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Disclaimer:  The rights to Star Trek belong to Gene Roddenberry, and NuTrek belongs to J.J. Abrams, Orci, and Kurtzman.

A/N:  The Mission to Gamus update is coming, I promise.  But I figured I needed to give you guys something to tide you over.  This plot bunny just jumped into my head and I ran with it.  It takes place during the Starfleet Academy years.  Spock is beginning his first term as an instructor and Kirk is beginning his first year as a student.   Pre K/S slash.  Believe it or not, they don’t hate each other in this!


Chance Encounter


Commander Spock rounded the corner of one of Starfleet Academy’s corridors followed by one of his most promising students, Miss Nyota Uhura.  The second year cadet had expressed her interest in being given extra work for his linguistics class, provided they got together to discuss her findings over lunch every week.   The Vulcan was not as naïve as many humans believed – he knew that Cadet Uhura was attracted to him.  She also had a genuine thirst to learn more about the many spoken languages in and out of the Federation.   Not only that, but she was the first friend he’d had at the academy.   Nyota honestly enjoyed his company and valued his intellect.   She was not offended by his logical, often detached point of view.   She didn’t ask him to be anyone other than himself, and for that he was grateful.  The brainy African was also quite beautiful, which he noted.  Spock didn’t see any harm spending time with this young woman, as long as the reason was purely academic. 

“Commander, I was hoping after lunch today that we could spend some more time together?”  Uhura suggested.  Spock hesitated, as he was well aware of Starfleet’s policy regarding student/teacher fraternization.   However, he did wish to spend more time with her.  She was intelligent, logical, agreeable, and dedicated to her work, everything a Vulcan would wish for in a mate.  Best of all, she seemed to value structure and order almost as much as he did.  “It doesn’t even have to be doing something school related,” she added hurriedly.  “We could tour San Francisco, see a museum, or attend the theatre.  Or perhaps we could visit the Cetacean Institute?  I hear they have a wonderful exhibit featuring whales, dating all the way back to the 20th century...”  Spock was so interested in what his student had to say that he didn’t see the body flying toward him until it was too late.

“Oof!”  Came the surprised, unidentified male voice as he slammed directly into the unsuspecting Vulcan.  Spock’s PADD went flying and so did the box his human assailant was carrying.  The human was barely able to keep from falling face first onto the floor.  Spock himself was knocked to the ground, which was no mean feat.  He noticed the careless blond cadet was also hurting from the affects of the collision.  The human gathered his wits first and stood up.

“Dude, I’m so sorry!  I didn’t see you there,” he fretted, eyes widening when they flew to the Commander’s rank on his uniform.   “Here, let me give you a hand up.” 

“That is not necessary-” Spock began, but the human had already grabbed his hand before he could pull it out of the way.   The Vulcan was carefully heaved to his feet, his hand smarting from the physical contact.  A pleasant shiver coursed through his fingers and palm where the cadet’s cool hand had rested.  The tips of his fingers tingled, even when the contact was removed.  Something deep inside Spock had been rattled, the part of him he kept secret from all who dared to break through his Vulcan defenses.  What had just occurred? 

Apparently what had occurred had only happened to Spock, as the other party seemed unaffected by the close hand to hand contact.  Currently, Spock’s attacker was gathering his personal belongings that had fallen out of the box in the collision.  The Commander deduced from the contents of the box that his assailant was a first year, fresh from home.   The green cadet was probably not aware that the touching of hands was an intimate gesture to Vulcans.  In his daze, Spock decided to overlook the breach in protocol this once, on grounds it was the cadet’s first day.

 Wincing, the blond handed him his PADD back.  His eyes bravely met Spock’s as he ran his hand through his messy hair.  “You okay?”  Mild concern was evident in those bright blue eyes.

“Affirmative,” Spock replied, making it a point to clasp his hands firmly behind his back.  Spock was relieved the human intended no ill will toward him.  The collision had just been an accident.   The handsome youth squinted at him, as if not sure how to read the seemingly emotionless Vulcan.

“You sure?  I feel kinda bad for running into you like that.  Next time I’ll pay more attention to where I’m going.  No hard feelings?”  Spock wasn’t quite sure what a ‘hard feeling’ was, but he took his best shot.

“You are forgiven for your miscalculation.”

“That’s good,” said the relieved cadet.  “Well, see you around.”  The youth waved, his eyes flickering towards Uhura.  He smirked, and opened his mouth to say something, but abruptly changed his mind, opting to run after his human companion.  “Hey, Bones!  Wait up…”  Spock watched as the human caught up to his friend.  He continued to track him with his eyes as the pair of humans sped away.  Spock pried his hands apart, watching as his left hand gave an involuntary spasm.  It was the hand the cadet had grabbed.   What was that cadet’s name?   Spock was certain he hadn’t been on his roster, as he’d memorized all the new cadets' names and faces within the span of five minutes.

“Commander Spock, are you hurt?”  Uhura worried, watching as Spock favored his left hand.   She had silently watched this exchange, remembering the youth to be the same one who had hit on her in a bar in Iowa.  “He better not have done that on purpose.  If he did, I’ll kick his-”  Spock cut her off, not wanting to dwell on the subject.  He turned his full attention back to her.

“I am quite certain it was only an accident.  Shall we?”   She accepted that with a nod as they made their way toward the Mess Hall.   The Vulcan decided it would be only logical to put the male cadet and his shock-inducing hands out of his mind.   His mind had thankfully cleared from the collision-induced daze.  He wasn’t concerned about any negative effects of the chance encounter, as they would’ve made themselves known to him by now. Whatever that incident was, Spock thought, remembering the rush of contentment the moment the other male touched his hand, it certainly didn’t hurt.

The End

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