Always Logical by marrydiamond

While spending a pleasent evening together in the Captain's Cabin, Kirk makes an illogical statement in an attempt to stir Spock's attention. It works. :)

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Chapter 1 by marrydiamond
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It was a restful, pleasant evening on the Starship Enterprise. (That is, being as much as an evening could be in the middle of outer space) Kirk and Spock had just finished playing a game of chess in the captain’s cabin, and had now settled into doing their own things while enjoying each other’s company. Spock was sitting at Kirk’s desk, inputting data from their last successful excursion, into the computer, while Kirk lay on his bed scanning over Shakespeare’s famous plays. It was not that Kirk was a huge fan of Shakespeare, but he had a sudden desire to read the plays he had read so long ago. Reading them brought back memories of his early years at the academy and before then.

He smiled when he came across arguably Shakespeare’s most famous work, "Spock, what do you think of Romeo and Juliet?" Kirk asked, loving to hear his opinions and if not just to hear his voice. Spock turned his head to Kirk and raised an eyebrow at the strange sudden question. Nevertheless he answered.

"I think it is a highly well thought out and well written story demonstrating the tragedy of human emotions," Spock said barely taking his eyes off his the computer. He then added, "It is also a remarkable example of teenage hormones at work." At this Kirk had to chuckle. One of the most famous stories in the English language and for Spock it winds down to human emotions and teenage hormones. He was going to get some teasing for that.

"Teenage hormones?" Kirk said attempting to mock outrage, but not able to keep the smile off his face, "Don’t you think it’s more than that? These two are quite obviously in love with each other."

"Oh, I agree Jim," Spock said unperturbed, and still not looking away from his work. "Love is a fascinating and broad phenomenon among human emotions," Kirk’s attempt to tease Spock was becoming an utter failure.

Then he said with a wicked smile, "But Spock, I thought you hated such primitive emotions." He said it in jest but attempted to cover it.

At this Spock immediately stopped what he was doing. He turned to face Kirk and watched him as if he couldn’t believe he had made such a statement. After seeming to decide that Kirk was serious Spock said,

"Jim, I find your statement disgracefully illogical," Kirk put down his book ready to endure a long lecture from his friend about logic. "For one, hate is a primitive emotion in itself, one of the more contemptible ones," Spock allowed an open look of disgust to appear on his face. This was one advantage of being alone with his very close friend. Spock allowed more expression’s on his face than he did when they were not alone. He went on, "And if I were to find myself experiencing such an emotion I would be quite ashamed of myself, and would have to go into meditation for at least a week to rid myself of such impurities.

"Second, because hate is such a primitive emotion, you’re statement would infer that I am an illogical being, which I find a fallacy. Vulcan’s are not illogical beings. Our culture is based on logic, and not emotion."

"Third," Spock turned to his friend. Kirk looked up at Spock with a mischievous grin on his face. Kirk had known well how illogical his statement was, but he loved to hear Spock’s lecture. Spock walked toward him and sat on the edge of the bed next to Kirk. "As you have already pointed out, love is a primitive emotion. One of the oldest emotions there are." Spock put his hands on either side of Kirk, and gave him a gentle kiss on the noes, "And the depth of my love for you," Spock kissed him gently on his right cheek, "Is unsurpassed by any emotion I have ever felt before," he kissed his left cheek, "and by any emotion felt by any other human or Vulcan."

Kirk’s jaw dangled at the sudden unrestrained display of love from Spock. "That’s one hell of a statement," he said, "how can you know-" This time the Vulcan kissed him on the lips to shut him up.

"Therefore," he continued, now on his elbows and on top of Kirk, "You’re statement is not only illogical, but quite insulting. I would be an unworthy creature to despise the love I feel for you."

Kirk was lost for words at the sudden intense declaration of love, "I love you too, Spock," he said somewhat breathlessly.

Spock lowered his head and kissed his lips again. He heard his book thump to the floor as they embraced each other in a loving kiss.

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