McCoy's Catchphrase by CMM

More general silliness. McCoy is there to pronounce TOD.

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1. Chapter 1 by CMM

Chapter 1 by CMM

Commander Spock and Dr. McCoy were walking down a corridor on the Enterprise, engaged in their favorite mutual pastime (Spock preferred cuddling with his t’hy’la, but that was not an activity Bones participated in), arguing.


“I’m telling you he is, he's completely irrational about them.”


Doctor, I have never seen any indication that Jim has the slightest problem with…”


“Well, if you’re ever trapped in a cabin with him on shore leave, you’ll find out just how wrong you are. And with this infestation…”


“Doctor, Captain Kirk is the bravest…’


“Ha! You’ll see how brave he is….” McCoy broke off as they heard a terrified yell. It was coming from Kirk’s cabin, just three doors down. Both men ran to the door, Spock drawing his phaser. They burst into the room, still hearing Kirk’s screams.


“Die! Die! Die!” Kirk was on the floor, using his boot to pound what looked like a grease spot into submission. Spock could make out part of one leg, and quickly identified it as one of the large Andorian spiders currently loose on the ship, a male, judging by the size of the grease spot.


McCoy knelt beside his friend. “Jim…Jim…JIM!”


Kirk looked up. “WHAT?”


McCoy put a gentle hand on his friend’s arm. “It’s o.k.—he’s dead, Jim.”

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