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“Bones, that was cheating.”

“Was it really? You never said that chocolate drinks weren’t allowed at the party.”

“Still! You know how low of a tolerance Spock has for chocolate!”

“So did you, but you never told me that was off-limits. Now fork over the credits.”

“...fine, but I want a detox hypo first thing tomorrow.”

“Not on my watch, Jim. You aren’t going to reap all the benefits of an uninhibited Vulcan and not the consequences the next day.”

“I hate you.”

“You’re welcome. Now run along to take care of your drunken bondmate and merry Christmas.”

“Merry Christmas—wait, does that mean I will get that hypo then?”

“Not unless you down that whole bottle of Romulan Ale Scotty gave you for your birthday.”

“You’re pure evil.”

“Why, thank you! But seriously, don’t waste your time with me now. I think I can hear Spock going for the computer in his room...”

“Wha? Oh for crying out—Spock!

The alert systems for the ship weren’t the same for a good two days.

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