Final Night At Gol by CatalenaMara

Spock's thoughts on his final night at Gol.

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Chapter 1 by CatalenaMara

I have learned much.

I have deleted much

from my mind.

I have erased

all associations which ever led me

to the error of animal passion



I will receive the visible symbol

of the attainment of my goal.

I contemplated this achievement.

before I slept

I was calm and certain

that no trace of emotion

would mar the perfection of the logic

I have struggled so long to achieve.


I slept

and awoke from a dream.

I dreamed

and allowed imprecision to enter

my conscious mind.


But there is another word.

It is a human word.

It is one McCoy would say

Your image haunted me.

I saw your face

everywhere; heard

your voice

filling my mind.

as your thoughts

once filled my mind.

You spoke words to me

I can no longer acknowledge.


That is past.


You are past.


I will not allow myself to sleep again.


I will meditate.  I will focus.


I will not



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