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No matter how hard he tried to hide it, there were just some things Spock could never hide from Kirk, no matter the reality.

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Series: Foundations
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Published: 09/21/2009 Updated: 09/21/2009
Story Notes:

This has been done before, obviously, but usually it’s just referenced too and not actually done out. Spock Prime is far to interesting to pass up and so this was the result. I shamelessly used a lot of the novelization to help write this and so you will definite see similarities between it and what I wrote. I tried to break away from it as much as possible. I’m also not exactly happy with the ending but I’m sick of looking at the thing and if I don’t get it out now, it’ll never go out. Be kind please as this is my first Trek fiction (Which is hilarious considering I grew up with the series and therefore have always been a Kirk/Spock shipper). I will try to do all characters justice, but whether I achieve that remains to be seen.

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