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Story Notes:

I have really tried to keep the characters in character and the tone true to the original series, though I realise the development of the Kirk/Spock relationship is far too accelerated to be "realistic", especially for Spock. Since I don't have the time or inclination to write an entire slash novel following the series I have squeezed in everything that was fun to write into this little, mainly pornographic story. I hope you enjoy it!

”Come on Spock, let’s go mind the store!” Kirk beamed and put his arm around Spock’s shoulder.


“I shall be delighted to see the bridge again, Captain.” Spock said as they were walking down the corridor.


“Oh, but we’re not going to the bridge.” Kirk replied, one of his mischievous grins lurking about his mouth.


Spock turned his head to face him – and act that brought the two men’s faces considerably close, as Kirk had not yet released his shoulders – and raised a characteristic eyebrow: “Indeed not? Is there a situation requiring our attention elsewhere?”


“Yes. Your quarters, Spock.”


“My quarters?” Spock sounded perplexed, but didn’t enquire further.


Kirk escorted him to the officers’ deck in silence and politely waited for Spock to open the door for them.


“Nothing seems to be the matter here.” Spock remarked as he saw his quarters, calm and untouched except for the dear old computer he had smashed to bits in a fit of rage caused by the unmentionable that had passed recently. The door slid shut behind them.


“You, Spock.” Kirk said in his quizzical way, “Are you sure nothing’s the matter with you?”


“I assure you, captain, I am perfectly healthy and fit to return to duty. In fact, I am glad –“


“To get back to business.” Kirk interrupted him, “Yes… that has always been your problem, Spock, burying yourself in work to hide from your emotions.”


“Emotions?” Spock repeated, offended, “I –“


“Don’t give me that old bullshit now!” Kirk cut him off again, “I’ve seen you emotional enough to kill me – more than once.”


Spock hung his head, defeated by logical arguments, and did not reply.


“I’m sorry if I was a bit harsh on you, Spock.” Kirk laid a consoling hand on his shoulder, “It’s not the killing I’d like to talk to you about, it’s the… biology.”


Spock winced.


“You never did get married down there on Vulcan, Mr. Spock…”


“No.” Spock confirmed, “I released my bride-to-be.”


“Why?” Kirk asked cunningly, “An attractive young woman such as T’Pring? Somewhat cold-blooded for my taste, but as Vulcan females go…”


“I did not want her anymore.” Spock coldly replied.


“You won her and scorned her?” Kirk asked with mock surprise, “How’s that? Your… blood burned?”


“I distinctly recall your presence when I explained the matter to Doctor McCoy fourteen point three minutes ago. Surely you cannot have forgotten.” Spock protested, but reluctantly repeated: “It appears my blood ceased burning upon the – mistaken – realisation that I had killed my Captain.”


“Ah. Like a bucket of cold water.” Kirk smugly pointed out.


“I beg your pardon?”


“A bucket of cold water. Very efficient method to cool down hotheads, those who’ve worked up a steam in anger or – lust. Just pour a bucket of cold water over their heads and they’ll come to their senses. Apart from a practice, it’s also a figure of speech.”


“Ah.” Spock raised his eyebrows, amused, “One of your Earth expressions. Yes, you could correctly state that the false news of your death functioned as a bucket of cold water upon me.”


“And now…?”


“Now?” Spock politely awaited further explanation.


“Now that the effects of the water are beginning to fade – now that you know I’m safe?”


Spock grew very stiff and drew a deep breath, struggling with his instincts for honesty and privacy, respectively.


“I must admit – I am beginning to feel the effects of the plak tow – the blood fever – anew.”


“So merely going to Vulcan and participating in the ceremony was not enough?” Kirk asked, “You really must - take a wife?”


“There is no longer a wife for me to take.” Spock explained, “T’Pring now belongs to Stonn.”


“And if there was… would you want to?” Kirk coaxed softly.


“No.” Spock firmly replied, “My place is here, with you.”


Kirk grabbed both his upper arms: “You said it, Spock, with me!”


Spock raised his eyebrows and remained silent as was his habit when he failed to comprehend. That look made Kirk prickle and itch all over with the urge to do he knew not what. He shook if off by shaking his first officer.


“Spock.” he pleaded, “Don’t we share a bond stronger than any other?”


“Yes, Captain.” Spock replied hoarsely.


“Stronger than duty – or marriage?”


 “Yes,” Spock hesitated, “Jim.”


“Then let me help you, even now!” Kirk suggested, excited.


What he was trying to make Spock understand was that although he was not Spock’s chosen mate by Vulcan laws and customs, he was prepared to see him through his pon farr, and convinced that the bond they shared was strong enough for the unorthodox arrangement to work. Who was that T’Pring anyway? Some bitch Spock hadn’t even met since she was a spoiled little brat and whose so-called mental attachment to him did not prevent her from betraying him! If she was good enough for Spock, so was Kirk, even if he had to rush to Sickbay and ask Bones for a pair of pointy ears and perhaps a set of nice, perky boobies first!


Spock frowned: “You are aware that not even Doctor McCoy could do anything for me when the fever raged in my blood.”


“McCoy!” Kirk blurted impatiently, “I’m not talking about medical cures!”


“I do not follow you.” Spock replied with the tense formality he acquired in pressured situations.


“Spock!” Kirk said passionately, then more softly, “Spock.”


He looked his first officer intently in the eyes. Spock did not move or look away, only his breathing gradually grew more rapid. Kirk’s chest was heaving too as he inched his face closer to Spock’s, his lips closer to Spock’s… Until Spock abruptly turned his head to one side, with the look of a wild horse, trapped.


“Jim.” he warned in a choked voice, “Careful. You do not know what you may trigger.”


Kirk could not resist the urge to shake him violently: “Don’t you see, Spock? You stubborn old Vulcan! I know exactly what I’m doing!”


 “I will lose control. I will have my way.” Spock said in a low, monotonous voice, his head still turned as far as it would go to the side.


“Good!” Kirk beamed, “I was beginning to doubt my power of persuasion!”


Spock did not appear to hear him. He violently jerked his head to face his captain. Kirk’s heart fluttered upon the shock of seeing the black fire of his eyes. Spock easily shrugged off Kirk’s hold of his upper arms and instead grabbed Kirk’s as if to keep himself upright. He still had the look of a wild animal about him, a noble animal caught and forced to surrender, though not without a fight. The veins in his temples bulged, the whites of his eyes showed, and had Kirk been able to think of anything but his own triumph at that moment, he would have felt sorry for the Vulcan.


Spock stepped closer, his grip of Kirk’s arms tightening, and Kirk could feel something hard inside Spock’s trousers that was not a phaser or a communicator. Growing wild, he fumbled with the intricate, hidden fly of Spock’s Starfleet uniform trousers. Impatient with Kirk’s inefficiency, Spock released his arms to push his hands aside and tear the fly open himself. For an instant, a fearful thought crossed Kirk’s mind: My god, what if his equipment is totally… alien?


But the organ that was freed from the constraint of Spock’s trousers looked reasonably human. It had a greenish tint that would have been considered unhealthy in a human, but which was unsurprising in a Vulcan. It was long but not very thick except at the base, narrowing into a bluntly pointed tip, and curved sharply upwards. It also seemed to perspire some sort of natural lubricant, making it slick and shiny. The most glaring difference from human anatomy was the absence of any visible balls.


The sight of Spock’s cock struck Kirk like a fist in the guts, and the sank to his knees in front of it. Hardly knowing what he was doing – this may not be his first time with an alien but it was certainly his first time with another male – he grabbed the base of the cock and let his tongue run along the shaft. Spock groaned softly. Emboldened, Kirk took the tip in his mouth. It felt very hot – unsurprisingly, considering Vulcan body heat – and tasted vaguely metallic.


Spock placed one hand on Kirk’s shoulder and the other in his hair and begun to thrust into his mouth. Each thrust pulled at Kirk’s hair, but he didn’t mind a little pain. He did mind being suffocated before his dirtiest dreams were fulfilled though, and Spock had begun to thrust so deeply down his throat he couldn’t breathe. Desperate for air, he managed to pull away from Spock’s painfully tightening grip of his shoulder and tumbled backwards on the floor. Spock came menacingly towards him, far beyond logic or reason now. The veins in his forehead were throbbing as he knit his devilish eyebrows in a frown, and his eyes were like glowing coals.


Kirk crawled backwards, more for the hunt than out of any genuine fear. He wasn’t afraid of being slapped around a bit. In fact, James T. Kirk, captain of the starship Enterprise, liked being slapped around. Why else would he rush headlong into peril so often? He’d especially liked it the few times he’d managed to provoke Spock into hitting him, although almost being killed by him in a ritual combat had been a bit much, even for Kirk.


Furious, Spock reached down to grab Kirk’s uniform shirt and pull him up with superhuman strength. The shirt ripped as Spock threw him face down on the bed. Kirk quickly collected himself and got on his hands and knees. He waited for Spock’s next move, his own cock hard with anticipation. He had no idea what this was going to feel like, all he knew was that he wanted it badly. Even if it was going to be a purely painful experience he wanted it. Pure pain had got him off before.


Spock was upon him in a matter of split seconds, brutally jerking Kirk’s trousers down so that Kirk’s erect cock was caught in the fabric and painfully bent down. That only made it grow harder. Not wasting any time, Spock placed his palms on each of Kirk’s buttocks and forced them apart, aiming for the hole. The exquisite pressure of his cock against Kirk’s tight sphincter muscle made Kirk gasp. He’d been unprepared for this. He’d imagined himself panting beneath Spock, but it was the submission of the scenario, even the humiliation of bending over for one’s first officer, he’d been fantasising about in loving detail. The actual sensory stimulation head been unable to imagine.


The natural lubricant and pointy shape of Spock’s cock made initial penetration easy, but with each inch he insistently pushed inside, Kirk’s virgin hole was stretched wider open until the point where Kirk felt he couldn’t take any more. Just as he was about to pull away, Spock had inserted his entire length and began to slowly withdraw. The relief of no longer being stretched to the point of bursting along with the stimulation of feeling Spock’s cock slowly slide out of him made Kirk utter a long moan.


Having tested Kirk’s anatomical capability, Spock began thrusting intently into him. Kirk focused on relaxing and receiving, knowing there would be no stopping this now until Spock had found release. The pain of being stretched wide open began to subdue as he was growing used to it and learned not to instinctively tighten his muscles against it. He closed his eyes and let his mind be filled with the glorious realisation of having finally had his way with the reserved Mr. Spock, just as his arse was gloriously filled with Spock’s cock.


Upon each thrust, the curve of the cock hit a certain spot deep inside Kirk that made him groan with pleasure. The intensification of the feeling built up until to his surprise he reached a sort of climax and cried out. Everything went black before his eyes, his legs turned to jelly and he could feel his own rectal muscles squeezing Spock so tightly Spock cried out too.


For an instant, Kirk thought he’d made Spock come, but the Vulcan kept on thrusting, forcing the weakened Kirk into the mattress. Annoyed, Spock grabbed the hair at the nape of his neck and pulled him up to his hands and knees again. The pleasurably painful tug at his roots somewhat revived Kirk and he managed to keep standing for a while, until Spock’s accelerated thrusts pushed hum flat on his belly again. This time, Spock let him lay and put all his weight on Kirk’s back.


Kirk was beginning to feel sore and briefly wondered how long Spock was going to last. Any human male in that state of arousal would have been bound to come in a matter of minutes, but Vulcan stamina was probably a different thing entirely. Spock thrust fast and hard, showing no signs of fatigue. The pressure of his body against Kirk’s back made Kirk’s own achingly hard cock be pulled back and forth between the mattress and his belly, the pleasurable if somewhat rough friction soon bringing Kirk to a second orgasm. As he ejaculated, he again felt his sphincter muscles contract around Spock’s cock, and the combined sensation was priceless.


“Oh, Spock… Spock, fuck me.” he mumbled into the mattress as he came.


This time the contraction of his muscles, combined with the aural stimulation Spock’s sensitive ears had no doubt picked up, brought Spock to his climax as well. He pushed hard into Kirk, spreading Kirk’s buttocks and forcing his cock inside as far as it would go, then slowly eased back out and forcefully pushed himself inside again repeatedly, groaning as if in pain all the while.


Then he collapsed on top of Kirk, whispering under his breath so faintly that Kirk wouldn’t have heard it had not Spock’s mouth landed right next to his ear: “Jim.”


They just lay there for quite some time, both utterly spent. Eventually, shortage of breath began bothering Kirk and he gently nudged Spock to roll off him. Spock obliged and Kirk turned to face him, drawing a wonderfully deep lungful of air.


“See?” he teased gently, “I could help you.”


“Indeed, Captain.”


Spock was obviously embarrassed and was obviously determined not to show it. Quickly, he changed the subject to embarrass Kirk instead.


“Fascinating.” he said in his characteristic fashion, “It appears human males have an anal erogenous zone.”


“Undoubtedly, Mr. Spock.” Kirk grinned, “What about Vulcan males? Don’t they have one?”


“Certainly not.” Spock protested, “It would be most illogical from a reproductive point of view.”


“Most illogical.” Kirk agreed, “But are you sure you don’t have one, or is this just another of your logical deductions?”


“I admit I have no positive proof against it.” Spock reluctantly confessed.


The conversation was turning Kirk on and he wouldn’t mind turning the tables on Spock.


“Then how about an empirical experiment, Mr. Spock?” he suggested, “For purely… scientific purposes, of course.”


“Of course.” Spock agreed.


“Will you please assist me with the… scientific equipment, Mr. Spock?” Kirk asked, guiding Spock’s hand to his by now semi-erect cock.


“If you will excuse me, yours is a most primitive-looking organ.” Spock remarked as he allowed his hand to cup Kirk’s thick and stout cock.


“Hey…” Kirk warned, though secretly aroused by the insult.


For comparison, he cast a glance at Spock’s organ and noticed that in its post-coital condition, it was hardly half the size as erect and seemed to be in the process of withdrawing into the body. It was probably withdrawn completely when not in use, which would explain the lack of bulge he’d noticed when checking out Spock’s crotch. The peculiar kinks of Vulcan anatomy made Kirk grow hard really quickly. Spock helped out by somewhat awkwardly stroking his cock.


“Now, as human males do not secrete a natural lubricant, I’ll need some lube.” Kirk explained.


“Lube?” Spock repeated, his eyebrow raised.


“Yes, a harmless, slippery liquid to reduce friction and ease the passage.”


“Acknowledged.” Spock said and went over to his personal replicator.


He returned with a small container of colourless, odourless gel which he proceeded to apply onto Kirk’s shivering cock. Kirk half expected a sensation of cold, but the liquid was adjusted to his body temperature. Seeing his own swollen cock shining with moisture, he couldn’t resist giving it a few good strokes. It felt so much better than dry rubbing it. He couldn’t wait to get inside Spock and see how that would feel.


“Now, if you’ll please bend over.” he commanded.


“Certainly.” Spock obeyed.


The difference between his previous, enraged self and the usual, businesslike manner he now demonstrated was glaring and immensely thrilling to Kirk. Instead of standing on his hands and knees in bed, Spock apparently found it more dignified to lean against the wall. He spread his legs at the exact angle that brought his tall arse down on level with Kirk’s crotch. The fabric of his uniform trousers was stretched tightly between his knees and Kirk could hear another seam rip.


Shivering with anticipation, Kirk placed himself behind Spock and prepared to penetrate him. There was absolutely nothing alien about Spock’s arsehole, yet the experience was alien to Kirk. Reassuring himself with the thought that it couldn’t be that different from taking women doggy style – a feat he’d successfully accomplished more than once – he placed the tip of his cock against the tiny opening and began to push. The muscle fabric yielded slowly, allowing for him to come inside. Spock’s arse was delightfully tight – tighter than any pussy Kirk had known – and very, very hot.


Spock let slip a sigh as Kirk buried his cock in him to the hilt, whether out of pain or pleasure Kirk couldn’t tell, but he nevertheless liked the fact that the controlled Spock was beginning to let go again. He pulled in and out a few more times and became more and more sure that Spock’s suppressed moans were moans of pleasure.


“So, tell me, Mr. Spock, do Vulcans have an erogenous zone up their ass?” he teased, his voice thick with gratification.


“Af – firmative.” Spock pressed out between clenched teeth.


Grinning wickedly, Kirk began to fuck him harder. Bending over in front of his first officer had been sweet, but having his first officer bending over in front of him was a sweet victory as well. He kept on sliding in and out of Spock’s tight arse for a delightful eternity, until he was sure the only thing that kept Spock on his feet was his remarkable strength of character and the trouser fabric stretched between his legs combined. Kirk was beginning to feel weak in the knees too. He was closing in on orgasm, but before he came he wanted Spock to experience the anal climax he’d just discovered. Perhaps some dirty talk would do the trick? He reached out for Spock’s hair, but it was just too short and slick to get a grip of, so he ended up grabbing the collar of his shirt instead.


Yanking, he hissed: “Spock, you Vulcan slut, you like it when I fuck you, don’t you?”


Spock responded well to this treatment: he audibly drew his breath and pushed up his arse hard against Kirk.


“Answer your commanding officer, that’s an order!” Kirk demanded, “I repeat: how do you like my dick up your ass?”


“Very well.” Spock gasped, “Captain.”


“I’d like you to come for me, Spock.” Kirk coaxed.


Spock was panting so hard he had to catch his breath before he could answer: “Aye, sir.”


“I’d like for your hot, tight, little ass to squeeze the cum out of me.” Kirk went on, intense pleasure making him slur on the syllables.




Kirk was unsure whether that last “aye” had been a word or merely a gasp, but his first officer dutifully obeyed orders and climaxed. Spock slumped forward against the wall with a deep groan, his contracting muscles squeezing Kirk so hard they expelled him and made him come all over Spock’s behind and the floor. Kirk sank to his knees, watching the glorious spectacle of his own cum dripping off Spock’s shivering arse and thighs. He breathed deeply, contently and noticed that Spock’s cock was back to its aroused state.


“Well, well, that are we going to do about this… side effect of our little experiment?” he said as he stuck his hand in between Spock’s thighs and let his fingers caressingly slide along the curved shaft. Spock stiffly stood up straight and turned around to face him.


“I suggest you give me what is in Earth jargon known as a ‘blowjob’.” he said, his desperation audible in the deep vibrations of his voice, beneath the careful phrasing.


Amused by the conflicting messages, Kirk replied: “Don’t try to tell me Vulcans don’t have a sense of humour, Spock!”


Spock raised his eyebrows in studied innocence.


“Alright, my mistake.” Kirk checked himself, “Anyway, excellent suggestion, Mr. Spock! Though I suggest you try not to choke me this time.”


Trembling with excitement, he took Spock’s cock in his mouth and began to suck it. Spock employed all of his famed self control to be gentle with him, only bucking his hips ever so slightly when Kirk hit an especially good spot. Kirk marvelled at the smoothness of the alien cock, at how extremely delicate and sensitive the entire penile surface seemed to be, and at the apparent absence of pubic hair in adult Vulcans. He ran his tongue along the length of the shaft, tickled the tip with the tip of his tongue and felt Spock’s flesh begin to throb beneath his lips.  The metallic flavour grew more intense as the skin secreted more of the natural lubricant. Spock was probably about to come soon.


Kirk pulled away gently to ask: “Say, Spock, I hope your cum is not poisonous, even if it’s a poisonous green?”


“It is indeed not green and it should be harmless to the human metabolism.” Spock reassured him with carefully concealed irritation, “Please proceed.”


“With pleasure.” Kirk said and did what he was told.


Soon, Spock was losing control of his motions and began thrusting into Kirk’s mouth. Kirk made up his mind to put up with it and bring Spock to orgasm if it was going to choke him. He grabbed the base of Spock’s cock in his fist, gently holding Spock off as he sucked the tip. Spock grabbed Kirk’s shoulders and Kirk noticed that despite his arousal, he too was struggling to hold himself off, to not shove his cock too far down Kirk’s throat. The care gave Kirk a warm feeling inside, and in the next instance his insides were further warmed by the hot, Vulcan cum running down his throat. He eagerly tasted its exotic combination of salt and copper and licked the cock clean of every last drop. After ejaculation, Spock’s cock shrunk rapidly and Kirk watched with fascination as it was pulled inside the body.


Spock still stood with his hands resting on Kirk’s shoulders, trembling. Kirk stood up carefully and escorted Spock to the bed. They sat side by side, Kirk’s arm around Spock’s back and Spock’s arm around Kirk’s shoulders, and waited in silence for their breathing to slow down to normal. As Kirk’s glance fell upon Spock’s lap, only the shiny tip of his cock was still protruding through a slit reminiscent of a female vulva. Kirk looked down on his own swollen, purplish cock and prided himself on the thought that in flaccid condition at least human cocks were more impressive, if less practical.


“Jim, I have a question.” Spock said when he’d caught his breath sufficiently to speak.


“Shoot!” Kirk beamed at him.


Spock raised an eyebrow at the unfamiliar expression, but grasped the general meaning of it and proceeded: “During one of our more… intimate moments, I believe you called me a ‘slut’?”


“Yes?” Kirk replied, worried he’d deeply offended Spock.


“Correct me if I am wrong, but does not this colloquial term imply sexual promiscuity?” Spock enquired, his face a study in innocence.


Kirk couldn’t help himself, he laughed so hard he doubled over. When he teary-eyed glanced up at Spock, Spock, smitten, had allowed himself to chuckle. Upon seeing his teeth bared in a rare smile, Kirk abruptly stopped laughing.


“Spock.” he whispered in a choked voice and caught Spock’s face between his hands.


As his lips touched Spock’s in a kiss he realised it was their first, that they’d fucked each other long and hard but not once kissed. Spock seemed surprised at first, but eventually began to respond to Kirk’s lips. The feel of his hot, pointy tongue exploring Kirk’s mouth was delicious. Kirk closed his eyes and took his time adjusting to his new lover, finding the best angle for them to tilt their heads and find a perfect fit of mouth to mouth. He was a good kisser – countless women had told him so – and he was determined to make Spock breathless for his kisses no matter whether Vulcans even kissed or not! God knows Spock’s lips made him breathless.


He’d been dreaming of this moment for so long, been watching those lips articulate long and dull scientific explanations and fantasising about shutting them up with a kiss… And when it finally happened, it happened the other way around: instead of him pushing his science officer up against a wall and kissing him hard, his usually so calm and collected science officer had taken him brutally without a kiss or a word. Kirk’s belly tingled at the memory, and although satiated, his cock was slowly beginning to respond to the tender entanglement of tongues. Although Spock looked dashing in his Starfleet uniform, Kirk wondered what he’d look like stripped, and what it would feel like to press his hot body to Kirks own naked skin.


This was going to be a long day… It was a good thing he’d told Scotty he and Spock would both be in Sickbay, recovering from the infectious fever they’d caught on Vulcan. Despite the doctor’s constant grumbling, he could trust good old Bones not to tell on them if they choose to quarantine themselves in their private quarters instead…

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