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Files No.001: Felicity


"Father, what does the word felicity mean? Sivak's book says that it's 'akin to joy, but in a constant state'. That explanation is all weird."

The child raised his head from the thick "A Complete Dictionary of Human Emotions", his frowning face a perfect exhibit for the emotion known as confusion. Unfortunately, as logic doesn't do much to explain emotions, his genius father was momentarily at a loss.

With great timing, in sauntered the captain looking like a million credits.

"Just checking on you two," Jim Kirk tussled the child's dark hair as he gave a quick peck to Spock. "Gotta go. Report at 0800 Mr. Spock. And Romy, behave yourself!"

"Ok, I won't~~~" the child saw his other father off with a cheerfulness that was entirely un-Vulcan. "Bye-bye Daddy~~~"

"What you felt just now would suffice as an example of that emotional state, I believe," and with that, Spock put the data pad down on the desk, beckoning his son over. "Now come here please. Your hair is quite out of place."

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