Setting Herself Up for Failure by CMM

The new crew member needs to tune into the gossip...

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Chapter 1 by CMM

Lt. Commander Theresa Riggs couldn’t believe her luck. She’d been assigned to the Enterprise, the golden ship of Starfleet. With her specialties in alien anthropology and linguistics, the Enterprise, with its deep-space exploration missions, was the perfect posting. By the time she’d been on board for a month, she was completely in love with every aspect of her life there.


She also had a real crush on Captain Kirk. God, he was cute. Great body, great smile, and those gorgeous hazel eyes. From everything she’d heard, he was quite the ladies man as well. Of course, he had to be careful when getting involved with a subordinate, but her rank was high enough that it wasn’t against regs, and Theresa knew how to be discreet. Theresa had enjoyed her own fair share of success with the opposite sex, and she was confident that she could get Jim Kirk to look twice.


She was wrong.


Oh, he was nice and polite, friendly and approachable, but Theresa knew enough about men to read the signs of interest, and there were none.


“I can’t figure it out,” she finally confided in her new friend Uhura, the ship’s Communication Chief. They were eating dinner together, and Jim Kirk had just come in, accompanied by his First Officer, Spock. They had gotten trays and settled in for a meal.


“Can’t figure what out?” Uhura asked.


“Jim Kirk.” Theresa lowered her voice. “I mean, I didn’t expect an immortal romance, but I thought he might be interested in a bit of fun…”


Uhura choked on her meatloaf and had to reach for her glass of water. “Jim Kirk?” she giggled. “That’s who you’ve been setting your cap for?”


“Well, yeah,” Theresa said. “Why? Don’t tell me you haven’t thought about it.”


Uhura laughed again. “Take it from me, kiddo, that’s a lost cause. He’s got a steady relationship—they keep it very quiet, but Jim Kirk is taken, as taken as a man can be.”


“Really?” Theresa sighed. All the really good ones were taken. She wondered who the lucky girl was. Oh, well. There were lots more prospects on board. Her eyes narrowed as she took in the slim, dark figure sitting opposite Kirk. Hmmm. Now, Commander Spock for example…

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