Captain James Tribble Kirk by Manganra

Just a drabble intended to inspire authors to respond to my challenge. 

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Challenges: Tribble!Kirk
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1. Chapter 1 by Manganra

Chapter 1 by Manganra

Jim stretched naked on the bed. He started to purr, thinking over the events of the day. He was one badass Captain, making Klingons run from him in fear! Then there were tonight's activities.... Beside him, Spock, a glazed look entering his eyes and a slightly confused expression on his features, reached helplessly to begin stroking Jim's head and hair. Ah, yes, Spock. Jim put a hand on his stomach, wondering how many kidlets tonight's activities had brought him. He'd have to go see Bones tomorrow.





           "Damn it, Jim! Human males do not get pregnant!" Leonard McCoy rolled his eyes in disbelief, briefly wondering if his calendar was lying to him, and that it was actually April 1st after all.


            "Run the tests anyway," Jim practically purred. Bones' eyes started to glaze, before he shook his head roughly, wondering what the hell was wrong with him. He sighed and ran the tests.






           "Damn it, Jim!"



I hope I've inspired you guys to write moar fic! Feel free to use the drabble (only, please credit me) or to go back to my challenge and start from scratch. Cheers! ^_^

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