Please Note: When writing to the site admin to ask for help, it's very helpful if you provide as much information as you can about the problem you're having. Your member name, the name of the particular story, author, or series you're having trouble with, the browser (and version) you're using, the operating system you're using, and any other information you can provide is much appreciated.

Submission Rules: Stories, poems, and essays are welcome. All work posted to this site should fall under the description of Kirk/Spock or Kirk-Spock friendship. Gen and pre-slash are welcome, if the relationship between Kirk and Spock is of primary importance. Threesome stories, crossovers, and stories that include other pairings as well as K/S, are welcome, as long as they are categorized as such, and as long as K/S is part of the story. The intention is to keep the archive focused on the relationship between Kirk and Spock, while not excluding works that may not fall strictly into a single fandom or genre. RPF (Real Person Fiction) is not permitted in the archive. If your posted work does not meet these rules, it will be deleted. Sorry!

We have begun accepting fiction in other languages. This depends on volunteers willing to look over submissions, so languages we can currently accept are Spanish, German, Dutch, French, Russian, Portuguese, and Hebrew. Please note that the special characters used by these languages present a challenge in terms of formatting, and may require special coding. Contact the archivist if you experience any trouble or have questions.

About warnings: The policy of this archive is to leave warnings to the author's discretion. If you prefer to label your story with warnings, please do so, but it is not required. We do recommend using the warnings for maximum readership.

Please do not upload stories for another author without their express written permission. Each author must be responsible only for their own work.

Please spell-check your work before posting it! The archivist reserves the right to reject your story posting if it suffers from multiple typos or misspellings.

From the archivist: PLEASE READ
I've had a number of emails lately about some specific concerns regarding the posting of stories, content of stories, and warnings. Figured I'd post a clarification about these issues in the hopes that we will all be on the same page about how the archive works.


I've posted this in a number of places on the site, but I'm repeating it here, because it seems people are still missing it. If you are posting a WIP, and it is not yet finished, please categorize it ONLY as Works In Progress. PLEASE DO NOT CATEGORIZE IT AS FICTION until it is finished. This is for two reasons -- one, to make the new parts of WIPs easier to find for those following them, and two, so that those looking to read completed stories won't be surprised by a "To Be Continued."

Also, if you are posting a WIP, the new parts should be posted as chapters of the same story, not as new stories. Posting them as separate stories indicates each story stands alone, even if it is part of a series. Let me know if you need help figuring out how to post multi-chaptered WIPs or how to put stories in a series.

The policy of the archive in a nutshell is, if the Kirk/Spock (or Kirk-Spock) relationship is central to the story, it is welcome in the archive. The ratings and warnings exist to help authors find readers for their stories, and to help readers find the stories they want to read. Because I don't like being the fandom police, I leave the warnings up to the authors, and they are not mandatory.

AUTHORS-- please take note that courtesy toward your readers never goes amiss, and many people feel that it's discourteous in the extreme to post stories with triggery or disturbing content without adequate warnings. Likewise, using the Genre, Story Type, and Character classifications as much as possible will benefit everyone in the long run. NOTE: To this end, I added the classifications for MPREG and Genderswap to the Story Type list. And let me know if there are other classifications you think should be added.

READERS-- the policy of the archive about warnings is not going to change. If you have an issue with an author failing to warn adequately for content that disturbed or triggered you, or if you feel their description misled you about the story, please express that to the author directly, either by commenting on the story or contacting them privately using the contact form. I would urge you to refrain from flames and generally follow the guidelines expressed in the Terms of Service and FAQs, but it's my experience that a polite note expressing your views will go far.�If you're uncertain about the policies of the archive, check out the Terms of Service.


NOTE: Many problems come down to your browser and browser settings. If you are having trouble, please try the following:

1. Check to make sure that Javascript is enabled in your browser, and that cookies are enabled for

2. Try a different browser to see if you're experiencing the same problem.

3. If you have trouble getting a temporary password, email me, and I can help!

~ * ~

Q: I'm having trouble with the archive/can't post a story, and haven't received a response when trying to email the admins.
A: Some versions of Internet Explorer may not allow the contact form to work properly, so it's possible we don't know you're trying to reach us. First, make sure that Javascript is turned on in your browser. Second, if you are unable to reach us or have not received a response within 48 hours, please drop me a note directly. It's extremely unusual for stories to sit in the approval queue or for emails to go unanswered for more than 24-48 hours, so if that's happening, chances are we don't know you're trying to reach us.

Q: Do I have to log in to use the archive?
A: No, you can read stories without logging in. You only need to create a login account if you want to upload something to the archive, or leave reviews.

Q: If I do register, do I have to put in my real name?
A: No, your real name is not required. If you do not wish it to be searchable, DO NOT PUT YOUR REAL NAME into this field. That field does display in your user profile, so it will be visible to search engines.

Q: I registered, but I haven't received an email with my temporary password. Help?
A: If you're unable to find the temporary password in your spam folder, please write to the archive admin directly, and I will create a temporary password for you and let you know how to log in the first time.

Q: I can't figure out where to change my password.
A: Go to Account Info -> Edit Bio. The password fields are at the bottom.

Q: I can't seem to read the story text.
A: Make sure you are clicking on the link at the bottom of the story summary page that goes to the first chapter. This may say "None" if the story is a one-shot and/or was posted on the previous version of the archive, or if the author has not changed the default name for the first chapter. Or, if you'd rather not see this story index page, make sure you go to Account Info -> Edit Preferences and click off "

Q: I'm only interested in certain types of stories (i.e., K/S slash only, Abrams-verse or TOS only, or stories for All Audiences, etc.) How do I find what I want to read?
A: On the Advanced Search page, you can use the drop-down menus to narrow the contents of the archive according to your preferences. You can search by character, rating, genre, and other classifications, or any combination. You can do the same thing within a particular category from the Categories page. There, you can also choose by combination of characters, which may help in locating a particular story if you can't remember the title.

Q: How do I upload something to the archive?
A: First, you need to create a login for yourself. To do this, go to the Login page and click Register. Enter the penname you wish to be listed under, and an email address. (NOTE: Whatever email address you enter here will determine where messages from the admin, including lost password and story posting info, will be sent. Please choose an email address you know you'll be able to check, and remember to change it if you update your email!)

You will be sent an automatically generated password in your email. Using that password, you can log in, go to Account Info, then Edit Bio, and enter your own permanent password. Once logged in, you can upload stories, edit stories you've uploaded, or change your account information by clicking on Account Info. Make sure you note your password.

Once you've logged in with your penname, go to "Account Info." Click on "Add New Story." Choose a category from the drop-down menu, and click "Select."

Next, fill out the story upload form, being sure to choose any genre, character, warning, classification, or rating information you wish to appear on the story. (Genre and Rating info is mandatory; Warnings are not.) If you are posting your story in one part (no chapters), enter "Complete Story" for Chapter Title. To choose more than one classification, use the right mouse button (PC) or hold the command key and click (Mac).

At the bottom, you can either paste your story into the box provided as plain text, or you can attach a text (.txt) file from your hard drive. You can add some formatting if you wish, such as italics, bold, underline, centered text, etc. by using the WYSIWIG HTML editor. You can also use pre-formatted HTLM text (if you are copying from LJ-formatted text, for example) by clicking off tinyMCE on the HTML window. Note: You cannot attach Word .doc files in the same way. You can paste from a Word doc, but you can't upload the .doc file -- it will generate an error.

Common mistakes to avoid: Please do not use tabs or spaces to indent your paragraphs -- these will be stripped out by the archive script. Please do not include any information at the top of the text file (such as story title or author name) that you have already entered into the upload form. Watch spacing between paragraphs. There should be one blank line of space between paragraphs only.

When you are finished, click "Preview." This will show you what your finished story will look like. If you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you can make any changes in the text box, then click "Add Story." Please preview your story before you add it to make sure it looks right. Readers will love you. You can immediately see the story you just added by going to "Your Account" at the top of the page. You can edit or delete it by clicking on "Edit/Delete Story." Once the archive admin has validated your story, it will appear in the category listings.

If you are a new user, and uploading a lot of stories or chapters at once, please give the archivists a chance to approve your first few posts and validate you before uploading dozens of chapters. We appreciate it!

Q: How do I put my stories into a series?
A: First, upload all the stories individually.You will add them into a series after you've uploaded all the stories.

Next, go to Account Info on the right side under the menu. Choose "Add New Series." Enter the name of the Series and any information about it. Click Submit.

Next, go to Account Info and choose Manage Series. Choose the one you want to add stories to. click the checkboxes next to all the stories you want to add. On the next page, use the arrows to put the stories in the right order.

Q: I'm posting a story, and it says it's adding it to the Trek Pod series. Help!
A: This is a weird little bug that happens only in some browsers -- I assume IE since I've never seen the bug myself. Don't worry. Your story is not actually being added to the Trek Pod series -- just ignore it.

Q: How do I respond to a challenge?
A: To respond to a challenge, you must first post the story. Then click on Challenges and find the challenge you're responding to. Scroll down to the bottom and click on "Respond to the challenge!" Then you will be given the opportunity to choose the story you just posted.

Q: What should I know about adding a coauthor?
A: Please be aware that stories with coauthors can be deleted or edited by any of the authors listed. If an author decides to delete all their stories, any coauthored stories will be deleted along with them.

Q: I'm trying to post a story (from Word or otherwise) and having formatting issues such as unwanted code, extra space between paragraphs, or other problems.
A: There are a few different ways to post stories, but the problems seem to happen when you combine coding types -- like, for example, trying to copy and paste from Word but also adding HTML tags.

The best way to post stories is to use a plain text editor like Notepad or Wordpad. You can either copy and paste your story into Notepad, or save as Plain Text from Word and then open it in Notepad.

Once you have your story in plain text format (.txt), you can add HTML tags and save it again as Plain Text. This can be attached or copy/pasted into the archive without extra code being added. To do this, you would turn off TinyMCE before pasting the text. This is the safest method to ensure no extra coding is in the text that you don't want. If you want to use HTML coding, you have to click off the Use tinyMCE button. TinyMCE is a WYSIWIG text editor -- basically the opposite of manual coding.

The other way you could do it is to format your story in Word (not with HTML formatting -- with Word formatting) and save it as a .doc file. Then, in the story posting window, look for the little "W" button ("Paste from Word") at the bottom left of the Story Text window. It will bring up a window that will let you paste directly from Word. This you would do with tinyMCE turned on.

Q: How do I follow an author or story I like, so that I get notified when they have updates?
A: Go to the author's profile or the story's table of contents, and choose Add to Favorites. Enter a comment and click submit. (You can also add a story to favorites from one of the story listings pages -- like, for example, if you're looking at the list of Most Recent stories.)

Then, go to your Account Info page and click Edit Preferences. Put a check mark next to "Contact when favorites are updated." and click Submit. You should receive a notification when your favorite stories or authors are updated.

Q: I can't add favorites.
A: This feature is somewhat non-intuitive. It is a two step process. After you have clicked "Add to Favorites," you must then click "Submit" to save the story or author to your favorites list. You can also add a comment before clicking "Submit."

Q: I checked the option in my profile to state that I am of age, but I'm still getting the warning pop-ups.
A: This feature has some known bugs and seems to only work properly in Internet Explorer. You may have some luck adjusting your settings for cookies so that your browser keeps them even after you quit a session.

Q: I'm using a browser other than Firefox and experiencing problems. What's going on?
A: The new archive has not yet been tested with all the browsers. Please let the archivist know which browser and version you're using and what problem(s) you're experiencing.

Q: How do I create a plain text file?
When using MS Word or Wordpad, you can save a plain text file by selecting "File", "Save As" and then you will see dialog box with a place to fill in the "File name" and another to select the "Save as type". The dropdown arrow on the "Save as type" will allow you to select "Text only" or "Text document".

The new version of the archive can now also paste from Word, or Paste As Plain Text. These options are small buttons at the bottom of the WYSIWYG editor (small yellow folders with a "W" and "T" icon respectively).

Q: Do you accept stories in other languages?
We've added the "Other Languages" category and classification for posting stories in languages other than English. At the moment, we can accept stories written in Spanish, French, German, Dutch, and Portuguese.

Q: I have a friend who writes great stories, and I'd like to upload them to the archive. Can I do that?
We prefer that each author upload her/his/their own stories. However, if you need help, please feel free to ask the archivist. If you do know of someone who would like help getting their stories archived, and you have their permission, please have them contact the archivist and we'll arrange something. Thanks!

Q: One of my stories has been uploaded to the archive without my permission. What do I do?
Send an email to the archive admin with the title of the story, and we will remove it. Likewise, if you feel one of your stories has been plagiarized, email us with the specifics of the theft and we will investigate the matter. If it is discovered that plagiarism has occurred, we will remove the offending story immediately from the archive, no exceptions.

Q: What do the Genre, Universe, and Crossover Fandom classifications mean?:
A: Right now, this site has six genre classifications:

Kirk-Spock Friendship
...the relationship is an integral part of the story, but is not taken beyond friendship or UST.
Kirk/Spock Pre-Slash
...the relationship could be classified as more-than-friends, but not-yet-lovers. Admission of sexual attraction, discussion of a future intimate relationship, etc.
Kirk/Spock Slash
...includes Kirk and Spock in a sexual or romantic relationship.
Kirk/Spock!Prime Slash
...includes Kirk from the Abramsverse and Spock!Prime in a sexual or romantic relationship. This is such a popular trope that I considered it worth adding another classification for it.
K/S plus K/other or S/other
...features Kirk and Spock in a sexual or romantic relationship with each other, but also depicts one or both in sexual relationships with others.
...K/S in a threesome, or other type of nonexclusive relationship.

There are also five universe classifications:

AU Alternate Universe
Mirror Universe
ST: TOS Original Universe
ST:XI Abrams Universe

I think these should be self explanatory. However, it is up to you to choose the one which best fits your story. For example, if you have written a story that is 95% set in the Original Universe with one crossover character (say, Guinan or Q for example), then you may wish to classify it as ST:TOS Original Universe, and then select ST:TNG as the Crossover Fandom (see below). Do your best to use the classifications to accurately describe your story.

For the purposes of the archive, if the story takes place entirely in the XI universe (post timeline shift) then it's ST:XI. If it intersects with the original universe and/or includes any of the other original universe characters (other than Spock) then it's a crossover. Please choose the Universe that best fits your story, then choose a crossover fandom if it seems appropriate.

Q. My crossover fandom isn't listed.
A. Please email the archivist and ask her to add it. :)

Q: I uploaded a story, and it says it isn't completed. Where do I go to change that?
Once logged in, go to "Your Account" and choose "Manage Stories." For each story that's complete, click the checkbox next to "Complete."

Q: Can I use more than one penname on the site?
Each penname must use a unique email address. You can use more than one penname if you have more than one email address; otherwise, no, you have to choose one and stick with it. Any stories you upload will be listed under that penname.

Q: What is the Round Robin designation?
A: If someone designates a story as a Round Robin, that means it is written by more than one person, with each person writing a section of the story. It allows multiple authors to "chain" parts of a collaborative story together. If you see the Round Robin bird icon, and you're interested in participating, please contact one of the authors to see if it's open to anyone.

Q: I prefer to host my own stories. Can I just post a link in the archive?
We much prefer that you archive your stories here, for ease of navigation and readability, but if you are dead set against that, we do accept linked stories, as long as they are complete and otherwise meet the Submission Rules. Please register as an author with the archive, and follow the posting instructions. Instead of pasting the body of your story into the upload form, post a message stating that the story is not archived on site, but that it can be found at the following link.

Q: How do I delete my account?
A: Email the archivist and request that your account be deleted.

If you have other questions, please email me, and I will do my best to answer them. If you are experiencing a problem with the archive, it's very helpful if you tell me what browser you're using, what version, what story you were trying to read and whether you were logged in when you experienced the problem.