Leonard Nimoy by Vulcan Lover


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1. Chapter 1 by Vulcan Lover

Chapter 1 by Vulcan Lover

Leonard Nimoy.

Such an intelligent, clever, cultured, renaissance soul.
Truly, the soul of a real artist.
In the next, new life, please, do live long and prosper -
I hate to think of you gone. I cannot believe that is the way of all, or any, of the Universes.

A great voice, an admirable presence with such intelligence in your voice, and your beautiful posture. -If I will miss all this, and more, about knowing you as a soul on this Earth. Then, those who absolutely knew you, my heart goes out to them.

Thank you for your part in creating Spock, your most famous character. He would not have been so believable, true, such an ongoing inspiration for good, for creativity, and soul searching, such a comfort to identify with; without you taking the bare bones of him, and breathing life into him in such a deft, skilful, intuitive, and discreet manner. You made him as multifaceted as all  that, and you share all of that in common with him. You, being a soul who encouraged people to think, to take an interest in cultures, in people; you saw what we should all notice; recognising what our world has to offer, finding the fascinating, the beautiful, the amazing, and even, the thankfully ordinary. THANK YOU.

Travel on; find out more, see Glorious things. Feel the calmness, the warm, the wonder, of the next life.


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