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“Happy new years, Bones!”


“Happy new years to you, too, kid. Thanks for the brandy.”


“No prob. So, any new years resolutions this year?”


“Nah, if you don’t count trying to stay alive in space. You?”


“Only one.”


“Yeah, and what’s that? Try not to get into your yeoman’s skirts? Stop checking Spock out everytime he's at his station?”




“Oh boy, am I going to need more brandy for this?”




“Stop grinning like a fool and tell me already!”


“Not having sex more than once a month.”


“...are you serious?”


“Dead serious.”


“You know, you’re going to break that as soon as you hightail outta sickbay.”


“Oh, I know.”


“Then why make the resolution in the first place?”


“Just because I feel like breaking one.”



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