Most illogical by christina v

Spock ponders on a shirtless Kirk.

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1. Most illogical by christina v

Most illogical by christina v

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I am a Vulcan. I am a Vulcan.

How many times had Spock said that to himself in the recesses of his mind? A human answering that question would say too many to count. For Spock, it was one thousand five hundred sixty five times.

He had prided himself on being a Vulcan - of always having logic and always being in control. For many years, the logical part had worked, but the control part… There had been a few shameful incidents.

For so many years he was sure he was succeeding, until one day, a golden-haired, hazel-eyed sorcerer had come into his life like a wind during a violent storm, and nothing had ever been the same again.

Jim had accepted him and was not just his captain, but his best friend as well. Eventually, Spock had begun to notice Jim for other reasons that had nothing to do with their command relationship or even with his feelings of friendship. Vulcans could be attracted to both males and females, but Spock had been betrothed to T’pring and could do nothing about it. Still the sorcerer that was James Kirk remained and continued to weave his spell.

He noticed that Jim took off his shirt quite a bit - in the sickbay, in the gym, and in his quarters, although the last was naturally to be expected.

It is illogical to notice.

Those words repeated endlessly in his mind, but Spock didn’t want to heed them. Years ago he would have felt shame, but no longer. He liked the sight of Jim’s muscled chest; the way the muscles in Jim’s abdomen moved when he worked out or simply stretched. Spock began to wonder if Jim was doing this to him intentionally. He didn’t know if any other member of the crew had had the same experiences he did.

Jim made him feel illogical and the human part of Spock liked to revel in it, though the feelings were kept deep down inside. He had even told Jim, while he was infected by a virus, that he was ashamed by feelings of friendship for him. How he wished he could take those words back.

“What brings you here, Spock?” Jim’s voice brought him back to the present and he watched as Jim removed the towel from around his shoulders, his golden skin appearing to glow in the ship’s lighting.

“Doctor McCoy suggested that I check on you.”

AN:Vignette from The Enemy Within.

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