Tribble Dribble, a Drabble by CMM

For someone who spends her life on this site, there are still terms I don't know. Based on observation, I am ASSUMING that a drabble is a 100-word story. thus, the following, for which the explanation is almost longer than the story.

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Genres: Kirk/Spock Slash
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Story Type: Humor, Romance
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Universe: ST:TOS Original Universe
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Series: Dust Bunnies
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 102 Read: 7968 Published: 08/17/2011 Updated: 08/17/2011

1. Chapter 1 by CMM

Chapter 1 by CMM

"Ashaya.” Spock’s voice is severe.

“What?” Jim’s voice is innocent.

“You should not give them chocolate milk.”

“What makes you think I did?”

“There is a trail of chocolate milk drops dribbling across the floor.”

“Maybe I dribbled it.” Jim bats his lashes.

“I doubt that.” Spock’s lips twitch. “Your mouth is far more…skilled than that, and you seldom…dribble.”

Jim grins and decides to distract Spock from his poor parenting skills.

Spock willingly allows himself to be distracted.

Jim doesn’t dribble. Spock is thoroughly distracted.

In their pen, two tribbles purr and lick chocolate milk from their chops.

Everyone’s happy.



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