A day at the Academy by nekoii-desu

A (not so) usual day at the Academy

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1. ST XI 2009 (Reboot) - Academy days by nekoii-desu

ST XI 2009 (Reboot) - Academy days by nekoii-desu
Author's Notes:

Sooooo, I wrote this like more than 2 years ago? And while pushing myself to finish that daaanged multi-chap’ed ficcy of mine, I stumbled upon this, and decided to just REALEASE (the kraken) IT INTO THE WIIILLLDDD-(erness), aaaaand yeap. *is lacking sleep and on a tea high*


A/N : Un-beta’ed


In all honesty, he preferred the one back in Iowa.

Despite the grandeur and obvious massiveness and high-tech of the one here in San Fran, it didn’t have the warmth and heart that he was used to in his growing years. Blue eyes looked up at the brightening sky, tugged at his leather jacket and turned around – heading back to the Starfleet academy before even the first rays of dawn streaked the campus grounds.

James Tiberius Kirk was going about his day like any other first year student of the academy. He woke up, went for breakfast earlier than usual with his roommate snoring grouchily as the door whooshed behind him (Bones did snore grouchily), headed to the library to get the week’s assignments done and out of the way while more than half the campus was still asleep - as they should be on a Saturday morning - and was all done and heading back to his room around noon. And Bones was still asleep.

Jim snorted the nerve the doctor had to nag at his bad habits.

“Bones” Jim said, nudging the human mountain swaddled in blankets, his toe digging into a section unkindly when he didn’t get a reaction.

“It’s lunchtime Bones,” Jim urged, his toe digging only earned a grunt in response. Giving up, Jim gathered some of his things before heading out for lunch.

A walk around campus after lunch proved that all the fetching ladies were not in the vicinity, and the subtle hints of memorabilia being displayed on the notice screens acting as enough of a warning for Jim to stay secluded for the rest of the day.

As much as he wanted to continue his search for ladies to flirt with, he knew nothing good would come out of roaming the campus on a day like this. With a sigh, Jim sought out a form of distraction.

Getting himself lost in the restricted archives of the library proved to be sufficiently distracting and time consuming for this one particular cadet, so much so that dinner was long forgotten and only the soft dinging tone signalling the closure of the library roused Jim from his reading. 

Switching his communicator out of silent mode had the device beeping noisily, alerting Jim of the numerous messages and missed-calls, all from one person.


Grimacing, Jim jogged the remaining distance to his room and was greeted with the angry scowl of his resident doctor as the doors whooshed open.

“About time Jim!” Bones said thick on the accent as he tugged on his boot-laces. Bones was dressed in civilian clothes, looking ready to go out for the night. Jim stood on the threshold of his room, a bit at a lost as to what his friend might be referring to.

“Well don’t just stand there Jim, hurry up and get changed!” Bones said gruffly, gesturing at Jim’s cadet uniform.

“Where are we going?” Jim asked uncertainly, putting his stuff down as he toed off his standard boots.

“I’m treating you to a drink,” Bones said staring at Jim incredulously, “and only coz it’s your birthday! Don’t go making this a usual occurrence now.”

“Yeah,” Jim said in a hush, feeling a gush of that familiar warmth from Iowa he missed earlier that day. Hiding his grin behind his top as he changed out of it, Jim hurried into a plain t-shirt and his leather jacket.

“I haven’t had dinner you know” Jim said tugging on his worn-out sneakers as Bones tapped his foot impatiently by the door.

“Well that’s your own problem,” Bones scowled as Jim swiped his credit chip into his pocket before heading out the door, “I’m only treating you to a drink. You can buy yourself dinner.”

“I’ll buy me, and you dinner, how’s that?” Jim chuckled, nudging Bones as they headed off campus.

“What’s gotten into you?” Bones said, giving Jim another one of his incredulous looks. Jim just laughed his question off, hastening his pace, which had Bones scowling after him.

Looks like the day was ending on a much pleasant note than what Jim was used to, even if an old pessimistic grouch was all he had for company – it was definitely better than the silence of an old empty room he endured for the past twenty-two years – and for that Jim was thankful.

Of course, expressing that thanks hours later after more than a few drinks only earned him a scowl and gruff “Oh shut up you drunk sod”, but Jim was thankful nonetheless.

- End.

End Notes:

A/N: about 200 words into this and it hit me. I totally forgot that Jim’s dad DIED on this day too. *head-wall-repeatedly*


Cookies to those who spotted where I tried to save the day XD" Haha ""OTL

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