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Reviewer: newaunty Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 02/16/2020 7:16 AM Title: Chapter 7

Notifications for this fic fell off my list someho, but that just means I got to enjoy two new chapters at once. 
I'm so loving this story! I'd love to see a lot more of these kids as they grow up together, hoping you keep this fic going. 
And I really like Jimmy & Carter, nice for the Vulcan kids to see that other children aren't all monsters!

Author's Response:

It looks like things are still recovering from the New Years' hiccup. I'm glad you found me and this story again. I remembered that you were enthusiastic about it but couldn't remember your name. . . I'm one of those people who's bad with names.

I was glad to give the kids some proof that not all children are vicious sociopaths. It's just that these three have encountered more than their fair share given their family backgrounds. I've got a few more chapters written and in the proofreading stage, so there's more on the horizon. Thanks again and again for reading!

Reviewer: HeyaShasta Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 02/05/2020 7:44 PM Title: Chapter 6

I've been wondering what was going on for the kids. I still really like how the past and resent scenes are allowed to flow. None of it feels forced and that scene at the end where they meet the the stranger who wanted to know where Spock bought his ears was really uplifting.

The line about snowmen cookies not putting frosting carrots on their crotches had me laughing, so did Tralnor's comment about dicks. My coworkers probably wondered if I'd lost my mind. Chapter 7 can't get here fast enough!

Author's Response:

Co-workers can be a suspicious bunch. Glad you got a laugh. I'm shining up the next chapter and keep an eye out next Tuesday-ish. Thank you for reading!

Reviewer: TRP-Goober Signed [Report This]
Date: 12/02/2019 8:03 AM Title: Chapter 1

I love your story......but you ended it too soon. There needs to be there?


what happened after Little Spock was found?  What happened with Kirk and Spock?  


Author's Response:

No need to fret, there's more on the way. Glad you're liking it. Thank you so much for reading.

Reviewer: Jaylen0827 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 12/01/2019 8:23 PM Title: Chapter 1

Loving this addition to your main story. You are so right about how cruel kids can be and how Spock's life might be. I like that Kirk is showing some empathy toward his poor first officer and realizes there is something more going on here. Hopefully more is coming? Hope his cousins get raked over the coals by someone, it sure won't be their parents.

Author's Response:

More is on the way for this one and I'm glad that you're liking it. Thank you for reading.

Reviewer: PaintedBird Signed [Report This]
Date: 11/30/2019 1:27 AM Title: Chapter 1

This piece kinda got to me in a way that I find hard to articulate.  I've always loved Spock b/c he was an outsider, and that was a place where I found myself much of my childhood and even adulthood.  Fortunately, I didn't manage to get myself locked in a shed in frigid weather, but I did get enough knocks to have struggled with PTSD which he is clearing exhibiting as well.  Poor Spock.  Children are soooo vulnerable. 


Author's Response:

Kids can be vicious little monsters, especially those who are raised by shit parents of Ben and Shelby's ilk. When this story was first coming together in my mind, I got to thinking about the Ray Bradbury short story All in a Summer's Day, and how ruthless children are to peers who don't toe their cookie-cutter, mainstream culture line. Spock got me through some tough times because I know what it's like to be the weird kid too. He also gave me the inspiration to think I could become more than the truck stop waitress people expected me to be.

Thank you so much for reading.

Reviewer: HeyaShasta Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 11/28/2019 11:05 PM Title: Chapter 1

From the Desk of That Guy Who Stole All Your Pens (and Your Lunch). . . I need this stationery right now!  That aside, I'm liking this unexpected addition to your intenresting world. What a warning about not being able to chose who you're related to.

Author's Response:

Thanks for reading and having a good time. Now that I think about it, I might have to make up some of Joe's letterhead for myself.

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