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Jim Kirk walked the streets of Risa, hoping to find the place he’d chosen to fulfill his craving. It had been so long since … Kirk wiped the sweat from his brow and tried to will his erection away. It really made him tense to feel like he had no control over that thing in his pants. But his dreams of late had been plagued by his secret fantasies. So, now his pockets were full of credits and he was on his way to that place, the one that Chekov had recommended. It was called The Haven.

If only he could find it. Kirk walked faster. It should be here, somewhere, among the brothels and skin bars… There! There it was. Kirk found new energy and there was suddenly more spring in his step at the prospect of finally getting what he wanted. Entering The Haven he could barely take in the environment. All he wanted was to get a room, as fast as possible to get what he wanted. He swallowed at the dryness in his mouth. Hopefully, it wouldn’t stay dry very long…

“Item #34,” Kirk said and put a hefty amount of credits on the counter. The woman behind the desk nodded and put the credits away. Another person, a man this time, at the edge of the counter, waved at Kirk to make him follow.

“This way, sir,” he said.

Entering another room, Kirk was calmer now, knowing that he was mere minutes away from getting his fill – in more ways than one, he hoped.

“Take off your clothes and put on the mask,” the man said. “Your friends with be with you shortly.”

Kirk undressed quickly, throwing his clothes on a chair by the bed, then he scooted onto the red bed, putting the mask over his eyes. The mask was soft against his skin and he adjusted it before laying back comfortably. The sheets weren’t silk, but some kind of plastic that felt like silk. He knew these places often used these. They were easier to clean …

Lying there, he allowed his cock free reign. He watched as it lifted from its nest of curls, growing larger than he could remember for a while. It was turning purplish, and he felt the throbbing almost all the way through his whole body. God, where were they? Why weren’t they … coming? Kirk giggled to himself at the pun and waited a while longer.

Suddenly there was a noise from the door and several men stepped into the room. They all wore masks over their faces. That was to be expected. They were probably patrons of this house, just like he was, and not employees. They would get as much enjoyment from this as Kirk would. All he wanted to know was that they weren’t carrying some STD, and they wouldn’t be here if they did. So, Kirk relaxed again, lay back on the pillows and let his gaze move over all the men that entered. There were five of them, all beautiful. There was a men who was very tall and muscular. Pale blond with hair that fell all the way to his waist. Beautiful hair, Kirk thought and let his gaze drop between the man’s legs. Beautiful cock, too. The second male was an Andorian. His tentacles were stiff, pointing straight forward, a sure sign that he was aroused – in case the stiff, blue, cock hadn’t given him away, that is, Kirk thought and smiled. He’d made sure the place had known he didn’t mind aliens in the mix.

The third man was probably a human too, he was shorter and bulkier, his hair red and curly, and his cock was big, weeping, and raring to go. Kirk licked his lips, wondering what that cock would taste like. The fourth was tall and slender, his hair black as the night, and his chest was sprinkled with fine hair. Kirk felt his cock turn even harder when he looked at this man. He looked almost like … but it couldn’t be, of course he couldn’t. His logical first officer wouldn’t be caught dead in a place like this, but the hue of his skin, the ears … Kirk couldn’t see the ears, they were hidden behind the mask and so were the eyebrows. He looked like he could be Vulcan though. Kirk’s gaze fell to the man’s cock and he gasped. Definitely Vulcan. He’d heard of the twin ridges.

He could barely pull his gaze away from this beautiful male that reminded him of Spock, but moved his gaze reluctantly onto the fifth guy. Another tall, and a little plump man, but Kirk didn’t care much about that. As long as he could deliver.

“So,” Kirk said. “Are you guys ready?”

Talking wasn’t always permitted, but he’d said nothing about not talking. He liked hearing the groans and moans of the men doing this to him, so he hoped at least some of them would talk. And sure enough. The Andorian stepped forward. “When you are,” he said. His voice was pleasant and husky and Kirk lay back on the bed.

All the men moved forward. The blond guy and the redhead stood by the bed to Kirk’s left, the tall, slender and black haired Vulcan stood at the foot. He was already holding his large cock in his hand, pointing the thing at Kirk. The Andorian and the plump man moved to his right. Kirk scooted down so his feet brushed the thighs of the Vulcan and looked into his eyes. There was a glimmer of recognition there, and Kirk swallowed. The mere thought that it could be Spock… He gave up an involuntary moan and there were responses from the men around him. Kirk couldn’t blame them. They were all enjoying his enthusiasm.

And then they all began touching themselves. Kirk turned his head to the left, locking gazes with the blond man. He opened his mouth invitingly and the blond guy kneeled at his side, so Kirk only had to lift his head slightly to slide his lips over the swollen organ. Wonderful. It was a large, beautiful cock, and it was warm, smooth and tasted clean. Kirk groaned around the hardness, moving his hand between his legs, holding his orgasm back. The whole idea of all these men being here for his sake made him so hard that he was afraid he’d come instantly.

The Vulcan moved onto the bed, between his legs, and Kirk’s eyes shot toward him. The Vulcan’s cock was huge, and green. And his mouth, beneath the mask, was so stern as though he fought not to come. The heat shot through Kirk at the thought. What if it was Spock? What if Spock got so hard and hot because of him? That was a dream Kirk had barely had the guts to dream.

He pulled his gaze away. He had to or he would shoot his load immediately and he didn’t want to, he wanted to enjoy this for as long as he could.

When the first man came all over him. Kirk had to pull his mouth away from the blond guy’s cock, or he would have bitten down. He threw his head back, enjoying the feel of the warmth splattering across his abdomen. It was the redhead who had come. Shortly after, followed the Andorian. His blue come spattered across Kirk’s belly, smearing the hairs there and Kirk looked at it, loving the feel and the view. The come glittered in the light, almost like diamonds and sapphires. Beautiful and so good. Kirk groaned and threw his head back and all of the sudden he could feel the spattering across his face. The plump man to his right had come and Kirk felt the semen in his face, in his hair and he grabbed his cock, hard, not to come. Not yet, not yet. He wanted more, more come. God this wasn’t nearly enough.

“Come over me,” he groaned. “Spray your semen all over my body. Shower me,” he begged.

The blond guy finally caved and Kirk loved the sensation. This guy had a lot of semen. It splashed over Kirk’s face, his throat and his chest, in thick, generous rivulets. He moaned.

“Oh god, yes. Good. More, more…”

Only five guys, how could it be enough with five guys? He’d have to pay more, ask more guys to come in here, to shoot all over him, this wasn’t enough – not nearly enough.

“Leave us,” came a harsh voice from the foot of the bed, and Kirk nearly lost it then. Pleasure rippled through his body. It was Spock. It had to be. No man – no Vulcan – could have a voice that sounded so much like his first officer’s. It was impossible.

“But …” one of the other men protested. “We’re not done yet.”

“You are finished,” the Vulcan said, and now Kirk knew it was Spock. He sat up on the bed. “Yes, yes,” he said. “Leave us. Now.”

The men glared but they all left, and Kirk was alone … with Spock.

“Lie back, Jim,” Spock said and pulled the mask from his face. And Kirk groaned, lying back on the bed, waiting for what was going to happen next.

Spock’s legs brushed against his calves, the insides of his thighs and he could feel the bed dip as Spock leaned over him, and when he opened his eyes, the Vulcan was touching himself, moving his hand quickly, up and down that glorious cock … and then he was coming, coming, coming all over Kirk.

Kirk moaned as the warmth splattered across his body, his stomach, his face, his throat, thick, warm and juicy. “Oh,” he groaned happily when the Vulcan didn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. The semen kept splattering across his body, bathing him in its glory.

“God,” Kirk groaned. “Spock. Oh, Spock. You’re perfect. Lovely.”

And then he came. His body convulsing as his own cock spewed its semen all over the Vulcan’s chest and throat. It was incredibly good, better than anything Kirk had ever experienced. One man, who could give him this. It was a match made in heaven.

“Spock,” he moaned. “Oh god, Spock.”

Spock moved upward, and lay down on Kirk. The semen made their bodies glide together. When it dried it would be hell, but for now … for now, Kirk had no plans of moving away.

“I do not believe you will ever have to go to a place like this again, Jim,” Spock said.

“No,” Kirk agreed.

“Neither will I,” Spock pointed out.

“No, neither will you.”

Yes, a match made in heaven, indeed, Kirk thought and kissed his Vulcan First Officer for the first time. The kiss was exquisite. It tasted like semen.


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