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Basically, Spock Prime spends time observing the child of the AOS' Kirk and Spock.

Written for the following prompt:Nu! K/S is in the background, Spock Prime has the Enterprise take him on one of his diplomatic missions so he can bond with the 4 year old nu!K/S daughter on the way. Cue bonding and some secret 'you could have been mine and my Jim's' angst and him completely adoring the K/S offspring, who is already breaking her own little heart trying to be more Vulcan and cannot do it, in part because she is unable to deny the "I must explore every inch of the ship and see how everything works and then lets' climb on everything and -- OH MY GOD, I HAVE TO HANG OFF THIS!" urges that she got from Jim. In other words, Spock Prime babies the daughter he never had.

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Published: 09/29/2009 Updated: 09/29/2009
Story Notes:

Someone sent a message asking about the sequel to "A Dream Fulfilled" and I realized not everyone likes to use FFN, so I'm uploading it here as well.

According to the VLD, T’Lema is a “person who walks in dreams” and an obscure reference to precognition and possibly a method for locating a t'hy'la. I’m figuring her name is some kind of back story to the K/S pairing here. Also, “Selek” is Spock Prime’s alias.

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