After the Requiem by TheStarDragon

This takes place right after the ending of Requiem of Methuselah and my interpretation of what happens after the show.


My first short spirk fic so there may be some errors I'll go back and fix later. 

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Chapter 1 by TheStarDragon

  It was a troubling mission. The captain finally found a chance to rest when he laid his head on his arms which were resting on his desk.
He unexpectedly fell asleep there even though the doctor was speaking to Mr. Spock, Jim found the presence of those two comforting as they always have. Especially Spock, the closest and personally dearest of his many great crew on board. After the doctor had said goodnight and left, Spock's presence was still in the room. Moments later he felt gentle, warm fingertips touch the side of his head and heard a deep silken whisper, "forget..." Then instantly it seemed all the dread and guilt began fading as Jim entered a long desired deep sleep.
Spock slowly withdrew his hand from his captain. But just as he turned to leave, he turned back and reckoned that perhaps Jim should have a more comfortable position to sleep in.

  He walked back over and carefully and as gently as possible the Vulcan took his captain into his arms and soon cradled him comfortably against his chest. Jim wasn't all that heavy to Spock, being that his strength was doubled that of a human, holding his captain as such was rather nice. He liked the calming energy that radiated from Jim as he laid there in his arms.
  Spock slowly and quietly walked over to the captain's bed and took a moment to look him over, his loving, calm, and warming energy was always detected easily with his eye contact but now this, holding him, that energy was greater than ever. it made it hard to want to put him in bed but he did. Gently putting the captain in a comfortable position before draping a red blanket over his shoulders and carefully removing his boots. Surprisingly none of that awoken Jim.
Spock looked down at him one last time before whispering a good night and finally exiting the room.

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