A Good Strategy by Adriana DiVolpe

Kirk's tactics for winning at chess are not covered in the Federation Standard Rulebook.

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1. Chapter 1 by Adriana DiVolpe

Chapter 1 by Adriana DiVolpe


“Queen to queen’s level one.  Your move, Spock.”

“Queen to king’s level four.  Check.”

“Hmm.  A good strategy.  ...Rook to king’s level four.”

“Queen to E3.  Check.”

“Bishop to king’s level four.”

“Bishop to B5.  Checkmate, Captain.”

“Hmm...  Well done, Spock, well done.”

“Would you like to resign, sir?”

“No...  Give me a minute...  I’ll find a way out of it.”

“There is no ‘way out of it’, Captain.  Your king is now in checkmate.  The game is concluded.”

“Now, hang on a minute, Spock.  Just let me look at it.”

“Captain, you are currently running your foot up my leg.”

“I am.  Very good, Mr. Spock—most observant.”

 “May I enquire as to why?”

“Come on, Spock.  Use your imagination.”

“As a Vulcan, I have little use for imagination.”

“Everyone’s got a use for imagination, Spock.  It’s a wonderful thing.”

“I do have a theory, if you would care to hear it?”


“It is my hypothesis that you are attempting to initiate sexual intercourse with me, Captain.”

“Completely accurate assessment, as always.  What do you say, Spock?”

“As there remain 4.2 hours until the scheduled commencement of my shift, your proposal seems like a logical one.  But might I make one further enquiry, Captain?”

            “Anything, Spock.”

“Are you attempting to divert my attention due to the fact that your situation in our game made it impossible for you to win?”

 “Of course not, Spock.  Would I do that?”

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