Fifth Harmonic by Pamdizzle

Spock's way of thanking Jim for letting him communicate his affection non verbally, within a meld, rather than openly in the way of humans thereby accepting Spock as he is rather than insisting on a particular method for expression.


In the same vein, this is for Fugitive, who was recently kind enough to listen to me ponder the meaning of life...or mine in particular. :) And because Fugitive has a particular fondness for Spock and the merits of Kolinahr, meaning the value of emotion expressed within reason. ;)

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1. Fifth Harmonic by Pamdizzle

Fifth Harmonic by Pamdizzle

Waves of timbre,

Fifth harmonic.

So softly unspoken,

Beyond the capable ear.


Sounds not said,

A word without breath.

Communicated quickly,

Designated message.


Replies brought forth,

Fundamental vibrations,

Behind the sclera,

Unfortunate cochlea.


The depth of language,

Of mind, of thought.

An expression of emotion,

Brokered and accepted.


Gratitude to this sound

That is ever unheard.

But known and felt. Ever felt.

And treasured, above all else.



End Notes:


Another poem. I think perhaps to prove to myself that I am still capable of writing it seriously! I hope you liked my Spock words! :)

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