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Story Notes:

First Trek story EVER! So if I messed up somehow I hope it will be forgiven DX

Author's Chapter Notes:

I might break this up into 3 parts I'm not sure yet and I'm in the process of writing the second part to this.

James T. Kirk. That’s my name and don’t forget to scream it later as you watch me thrust my way into your fantasy. And in case if you haven’t gotten it, I am a porn star. Now being a porn star has its perks. Fucking all the time is one of them. Fucking the most hottest of hot is another. It’s a job like any other, you know it pays the bills. But after a while it becomes just that. A job. Another day another fuck. It loses all sense of pleasure to the point that you have to pop a pill just to get an erection because turns out its another blonde bimbo with so much plastic in her you might as well be fucking a blow up doll. And after everything is done you wonder why your still even doing this for a living. There has to be more to life than this…

At home its not any better. Entering the cold, barren, wasteland you call an apartment is a comforting as a case of syphilis. Another reminder of how alone you really are. No matter how much fame you may have or how many peopled you know and have screwed your truly and utterly alone.

You make yourself a good stiff drink and sit in front of your TV to watch whatever useless junk was on these days. Your just getting comfortable when you hear your phone ring. Who could it be now? A voice announcing the caller’s name tells you all you need to know and you smile and make your way to the computer to turn on the video feed.

“Hey Bones!” you say with a wide smile on your face.

“Jim! How are ya? Are you doing anything tonight?” he says quick and straight to the point. Good ole Bones, you can always count on him.

“Nah nothing today. Was thinking of turning in early night tonight actually. Why do you ask?”

“Was wondering if you wanted to accompany me to the opening of that new club tonight. Orion’s Belt is the name. Sounds like a good time if you ask me.”

I laugh for moment taking in the name. Typical strip club of course but I don’t want to ruin his fun by making fun of it.

“I don’t know Bones, I’ve had a long day.” I say while rubbing the back of my neck.

“Aw come on Jim. You can’t be serious? Psh, only you would complain about having to fuck people all day. Try walking in my shoes for a day and see if you have right to complain!”

Bones or as he’s formally known as Dr. Leonard McCoy, is also known for not taking no as an answer. Having to be a porn star means your prone to catch disease left and right if your not careful especially when having to have sex with non humans, which is where he comes in. I was really young when I met Bones. I was still in school and we hit it off right away becoming the best of friends. When I started my career, Bones had my back. Though even before he always had my back. Let’s face it you don’t become a porn star. I’ve been practicing for a very long time boys and girls.

I was approached by some big time manager who called himself Cyrano Jones. Said I had a lot of charisma and that would be good in this movie he knew was being produced by a good friend of his. Failed, of course to mention exactly what movie it would be but I was out of school and no other plans for the moment so I thought why not? Though that’s not to say I was stupid. Far from it. My aptitude tests were the best in the country and I had everyone from colleges to Star Fleet scouting me. I was considering Star Fleet since my old man was a First Officer before he died but not without going down in history for being a really big hero.

I would be a liar if I said that didn’t mean anything to me but I didn’t want to be known as just ‘George Kirk’s’ son. I deserved so much more than that. And what better way to be separated from that then being a porn star? Seriously bad way to start though…

First off, the big movie turns out to be a amateur porno, meaning a lumpy bed on the ground in someone’s basement, with a handheld video recorder and some guy trying to be all director like by giving encouraging advice but it all comes out as “Mmm yeah”  and “give it to her like that” or my favorite “You like that mami? Yeah, yeah you like that don’t you mami?” Never doing that again thank you very much.

But I was young and naïve and I was getting paid so I didn’t think much of it until I caught a really bad case of Orion crabs, when my idiot of a manager promised me that everyone I would fuck would be guaranteed clean and turns out this green skinned bitch wasn’t as clean as said she was. Which caused me to never have sex with an Orion again, that is until I met Gaila. But point is if it wasn’t for Bones that time I would have probably lost my manhood and that’s not cool.

After that experience I became a lot smarter about who I fucked and when and how. Especially with Bones as my manager/doctor I was all set. And my career went from amateur to pro within months. And that’s to say its not just because of my looks. Lets just say all those late night ‘study’ sessions didn’t go to waste.  I was more mature and skilled though and I made more women scream and moan my name then that famous 21st century actor named Johnny Depp when he did that ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ movie.

I decide to dress casually that night. Let’s face it after having sex on a regular basis I’m the last person looking for at a club but a little flirting won’t hurt anybody. I decide to go with the color black since it happens to look really good on me and I just love making people drool. Call it an ego I don’t care. I’m sexy and I will flaunt it bitches.

When we get there its not problem getting in. Remember I’m James T. Fucking Kirk. Upon entering the bar were surrounded by the smell of sweat and sex. The only aroma you’ll be smelling around Orions. We head to the bar and order our drinks. I notice Bones making eyes at this chick at the end of the bar so I pat him on the back and tell him I’ll see him later. I make my way past the sea of sweaty bodies rutting and dancing against each other to the music. I manage to find an empty table and watch as Bones tries to act suave in order to woo this chick and maybe bed her later.

As I scan the room I can’t help but sense that I’m being watched. I turn my head across the room to catch the gaze of the most intense eyes I have ever seen. The eyes belong one of the most beautiful beings I have ever had the pleasure of looking at. His lips were thin and nicely shape letting me know right away that this man had to be extremely intelligent, his eyebrows were slanted upward which seemed really strange to me at the time but I thought they only added to his beauty and his strong, sharp facial structure made him seem like a god amoung men but it was his eyes that caught me. Hook, line and sinker. They were an intense chocolate brown color that made me want to stay trapped inside the gaze and never let go.

Though I seemed to have the same affect on him because his gaze never left mine. I would be a fool if I didn’t go over and talk to him but I wasn’t so sure. I mean for all I know he could have been looking at something else but there was no mistaking that he was looking right at me when he nodded his head at me. Which was my cue to say hello. As I make my way over I make over I make sure to swing my hips a bit. Make him want it. I’m a cock tease what can I say?

I know what your thinking. But he’s a guy. How can you want to fuck a guy when all you do is screw women all the time. Yes that maybe true but I never said I didn’t like to venture into the dark side every once in a while. And few guys that I have done were just quickie’s here and there nothing truly serious. But with this guy I had no clue and I wanted to find out desperately. What scared me was how really desperate I did want to find out where and how far this guy wanted to go. But I was gonna find out.

“Hey there” I say in the best seductive voice I have making sure my smile is complete sex. Hey a little something extra never hurt anyone.

“Hello” his voice betraying what his eyes were yearning, urging to say.

My smile becomes a bit more wider when I realize what he’s wearing. His clothes, like mine are black and sleek making his lithe, muscular body stand out in the tightness of his clothes. I mentally begin to drool. Oh how I really wanna get him out of those clothes but my face doesn’t betray what I feel. Or maybe it does because he stares at me with a raised eyebrow. Damn his eyebrows were sexy. What completely throws me off is this the black hat. He’s wearing this simple black cap, as if to hide something. Strange…

“My name is Jim. Jim Kirk.” I say offering my hand in greeting.

He stares at my hand for a couple of seconds and before I manage to say something to him his hand is reaching out to grasp mine.

“My name is Spock” is all he says with this deep husky voice that enraptures my very being. And then it happens.

The instant our hands touch, I feel it. This spark. As cliché as that sounds. Literally a spark that makes me gasp quietly but I know he hears it. I hold onto his hand for a few more seconds until I realize his eyebrow is raised again. I laugh lightly taking my hand back so as to not make anything awkward between us.

“Nice to meet you Spock. So what brings you to this fine establishment” I ask to make tension lighten between us. Either he doesn’t notice or is a very good liar but his eyes never betray a thing.

“I came with a very close acquaintance of mine. She is over by the bar talking to someone.” he says pointing to a certain direction.

I follow his finger and gave over to the bar where I see Bones still talking to that chick he picked up.

“Is that her? The one talking to my friend?” I ask.

“If you are referring the man making a desperate attempt at to bed my friend then yes you are correct.” his face so stoic as he says this that I couldn’t help but burst out laughing.

“Your funny you know that?” I say in between fits of laughter.

His answer is another raised eyebrow. I glance at Spock’s friend the woman that has my best friend’s attention totally captivated. Not that I blame from what I can see she’s totally hot. Long dark brown hair, wide brown eyes with luscious silky lips and beautifully dark skin. I decided to get back to the person in front of me. He was far more interesting in my opinion. My curiosity peaked, I decide to ask about his outfit.

“So what’s up with the all the black and the cap man?” I say put my head in my hands staring intently for his answer.

“If your inquiring as to my attire it is simply because I simply believe black to be a favorable color and the cap is to disguise certain aspects of myself some people might not find so appealing.” he says with another raise of the eyebrow.

“What do you mean but not so appealing? Is there something wrong with your head?” I ask trying to sound casual but my voice betraying any subtlety I may be trying to convey.

“If I show you, will you warn me immediately if it makes you uncomfortable?” he says.

“Sure but I’ve seen plenty of weird and fucked up things in my day man. Trust me my friend over there is a doctor and he loves to lecture on the merits of having protection with you at all times” I say with a small laugh.

The only response I get is the small curl of his lips at the corner before he reaches up and slowly removes the cap. What he shows me I wasn’t expecting at all…

“You, you’re a Vulcan?” I ask in wonder.

“Are you at all displeased by my appearance?” he asks with a hint of uncertainty in his voice.

“Are you kidding?! I’ve never met a Vulcan in person before this is awesome!” I say with excitement.

He seems pleased by my answer but soon goes to reach for his hat again. I stop him with my hands. He stares intently into my eyes with the same intensity as before only this time is with a tiny bit of gratitude.

“Don’t put it back on. Fuck what anyone thinks. Besides I think your ears happen to be the most sexiest thing I’ve ever seen. Please for me..” I say pouting my lips a bit but barely concealing the desire I felt to reach up and trace his ears with my tongue. Just the very thought has me groaning inside…

He seems uncertain at first but then puts the cap back on the table. I inch closer to him in the seat. Like a lion to its prey. He was going to be mine tonight and something told me he wouldn’t be opposed to the idea. But I would make him beg for it. Vulcan or not I was gonna make him beg and give him a night he would never forget.

“So Spock. What do you do? Besides hiding those sexy ears of yours?” I say teasing him lightly. Though he doesn’t seem offended in the slightest. In fact, I didn’t know any better I’d think he were enjoying it.

“I direct and produce certain types of cinema. I have also starred in some of them but not so often.  The women who I came with assistant or as she wishes to call herself my ’partner in crime’. She decided that I spend to much time in my work and needed a break from it. She believed me to need to spend more time with others and maybe engage in sexual congress but I truly do enjoy my work and I believe she likes to forget that I am Vulcan and contact with others is what I try to avoid at best.” he says in the most serious tone I have ever heard anyone use. But that doesn’t take away the fact that I was right about him. He really is smart.

“Oh I‘m sorry if I‘m bothering you in anyway I‘ll go away now if you want.” I ask lightly getting up in case if he said yes.

“No!” he says with a slight raise of his voice. I can‘t help but stare at him. Call me stupid but I know Vulcan‘s don’t just burst out things like that.

“Forgive me but up until you came over I didn‘t realize how true that statement really was“ I can’t help but grin at that. He was smart and sweet.

“And might I inquire as to what line of work you are currently engaged in?” he asks in order to change the conversation.

“Oh me? I’m a porn star. I’m actually surprised you didn’t recognize but then again its not like Vulcan’s spend their day watching porn huh?” I say with a laugh.

“Indeed” is all he says. Whether he is cool with my profession or not he doesn’t say. He just turns his head and gazes out at the moving mass of people on the dance floor.

“Hey you wanna dance?” I ask since I’m not really sure Vulcan’s do dancing but hey its worth a shot.

He stares at me once again, I’m guessing whether or not it’s a good idea. But after a moments delay he nods and me and him are out of our seats. I quickly make my way ahead of the people making sure to put an extra sway in my hips to entice him. And I know he’s staring because when I turn around to face him his eyes quickly dart to my face. I can’t help but smirk at him as I start to sway my hips along to the beat of the music. The song that is on is pure sex. The disk jockey announces it as “No Ordinary Love” by an artist of the late 20th century called Sade.

I had never heard it but the rhythm was making me feel so erotic and sensual I couldn’t help but get closer to him. If he was uncomfortable he didn’t show it as he put his hands on my hips, both of us swaying along to the song, are bodies pressed against each other. I put my arms around his neck and stare into his eyes. He is so beautiful. I can’t help but try to memorize everything about him. His eyes, his lips, the feel of his body pressed against mine. The heat radiating from his body pressed against me is enough to have me panting against him.

I soon begin to harden against him. The smell of his aroma, dark and musky along with the heat and feel of his body has me driven insane with a desire I have never known. I’m not alone in this because as we continue to dance I start to feel his own erection pressed against my hip. The feel of it has me groaning and grinding my hips into his. The action causes him to lose some of his reserve as he moans softly, only loud enough for me to hear it and it makes me shiver with desire.

We are both panting and grinding slowly against each other, getting lost in the sea of passion and lust that keeps building up. His hands roam down my backside, grabbing my ass and grinding me hard against him. I gasp and moan at the intense pleasure I feel. Damn he feels so good. I want him. There is no other way around it. I look up into his eyes to see them black with lust.

I find myself staring at his lips, wanting to taste them and feel them against mine. His eyes tell me everything I need to know as I close the gap between us and press my lips against his.

The spark we felt with our hands before is only intensified with our lips. And soon the kiss is deep, our passion and lust being our only guide as we discover ourselves. I have never in my life felt this way for anyway. The kiss is passionate and gentle but filled with a fierceness that I couldn’t begin to put into words.

I pull back from the kiss and pant breathlessly against his lips as he is doing with my mine. We put our foreheads together and just sway gently as the song comes to its nature end. I find myself on again captured by his intense gaze. His eyes expressing more than he ever could.

“Wanna get out of here?” I ask still breathless. His only response is a nod and then I am guiding him through the mass of people still in their own world. As we head outside I remember that Bones is still inside and wonder about his friend.

“Hey don’t you want to warn your friend your leaving?” I ask.

“I do not believe that to be necessary as she was preoccupied with your friend and she is also very understanding of situations such as this” he says with finality. Which is enough for me as I continue to pull him along. Its then I realize I have no idea where I’m going.

“Hey um where are we headed? I don’t wanna be a mood killer but my place isn’t anywhere near and I’m kinda impatient if you know what I mean.” I say I pull him against me, letting him feel how hard I still was for him.

“Yes. I believe there is a facility nearby that will suit our needs quite adequately. A hotel as you call it.” he says a little breathless. I love the sounds and reactions I’m getting out of him and that’s just fueling the fire that I feel for him.

“Alright, lets go then” I say with a wink.

Our walk to the hotel is quick and sweet which is good cause I’m gonna be having a real bad case of blue balls if I don’t get laid soon. We sign in and I hand the woman my credit number. As she enters in the information I see that her eyes widen as she recognizes my name producing a pink flush on her cheeks. She looks over at me then Spock and back to me in disbelief. But she says nothing as hands over our keycard. I grab the card and give her wink and the pink soon becomes crimson. Told you I’m a tease.

As soon as were inside the room I barely have to register how nice the room looks before I’m being slammed against the door and a pair of lips are kissing me hard. I moan against his mouth pulling him flush against my body.

“I want you now” I say against his lips as our lips continue to dance erotically. His tongue against mine making me groan and grab his ass pressing and grinding him against me making us both cry out in pleasure.
He pulls away and leads me to the bed, leading me to lie on top of him as we fall onto the bed. My lips continue my assault him, licking and kissing my way to his neck. I lick and bite leaving a mark against him.

“Mine” I whisper against the mark, tenderly licking it. I mentally start at how true I find that word to be. He is mine. His moan brings me back reality and my blood rushes back making me dizzy with desire for this beautiful creature in front of me. Our lips part for a second to take our shirts off and the press of skin on skin is delicious. His body is so hot and I bask in his heat as my hands roam his body. Mapping out every detail, memorizing every single touch that makes him so human. I leave a trail of kisses up his neck up to his ear, biting and sucking his ear lobe. His reaction shocks me when I tip.

“Ah! Oh yes please”  he says lifting his hips to meet mine while turning his head to give me more access. I growl at the press of his erection against mine and continue to tongue his ear lovingly while pressing back against him to create more friction.

“Your really sensitive there huh?” I say teasingly.

His only response is to turn his head and meet him in another kiss. I tease his nipples with my fingers as I kiss his neck. I slowly make my way down to his chest taking one of the green nipples between my lips. Licking and biting making more enticing sounds come from the stoic Vulcan. My tongue trails down to his navel were I lick and tenderly bite his stomach and I unbutton his pants. My fingers work quickly and divest him of his pants and to my delight he’s gone commando.

I moan as I take in the sight of the green flush of Vulcan cock. It was very much like a humans except for the double ridges and the color. And holy shit the size. It had to be the biggest thing I had ever seen. For a second, I wonder what it would be to have it inside me. The very sight and thought has my mouth watering. I tongue the leaking tip and lick front to back, tonguing the double ridges, making them flare to life. The moans coming from his mouth encouraging me to go further. I suck the tip into my mouth, flick my tongue against the slit repeatedly making him grab me by my hair, wanting more. Making sure to coat him with my saliva, I take him further into my mouth. Going as far as I can go without choking myself.

I pulled back making sure to suck all the way. I lick my lips, making sure he watches me. I lick his shaft down to his balls, tonguing them and sucking softly on them. The strong musky aroma coming off his body was making my head spin. Lick and suck my way up to his lips once more. I let him taste himself on my tongue. He moans into my mouth, sucking on my tongue. I pull back and take off my pants and underwear all in one go. I watch him from the corner of my eye as he takes in my nudity.

I stand naked before him as he sits up and let him touch me. His hands are warm leaving a trail of heat as his hands roam my body, taking in the sight.

“You are beautiful. I have never known true beauty until tonight” he says, his voice soft. His eyes traveling up and down my body in awe.

“Your not so bad yourself” I say just as equally soft with a small smile on my face.

His hands touches my shaft, letting his hand feel me, stroking up and down lightly.

“Fuck, Spock please.” I say, urging him to do more.

I don’t have to wait long before his mouth is upon me. Taking me all the way in, my cock encased in the warm wet heat. I cry out at the sensation, grabbing a fist full of his hair, his other hand the only thing keeping me up. I don’t need to persuade him further as he takes me all the way in and I moan loudly, fucking his mouth slowly. He moans around my dick, pushing me further in with his hand, the vibration only intensifying the sensation.

“Spock, oh Spock, please stop.” I say gently pulling his head back.

“Am I displeasing you in any way?” he asks. His eyes telling me how concerned he is.

“Oh no but if you keep doing that I’m gonna cum so fast I won’t know what hit me,” I tell him as I gently touch his cheek with my hand, caressing. I go down to his ear, nibbling the tip as I say “And I would really like to cum inside you” I pull back and hear his sharp intake of breath and watch as he shudders at my words. I kiss him then, gently as I whisper “This is a night to remember.”

He looks into my eyes and once more I’m drawn to how deep they are. He pulls me to lie on top of him. Kissing me sweetly, as I let my finger circle his entrance, warning him of what is to come. He kisses me harder, pushing back against my finger. I coat my finger and bring it back to his opening, pushing it in past the ring of muscle.

“Fuck your so tight” I say as I push my finger all the way. Pushing it back and forth letting him get used to it and adding a second in the process.

“There is no need for preparation as I am Vulcan and can control my body to do my will. Please, I wish you to be inside me now.” he says a little breathlessly.

I pull my fingers out and begin to coat my dick. Once I’ve seen I did a good job, I bring it to his entrance and gently push it in. I moan at the tight heat surrounding me. I push to the hilt and stay there letting him get used to me. I feel his hands grab my ass as his legs lock around my waist. I groan as I pull back and thrust into him. We moan simultaneously at the feeling. I go slow at first, for my sake instead of his because I know he could take it. I really didn’t want to embarrass myself. So I take my time to find that spot inside him. I didn’t know much about finding it myself since I had never done this before but I knew a spot like that existed. I lift one of his legs up to my shoulder plunging deeper into him.

Just as I about to give up hope, I finally managed to nail it head on with my next thrust making Spock moan so loudly, I know the entire hotel had heard it.

“Jim! Oh Jim please harder, faster, please..please” he says helplessly pushing hips to meet mine thrust for thrust.
The only sounds in the room were the slapping of skin on skin, mixed with heavy breathing, moaning and the whispers of undying love filling the air. It was so perfect, so absolutely perfect. I never wanted it to end, but my fast approaching orgasm was telling me otherwise. I kiss his lips as I thrust faster and faster making sure we both finish at the same time.

“Jim, Jim I am going to cum” he says as he rises up to meet my next thrust and cums in between our stomachs, throwing his head back against the mattress. I capture his moan in my mouth as his orgasm squeezes me deliciously, making me cum, milking me to the very last drop.

I collapse on top of him. I worry about being to much for him but then he just wraps his arms around me pulling me closer to him. “That was incredible Spock” I sigh contently.

“I am inclined to agree” he says.

I chuckle quietly as I nuzzle my nose against his neck kissing him gently. His hand grabs my chin, pulling me to face him as he captures my lips in a breath taking kiss. I pull back and stare into his eyes. The only real thing that makes him seem truly human. I want to tell him I love him. I want to tell him how long I’ve been waiting for him my entire life. But I don’t. I can’t. Hell I barely know the guy. But yet everything with him feels so right…

But still I can’t. and I won’t. I pull out and lie down next to him. I lay my head on his chest and let the warmth of his body lull me into a deep sleep…

The next day I wake up to find myself tangled up in sheets. The warm body that was next to mine is long gone. At first I think he’s gone to the bathroom, but a quick visual check lets me know that I’m the only one in the room. But…where is Spock? I get dressed quickly and check for any sign that last night was not a dream. It can’t have been, it just can’t. But no matter how hard I look he’s not there. He didn’t even leave me a note to say goodbye. That bastard. Well if I’m so easy to forget then he will be for me too.

I’m not gonna spend my time crying over some asshole who thinks of me as just another fuck. But even as I think this I can’t help the tears that are pouring down my face. Why? Why would he leave me? I thought he had felt the same, I know he did… Guess I was wrong. But what can I expect from an emotionless Vulcan. I should have known better…

I have never felt more heartbroken for anyone I barely even knew. The air I breathe is nothing but a reminder of last night and I can’t stand it. With one last look at the room I bolt out of there and make my way back to my apartment.

That’s the last time I ever sleep with a Vulcan and let him break my heart…


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