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Reviewer: laustic Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 12/21/2015 5:29 AM Title: Chapter 1

I enjoyed reading your thoughts on the reboot. 

Author's Response:


Reviewer: PaintedBird Signed [Report This]
Date: 12/21/2015 2:18 AM Title: Chapter 1

I think I can clarify a couple of things for you on Spock's status with the Academy.  In the trial scene, he is introduced as "one of the Academy's most distinguished graduates".  So he is not an undergraduate but more likely is either a graduate student teaching classes or is an instructor at the Academy.  Still, I don't like the relationship he has with his student anymore than you do or anymore than I liked TOS Spock undergoing pon farr with Saavik who is his protege.

As for Simon Pegg's Scotty being used as a focus of humor in the movie, if you'll look back at TOS again so was Jimmy Doohan's Scotty.  He got hilariously drunk with an invading alien in one episode and drank 'til he passed out, and in the movie he walked into an overhead beam and knocked himself unconscious.  Having Pegg funny is not really a change for that character.

As for the Spock/Uhura thing, my opinion has always been that they did that to discourage just what we're doing here - writing about a physical relationship between Kirk and Spock.  IN TOS, Kirk has periodic love affairs, but Spock is only involved with a couple of women.  Their relationship on TOS set up the idea of slash after all, but there has been a lot of controversy historically about that.  I think Abrams was simply trying to avoid continuing slash with those characters by involving Spock with Uhura.  Sort of like saying "See?  He can't be gay.  He likes girls."

Enjoyed your take on things, but please avoid really long paragraphs like the last one.  I have visual issues and find it really hard to read long, unbroken paragraphs like that.  Thanks.

Author's Response:

Hi, and thanks for your feedback...


What exactly is a Graduate Student? It always sounds like a contradiction in terms.


I know that Scotty is a humorous character. It felt forced, because they knew they had a funny man to make use of. By film two, the writing, and, therefore, Pegg's performance is so much better than in the 1st.


Yes, I agree that they are writing Spock with Uhura, partly to navigate the slash question, partly to demonstrate the alternate of TOS's KU, becauase it is an alternate universe. So, they think it's fun to have SU, and it might not be so bad if they'd handled the initial 'hook up' differently. Yes, I'll always want KS, but it's SU under not very characteristic circumstances that hurts even more... The Tutor/Student thing is SO not Spock. If they'd just clarify his job, his background in the Academy, a bit more, and go with what makes more sense, he's a cadet who does extra work, or a Graduate who never really wanted to Graduate, because Academy life made more sense to him... Then, I could live with it.


Sorry about the paragraphing... I have Visual Perception issues, too, because of my disability, so I'm usually better at these things... I've had to magnify the font on here a couple of times lately... Sometimes, I confess, I don't look at what I've typed. For instance, I have trouble re-reading this tiny feedback response font!



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