A Slight Linguistics Problem by CMM

More ficlet silliness. Wedding vows...

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Chapter 1 by CMM

Star Fleet brass was there in force. Most of the Vulcan High Council, including Ambassador Sarek, were seated in the front row in full ceremonial regalia. The command crew of the USS Enterprise was seated right behind them in full dress uniforms. A holo-vid was being sent live to various outlets of the Oprah Intergalactic Network so citizens all over the Federation could watch the bonding ceremony between the heroes of the Narada incident, the men who saved the Earth, James T. Kirk and S'chn T'gai Spock. Unfortunately, due to last-minute duties, there had been no time for a rehearsal, a flaw that quickly emerged when Fleet Chaplain O’Malley turned to Commander Spock and said, “Do you take this man…”

“Almost every night,” Spock replied truthfully. He saw no logical reason for Jim’s whoops of laughter.

By the next morning, the clip had already received more than one billion hits on YouTube.


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