Or the One by MoonStar
Summary: Thoughts on the Kobayashi Maru.
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Warnings: Major character death
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1 by MoonStar
The good of the many…huh…

The good of the many…


Oh god, so logical…

And you were right.

You saved us…

But Spock…

Spock – why?

Why you?

Why not some barely known technician?

It would hurt, but –

I’m dead inside.


And I don’t understand –

How can a vacuum hurt so much?

Never taken the Kobyashi Maru…

I cheated my way around it.

Tricked it.

Lied to it.

Gave it lip service.

And you faced it head on.

Does ‘logic’ do that for you?

Take away the fear?

But what about me….


It hurts – but you were right.

It outweighs the good of the few (two?)

Or the one….
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