Awkwardness by christina v

After the movie. Spock and Jim wonder about their relationship. Picks up after Light in the Darkness.

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1. one by christina v

one by christina v

Disclaimer:I own nothing.

AN: Takes place after the movie. I can proudly say I’ve now seen it
three times, although Spock/Uhura will never be my cup of tea.

Spock sat in his quarters on the U.S.S. Enterprise with a meditation
candle sitting in front of him; the events of the last few days had
thrown him into turmoil along with the rest of the universe.

Vulcan was gone and only ten thousand were now alive, he had lost his
mother during the planet’s destruction, and he had met an older version
of himself only yesterday before leaving Earth. His older self had
talked him into staying on Starfleet on continuing to serve on the

He was now second in command to James Kirk; how Kirk had managed to
return to the Enterprise after being marooned he did not know. This
human was so confusing but Spock felt a pull toward him he’d never felt

Just then the chime sounded at his quarters, “Enter” He called out.

Nyota Uhura walked in and smiled, “Am I disturbing you?”

Spock stood up, “Not at all. I’ve been wanting to talk to you.”

Nyota sat in the chair he indicated, “Nyota, you are a great friend and
a great student…but that’s all I feel toward you.” Flashes of the kisses
she’d given him came into his mind, “I know you were attempting comfort
during the times you kissed me, I am appreciative of that, but I do not
wish to lead you on.”

He hated to see her dark eyes filled with hurt, “I do care about you Spock.”

“And I care for you and I hope we can continue to create a wonderful

Nyota stood up, “I hope so too, Spock.” She stood up and went out the
door. Spock couldn’t think of anything more he could say to make her
feel any better than she currently felt.


James Kirk currently had the gym to himself as he did push-ups, he
fervently hoped the older Spock had been right and he would be a good
captain. He still felt the tingle of the mind meld and despite the older
Spock’s efforts memories had come through the meld.

In the older Spock’s time, what they had shared together could only be
described as glorious and also difficult. He had been so jealous when
he’d seen Uhura kissing Spock in the transporter room.

Why had this Spock stayed? Jim still felt bad for making him lose his
temper on the bridge so he could take command like the older Spock told
him too.

He increased the pace of his push-ups wishing he could get both Spock’s
out of his head.


Spock made a decision, he needed to talk to Captain Kirk, if that
computer on Nero’s ship had been right he’d become an ambassador and
somehow Kirk knew something.

“Computer, what is the location of Captain Kirk?”

“Captain Kirk is in the gym.”


Jim looked up as Spock came in and quickly came to his feet, “Hello,

“I thought we agreed to call each other by our first names when we were
off duty.”

Kirk smiled, chagrined, “I’m sorry, Spock, a lot has just happened.”

Spock placed his hands behind his back, “No apology is needed.”

“Spock, I’m sorry for the scene on the bridge a few days ago….” Jim's
eyes took on a faraway look.

“What really happened, Jim?”

They had pledged to always be honest with one another, “I met an older
version of you; he came to stop Nero and correct the time breach. He
told me I needed to take command.”

Spock stepped closer, “I met my older self as well, he told me I needed
to stay in Starfleet, and that we would have a friendship that defined
us both.”

The images from the meld came back into Jim’s mind.

“Jim, what did he tell you?”

“Spock, it’s kind of hard to explain.”

“Jim, there is a technique called a Vulcan mind meld: I would like to
initiate one with you.”

Jim took a deep breath, “I…I....” Who knew what would happen, after all
the fabric of space-time had already been shattered? “Let’s do this.” He
blurted out before he could change his mind.

Spock placed his fingers on Jim’s temple and images came into his mind
as a steady stream. Soon it ended and Spock looked at Jim, stunned.

“Spock, I’m sorry…”

“We had love in the other universe: being T’hy’la is nothing to sorry
about, Jim. It’s the most revered bond among my people.”

“It’s not us, Spock.”

Spock stepped closer; he now understood the strange attraction he had
felt when he had stood next to Jim Kirk at the honor board meeting. “We
are in uncertain times, James; we will not know the future. I believe
the expression is just wait and see…”


Jim stormed around the gym steam rising out of his ears that damned
Vulcan drove him crazy. Why couldn’t he just use plain English when he

The name Enterprise had become legendary and so had its crew. Jim had
earned their loyalty and trust a million times over. He and Spock had
shared laughter and tears, chess games and glaring matches.

He loved Spock more than he wanted to breathe.

Spock walked in, “Jim.”

“I’m still ticked at you!”

Spock’s face held its usual calm, “You assumed I had rekindled my
relationship with Nyota, when in fact I was merely teaching her music. I
told her gently years before I wanted only friendship with her. I am
pleased she has found love with Mr. Scott.”

“You could’ve told me that! When she asked me to perform the wedding
ceremony for her and Scotty, I stood there gawking like a damned idiot!”

Spock gave his half smile, “But you gawk so well.”

Jim let out of shriek of anger and moved to storm past Spock, Spock
grabbed him in an iron grip. "You have avoided me too long, my T’hy’la.”
His voice had gone husky.

Before Jim could protest, Spock’s lips came down hard on his and a raspy
tongue gained entrance into his mouth. Jim moaned as his knees
threatened to buckle and his vision began to swim.

Spock released him, “You are mine, T’hy’la, I will follow your orders on
the bridge and on missions, and you will always have the Enterprise.
But off duty you belong to me.”

Jim felt so turned on. “You make it sound like I’ve got no choice, no
way out.”

Spock nipped his ear, “No, you don’t.”

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