Submission Rules

Submission Rules: Stories, poems, and essays are welcome. All work posted to this site should fall under the description of Kirk/Spock or Kirk-Spock friendship. Gen and pre-slash are welcome, if the relationship between Kirk and Spock is of primary importance. Threesome stories, crossovers, and stories that include other pairings as well as K/S, are welcome, as long as they are categorized as such, and as long as K/S is part of the story. The intention is to keep the archive focused on the relationship between Kirk and Spock, while not excluding works that may not fall strictly into a single fandom or genre. RPF (Real Person Fiction) is not permitted in the archive. If your posted work does not meet these rules, it will be deleted. Sorry!

Age statement: By posting or reading stories labeled ADULT (NC-17) on this site, you state that you are of legal age (18 in the U.S.)

About warnings: The policy of this archive is to leave warnings to the author's discretion. If you prefer to label your story with warnings, please do so, but it is not required. We do recommend using the warnings for maximum readership.

Fiction or Ficlet? If your story is 600 words or under, please classify it as a Ficlet. If it is over 600 words, it belongs in the Fiction category.

Fiction or Work In Progress? If your story is NOT YET COMPLETE, please classify it as a WORK IN PROGRESS ONLY. When it is complete, it can be changed to the Fiction category.

Please do not upload stories for another author without their express written permission. Each author must be responsible only for their own work.

Please do not post pictures in your story summary.