Denial by CatalenaMara

Spock lies to himself.

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Chapter 1 by CatalenaMara

I deny understanding

human terms.

Your touch on my arm

does not evoke

pleasure, friendship, love.


It merely serves

as a reminder of your presence

A useful tool to

recall to my mind

the duty

which is owed a superior officer.


Your smile

so freely given to all

does not shine the more brightly

when you turn your gaze upon me.


Your life

blazing like a star

illuminating darkness. 

Profligate, you gift your energy

to all you meet.  You do not

view me as other than a competent officer.

You cannot consider

what I have considered

and have not named.  I was

complete before I met you.


There is

a knowledge in your eyes

I do not have the language

to name.

I turn to logic.  Those disciplines

have never failed me.


And then you speak.


I deny understanding

human terms


I lie.

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