weirdest blowjob of my life, and greatly enjoying it. As for Bones, I got no clue, except for the fact that it makes you hot.”

“Jim, don’t you remember anything from Xenobio? Vulcans have twice the nerves in their hands that we do. It’s basically as sensitive as your cock, except I get to deal with more surface area,” Leonard ground out, his lips rasping against Spock’s hand.

“I cannot…endure this…” Spock gasped out, his body arching. “I apologize, this is greatly pleasurable…but pon farr has its needs.”

“You need to fuck one of us?” Jim filled in what was unsaid, helped by the desires flashing through the Vulcan’s thoughts. “No problem with me. Bones, get the lube.” The doctor released Spock and stood with a wry shake of his head, and Spock heaved himself up to press Jim with fevered kisses, thought process reduced to the need to touch.

Leonard returned, handed Jim the lube he had retrieved, and helped wrestle the distraught sounding alien off the captain. Jim gave a small laughed at the sight of Spock’s yearning hands reaching for him.

“Don’t worry, Spock, you’ll have your hands back on me soon enough. I just need to get myself ready for you,” the blonde explained lowly and gently, as if talking to a spooked horse. “And Bones can take care of what I can’t. Doesn’t that sound good? You’re always saying how you’re stronger than a human, so I’m pretty sure we can handle you.” The whole time he was speaking, Jim had been stretching himself, excited by what was to happen. “Do you think you can handle us, Spock? I want to find out now.” Jim leaned back and spread his legs.

“Yes,” Spock growled out, fire practically burning in his eyes as Leonard released him. He flowed onto Jim, the tendrils of his cock twisting together to form a single column. Savage kisses stole the captain’s breath as the writhing mass of alien anatomy pierced his body.
All three men felt the pleasure arch through them like a current, and each let out a fierce moan. Spock immediately began to thrust, his column slowly unwinding inside of Jim and spreading the flesh further apart.

“Holy fuck, Spock!” managed to escape from Jim’s mouth as he panted for air. “Shit--that’s so good.” Spock gave a short nod as he continued to move, experiencing pleasure, but not enough to push him to his peak. Leonard felt the need as well, and smiled as he embraced the Vulcan from behind.

“You need something there, darlin’?” He drawled as he traced a green tinged nipple. “I can feel it. You need something to fill you up, to make you complete. I’m pretty sure I can do that for you. You gonna let me?” A finger was dryly tracing Spock’s entrance, who moaned and thrusted his hips back in answer, then forward to return to Jim’s warmth. Clearly he was torn between two sources of pleasure, both of which he needed. “Then I’ll take careof you, Spock.”

With hands practiced, but never for this particular reason, Leonard gently pressed into Spock. The Vulcan’s rhythm shuddered as he pushed into the firm pressure, gripping Jim tight enough to bruise.

“Easy there, Spock,” Leonard groaned. “I’m going to have to fix those later.” The clenched hands loosened a little, but still as strong as iron. “Other than that, you’re doing pretty good. Do you think you’re ready for me? Ready for me to push into you and make you push into Jim? You can tell he’s dying for it, he wants us so bad.”

Spock and Jim both groaned at the sensual words. “Damnit Bones, since when do you talk dirty?”

“The ex-wife liked me for a reason,” the doctor explained as he pulled back enough to prepare his cock.

“Leonard…please…do not make me wait longer,” Spock gasped out, stretching forlornly. Large hands quickly grasped thin hips.

“Don’t worry, darlin’, I gotcha.” With that, the doctor pushed into the scientist.
Jim watched as Spock’s large pupils dilated even further, and his lungs panted even harder.

“Does that feel good, Spock? C’mon, tell me how it feels to have Bones splitting you open and me squeezing you.” Jim clenched hard around Spock’s flesh, and had the satisfaction of forcing all the air out of the Vulcan’s lungs.

“It’s…wonderful. Paradise. Heaven. Please, give me more!” Based on the way his skin was flushing, it looked like Spock wasn’t getting enough oxygen.

“I’m pretty sure I can do that,” Leonard drawled as he started to thrust. Spock’s response was inarticulate sounds of pleasure as he was forced to move inside Jim once more.
Pretty quickly, they formed a good example of transferred motion. Leonard’s movements started an impressive chain reaction through his partners. The sensations vibrated through the bond like a plucked bass string that only got louder with each pull.

Unfortunately, even the greatest of feelings can only last for so long. The first one to come was Spock, who gasped as he clenched around Leonard. His column contracted and speared further into Jim than anything had previously, which quickly spilled him over as well. Leonard came with a groan from the pressure Spock was putting on his dick.
In a tangled heap on the floor, they panted and tried to regain their composure. For a while they just felt each others’ heart beats and basked in the afterglow.

Jim, of course, was the first one to speak. “Damn. Why haven’t we done this before?”
Spock wearily turned to hard to look his brazen mate in the eye. “We did not do this earlier because I was not in pon farr at the time, and neither you nor Leonard had expressed any interest for me in a sexual manner.”

“Not everything has to be seen in order to exist, Spock,” Leonard chided, kissing a pointed ear.

“Yeah, I already told you I’ve been after you for a while. So, is that it?”

Spock, knowing Jim and with the help of the link, easily interpreted the question. “This wave is complete. There is still more to come. I believe you would call this a ‘recharge’ before the next wave begins.”

“Sounds good to me,” Jim yawned, snuggling into the Vulcan’s warmer body heat. Leonard stood to retrieve towels and wiped away most of the body fluids decorating the trio.

“Get some rest, boys. We’re going to need it,” he instructed as he laid down on the other side of Spock and draped an arm across to hold Jim.

“Thank you,” Spock said as his eyes closed. “For all that you have and will do for my sake.”

“Talk alter, sleep now,” Jim ordered, tugging a bicep. Spock obeyed, sinking into the love and comfort radiating from his new-found mates.

Leonard chuckled wryly before closing his own eyes and relaxing. Things should work themselves out now, he thought to himself, as he sank into unconsciousness himself. Maybe now they won’t fight on the bridge.

Then again, this is Jim and Spock he was talking about. Things would never be simple between them. I can live with that.

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