We are one by candy-chan
Summary: my attempt at a muti chapter story. it is Abrams universe with a dash of AU seeing as later on Amanda and Serek will make an appearence.
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1. Some people (Vulcans included) wait a lifetime for a moment like this. by candy-chan

2. The Plot Thickens (or at least Kirk and Spock’s Relationship does.) by candy-chan

3. Hi Ho Hi Ho It's To The Planet We Go. by candy-chan

4. So what was the other thing that the alien gave them? ^_^ by candy-chan

Some people (Vulcans included) wait a lifetime for a moment like this. by candy-chan
When James kirk signed up for Starfleet he never expected to become a starship captain let alone the captain of the finest vessel in the entire fleet, sometimes though he wondered if they said that to all captains just to raise morale. It certainly seemed that way when they sent his ship and his crew on a mission like this.
The current task of the Enterprise was examining some space debris and a few planets that were devoid of life. They were essentially in the middle of nowhere and the findings would most definitely be minimal. Sometimes he wondered if the brass up at Command wrote the missions on real paper and put them in a hat shook it up and randomly pulled out one for each ship.
I’d almost rather be in sickbay instead of on this mission, he thought almost.
Suddenly he heard the door to the turbolift hiss and turned around to see his friend and CMO standing there. He was clutching a loaded hypo and glaring at Jim. By that glare Jim deduced that his evasion of sickbay for his checkup had not gone unnoticed.
“Hey Bones,” he said in an attempt to defuse him.
The bridge crew for their part paid no mind the Captain’s distaste for sickbay was no secret and as a result scenes like this were a common occurrence.
“All our enemies have to do is threating us with a giant hypo and were done for.” Sulu murmured to Chekov who snickered in response.
“Captain,” Spock called.
“Sorry Bones,” Jim said “Gotta go to work.” With that he hopped up from the chair carefully avoiding a well-aimed thrust of the hypo.
“What did you find Mr. Spock?” Kirk asked.
“One of the planets has a breathable atmosphere. It’s almost like that of Earth only slightly richer in oxygen.”
“Are you sure?” Kirk asked and he got a raised eyebrow in response.
Kirk smiled before he would have answered ‘indeed’ or some such term. Now he clearly understood the trust Kirk placed in him and when it was necessary to actually give an answer. Kirk resisted the urge to clap his first officer on the shoulder knowing that he wouldn’t like the contact. I’m learning too he thought to himself.
“Can you give me an idea of what may be down there?”
“The scanners are not picking up any humanoid life form readings but there seem to be some sort of animal indigenous to the planet also there are some structures similar to those of twentieth century Earth.”
“Well then – Ow!” Kirk howled as a hypo went into a sensitive spot on his neck. He turned to see Bones with a gleeful grin on his face.
“What did you have to do that for? I would have come down to Sickbay eventually.”
“That’s exactly the reason that I did it. You would have come down there carried in someone’s arms half dead and that would only make my job harder.”
Kirk couldn’t even argue because he knew that Bones was right so he settled for rubbing the injection site. Not for the first time he questioned himself on why he made his best friend his CMO.
“I hate you,” he murmured to himself, as the doctor started walking back toward the turbolift, so quietly that Spock didn’t even hear it.
Turning back to Spock he said “Examine the rest of the planets in the system and once you have all the information together give me a report then we’ll beam down tomorrow.” That got him an eyebrow raise usually he’d basically say screw the protocol and just take a team and beam down. But on this occasion he wanted to wait because at least there would be something to do tomorrow if he did it this way.
After shift ended he decided to go down to the Mess and get the rabbit food that McCoy had made him swear to eat. As he stared at his plate of grass and leaves also known as a salad he was startled by a voice.
“May I eat with you Captain?” Spock asked.
“Of course though I doubt I will be eating much,” he said with a sigh. “Oh and by the way what have I told you about calling me Captain when we are off-duty Spock?”
“I see the good doctor has changed your meal plan.” Spock commented looking at Kirk’s plate. “Although I find the meal has an appetizing quality I am guessing that you do not agree with that assessment.”
Kirk looked at his first officer and saw the hint of a shy grin in his chocolate brown eyes. The sight made him smile. “When did you get a sense of humor Commander?”
“I do not understand what you mean Jim and if you wish me to call you in that fashion I expect the same.”
Finally abandoning the useless attempt at eating he said “After you finish do you wish to engage me in a game of chess?” He had wanted to ask for a while but in the past month there had been some changes.
First it was the fear that he would feel that he was obligated since the chocking incident as well as his role in Kirk’s exile on Delta Vega. Second Spock and Uhura had arrived at the mutual agreement that the relationship wasn’t working out. He figured that even if they were both okay with it he would need some time to himself.
But it had been a month and he thought that it was about time that he and his second-in-command got to know each other a bit better. It was as Spock would say a very logical thing to do.
So it was that ten minutes later Spock and Kirk were battling each other in a game of 3D chess. Kirk won the first game by a little. But the second game went to Spock by less than what Kirk had won by.
“Let’s call it a night,” Kirk said afterwards.
“That would be illogical,” Spock said. “We are tied 1-to-1 we have to finish the match.”
Kirk was pleased that the Vulcan had enjoyed the game so much this would definitely be a continued practice.
“Sorry Spock,” Kirk said grinning. “It is late and I really rather leave it at a tie that way we both win.”
Kirk got up and stretched he was kind of stiff after sitting for so long. Making his way over to the bathroom that he shared with Spock he was startled when he tripped. As he fell he thought about how Bones would laugh when he walked in at this time of night with a broken wrist. He would never live it down. Fortunately he didn’t have to.
He had failed to notice that Spock had got up and followed him deciding to just go to his room via the shared bathroom and so when he saw Kirk trip forward he reached out his hands and pulled him back against himself releasing him as soon as he was safe.
“Thanks Spock,” Kirk said a little breathlessly.
Spock simply nodded and walked through the bath to go to his quarters going to go meditate because his heart was beating slightly quicker than usual.
After Spock was gone Kirk sat on his bed. Spock had been so warm and he had felt like he had belonged in the tight circle that had gone around him. This really made no sense because he had never really belonged anywhere in his life besides in command of the Enterprise and sometimes he felt that he didn’t even belong there. Most of the dickheads that made admiral would be the first to tell him that in fact a few of them had told him that. But in Spock’s arms he had belonged.
Stop it he told himself harshly. You are one of the most infamous skirt chasers of academy history and Spock also enjoys the company of that sex. Anyway even if he could like a guy he would never want someone as broken as you. Of that fact he was sure and with that he settled in for an uncomfortable nights rest.

Spock had indeed gone to meditate but had found himself unable to do so. He had known why his heart rate had sped in that moment of closeness. Stop it he told himself. He would never give up women for you. Anyway even if he would you’re too broken for anyone to care about you. With that thought he went into a fitful slumber.
The Plot Thickens (or at least Kirk and Spock’s Relationship does.) by candy-chan
McCoy prided himself on keeping the people on the ship in good condition. Though some might claim that he was simply hypo happy (that some being mainly a certain Captain) he really did have the crews heath in mind.
So when he went up to the bridge and saw a very tired Captain he was quite surprised. He was then grateful for his wanting of exercise. That had been the reason that he had come up to the bridge in the first place. It was a bit of a walk and he had wanted to talk to Jim about rescheduling that visit to Sickbay. Plus it would never do if the CMO didn’t take care of his own body.
“Jim,” he said pulling his friend aside.
“I know,” Kirk said knowing immediately by the look of concern what his friend was going to ask. “I had a bit of a restless night I’ll be fine though. I’ll be down in Sickbay after shift today we have to delay beaming down because of a slight flux Scotty found in the transporter.”
“Do we have time to wait for that?” McCoy asked in a voiced colored by surprise. James T. Kirk had just voluntarily said that he would report to Sickbay with no prodding of any kind. Yeah he is sick, McCoy thought to himself resisting the urge to examine him with the tricorder that he always carried.
“Yes we have been allotted a two week window to do a complete study of this region of space so we’re good on time right now.”
True to his word after his shift was over Kirk walked into Sickbay. McCoy nearly fainted.
After the examination – which found absolutely no anomalies to McCoy’s utter surprise- Kirk went back to his quarters not allowing his friend to question him as he knew that he was going to if he stayed in Sickbay any longer than necessary.
Spock was waiting when he got there. Jim couldn’t help but notice how the science blue uniform clung to Spock’s lanky form. He also couldn’t help but note how beautiful Spock was the chocolate brown eyes and long lashes framing those eyes. When he looked at his hair he found that he wanted to touch it and see if it felt as soft as it looked.
Spock couldn’t avoid looking at the shorter man. The yellow of the command uniform clung in all the right places subtly showing the toned muscles that lay beneath it. His blond hair shone with its own halo of light and the piercing lightning blue eyes seemed as though they could see right through him.
Quickly they both looked down lest the other think that they were staring so neither of them noticed the faint blushes that had occurred on Vulcan and Human alike. That night nether could concentrate on the game so they stopped after just one and made up excuses for being distracted and went to bed a little earlier than normal.
That night they dreamt about one another. Kirk and Spock both dreamt that the love that they felt beginning wasn’t simply a one-sided affection. It was a very good dream but dreams do not come true and that was a lesson that both of them had learned the hard way.
When they woke they knew that this was going to be another hard say on the bridge because they would have to associate with a person that they both knew with absolute certainty would never see him as more than a friend- if he would even see him as that much- and as such would never accept or return the feelings of the other. This was definitely going to be a very long day indeed.
Hi Ho Hi Ho It's To The Planet We Go. by candy-chan
Author's Notes:
ch. three yay.
The landing party consisted of Kirk Spock and a few geologists as well as some security personnel just in case.
They had beamed down in the remnants of what used to be a city. There were tall buildings that had been destroyed by time. Most of the vegetation was overgrown making it really itchy to walk. The tallest building looked to be in the best condition and it seemed that it was the only one minus a pointy roof.
“Alright,” Kirk ordered “find out what you can and stay in two’s just to be on the safe side. We meet back here in three hours.”
Kirk and Spock took the road that lead to the tallest building hoping to get a good vantage point if nothing else. It took them twenty minutes to get to the building and twice as long to get to the top. By the time they reached the top even Spock was breathing a little harder.
“You okay?” Kirk asked. He didn’t ask because of the climb he asked because it had gotten a cool enough for him to call breezy but Spock was a Vulcan so he knew that he would be a lot colder.
Spock nodded and moved to examine the machine on the top of the roof suddenly there was a flash of light and Kirk was floating in darkness.
Greetings purred a voice in his head. For some reason he did not find this at all alarming. You did not come to seek me out I see. However you have found me so I suppose I can grant your heart’s desire depending on what that is of course. I don’t do I want to rule the universe desires too much of a hassle. Let’s see. Oh. How precious that’s all you want.
Meanwhile Spock was floating in identical darkness.
You too, how cute. I think I will grant your heart’s desire. Purred the voice. Suddenly she was speaking to both of them though they did not know it.
I think I will give a little something extra seeing as I think that you will need it soon and it will be fun-for me at least-. Oh yes and I wish to tell you that you will not remain broken for long.
The next thing Kirk and Spock were aware of was Sickbay. They opened their eyes and looked at each other.
“Well welcome back. You guys were asleep for a whole day. No matter you guys needed sleep anyway.” McCoy said his seemingly nonchalant demeanor marred with relief.
“I feel great,” Kirk said. Then he remembered what the voice said and blushed.
“I concur,” Spock said.
In unison they hopped of the biobeds and walked out McCoy couldn’t do anything it wasn’t like he could hold them both down at once and anyway they were fine he had made sure of that.
That night after shift Spock and Kirk met in Kirk’s quarters.
Kirk cleared his throat before he began speaking. “The voice said something at the end before I woke up.” He blushed again at the memory and was surprised to see Spock was blushing too. It was downright cute. No more like adorable.
“So,” he said “I guess the same thing was said to you?”
“So umm do you, you know like me like that?”
Spock nodded with his head down but by looking at his ears it was obvious that his blush had deepened.
“Did you feel that way before going to the planet?” Kirk asked suddenly and grew sick at the very thought of that being the case. He had seen to many things influenced by an alien device.
Spock nodded again and instantly that sickness went away.
“What about you?” Spock asked speaking for the first time.
“Yes,” Jim said. So happy that he suddenly threw his arms around the man and kissed him. Then he pulled away scared that he had moved to fast. He could have kicked himself for acting before he had thought about what he was doing. Why do I have to be so impulsive?
Spock for his part was in shock in that brief contact he had felt Jim’s mind. He couldn’t believe how compatible they were. He had also felt the truth in those words that Jim had spoken. Spock leaned down and kissed him again suddenly desiring more than he would have thought possible. Kirk had no problem with that.
As they kissed Spock began to understand why they were such a good match. They both were broken. But it was more than just that. It was also because they were t’hy’la.

So what was the other thing that the alien gave them? ^_^ by candy-chan
Author's Notes:
ch. 4 told ya it would be up soon.
Spock and Kirk had been together for month before they found out what the other gift was. It came as quite a shock to everybody but as the voice had said it was useful and it did just so happen that it saved some lives.
They had beamed down to Trilos in order to negotiate a treaty between them and the Federation. But it seemed that a faction opposed to the joining- which were not mentioned in the briefing by the way- got wind of the plan and was able to kidnap the landing party which consisted of one security man Kirk and Spock.
“Why can’t anything we have to do ever be easy?” Kirk muttered so low that only Spock had heard him.
Spock did not bother to comment that anytime something was easy Jim went crazy waiting for something to happen. He merely shook his head humans were illogical and that was all that there was to it. But he wouldn’t have it any other way because if Jim was more logical he never would have entered a relationship with him. Now if Jim would just practice a habit of safety…
All three of them resided in the cell for exactly an hour- most of which was spent trying to find a way to get out of the cell- before the captors showed themselves.
There were three bipeds. Nothing else was certain as they had on black robes with long hoods that shielded their whole body from view.
“Tell us what we want to know and your death will be painless.” One of the creatures said in a voice that sounded mechanical.
“What is it that you want to know?” Kirk asked.
“All weaponry advances as well as the codes for the planetary defense systems for all the federation planets that have established one.” The voice went on and on apparently they wanted to know everything that could be used to undermine the Federation.
When the creatures finally realized that they were not going to get any of the information that they sought they thought it time for a demonstration of their power.
They took Jim and in front of the others the stripped him and chained him to a nearby pole threatening to shoot one of the other two if he made any kind of movement that could be seen as resistance. Then they began to hit him so hard that he could not help but cry out.
Spock was angry.
Spock was furious.
Spock could not let them continue to hurt what was his and only his.
Spock felt a change in himself suddenly he was bigger and stronger than before. He had light brown fur, sharp claws, and six inch fangs. He slaughtered the guard that had had the weapon trained on him as well as Ensign White and in an instant he had dealt with the one that was hurting his precious one.
Kirk looked at him with amusement in his eyes.
Spock bit the chains and wrapped himself carefully around his wounded human.
He growled softly at the memory of what had been. His protective instincts had been so much stronger in the body of a sehlat than even as a Vulcan for his mate.
Kirk petted him and lovingly whispered his name.
“You’re beautiful as a Vulcan and just as beautiful as a sehlat.” He said before losing consciousness.
Spock heard the Ensign call for beam up with the communicator that he had taken from the other hooded creature.
This Spock only noticed because he heard it. His eyes never left the body of the human that lay bleeding into his fur.
The two of them lay like that until he felt the effect of the transporter and he mind whispered to the unconscious human that everything would be alright.
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