Reviews For Crash and Burn
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Reviewer: urmeli2007 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 11/04/2017 6:46 PM Title: Part 1: Smoke

My heart is broken and my soul mourns.

Reviewer: anabanana66 Signed [Report This]
Date: 11/12/2013 9:11 AM Title: Part 3: Ashes

Beautifully written, and amazing story! Very sad though (lucky I happened to be eating icecream), but at least we know they have a happy ending eventually :) 

Reviewer: SpirkTrekker42 Signed [Report This]
Date: 08/11/2012 6:13 PM Title: Part 3: Ashes

I really liked it - it explains why Spock was so cold to Kirk in TMP.   In my head canon, I can think of 2 reasons why Spock would leave - he was in a relationship with Kirk and Kirk cheated, OR he was overwhelmed by the emotions that came with loving Kirk.  I like the latter better.

Author's Response:

Thank you!  My ultimate goal was to clarify TMP as much as I could, so I'm glad that came through for you.  And I totally agree with your head canon preference, although it's kind of a catch-22... no matter what, you know it was something painful! :(

Reviewer: mila Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 08/08/2012 5:22 PM Title: Part 1: Smoke

Oh...and I'm going to have to use your line about the bathtub being big enough for an earth sea mammal show...just too good not to pass along!

Author's Response:

Hahaha - you're welcome to, as long as you promise not to drown anyone with it!  *stern glare*

Reviewer: mila Signed [Report This]
Date: 08/08/2012 5:20 PM Title: Part 1: Smoke

My God - you can WRITE!!!!!  If I had a half of your talent for writing I would dedicate my life to writing K/S and enriching so many lives.  One of the best written stories in fandom and seriously, a very fine piece of writing by any commercial standard.  I read a lot, so I have some cred.  Thank you and please, please write more.  Perhaps you can fill in the lost years and the details of the reunion?

Author's Response:

I keep staring at this comment like a nitwit because I don't know what to do with myself for joy.  I think the exact same thing about other writers all the time, and knowing someone else feels the same way about my writing?  It's a surreal kind of wonderful, to put it mildly. XD  I really, truly appreciate your kindness.  And I do have some ideas for filling in that time and giving the boys a happy ending, but I also have a million other projects on my list!  You're better off reading some of my older stuff if you haven't already, because I write like molasses.  It's kind of annoying.

Anyway, thanks so much for commenting!  You've made my month!  <3

Reviewer: SORAL179 Signed [Report This]
Date: 08/08/2012 6:14 AM Title: Part 1: Smoke

Sorry the best of Trek, must have pressed a very alternative spell check. Re reading the second chapter I believe that this has to be one of the best executed Fics of all. Not sad tears sad but that truelly horrible bleak sadness which seems devoid of hope. Fits so well with TMP image of Spock torn by how he must respond to Jim and how he wants to. It also has shades of why Bones tries to hold Jim back from touching Spock. The disbelief when Bones works out what is going on, what went on before Gol. Love this fic hopeyou get the reviews you so clearly deserve

Author's Response:

HA!  I was quite confused when I saw that... thanks for the clarification!  Anyway.  I'm so flattered by all the nice things you have to say!  And when you mentioned Bones holding Jim back in sickbay (which only appears in some versions of TMP, unfortunately) - I honestly hadn't thought of that, but it's such a damn good idea!  And it does seem to fit with this story by sheer coincidence.  Now I have this awesome headcanon that Bones is thinking "no, don't push it, look what happened last time" in that scene.  Thanks for that, and thank you for commenting as well!

Reviewer: SORAL179 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 08/08/2012 5:53 AM Title: Part 3: Ashes

Such beautiful and very Masculine writing. But what was Spock afraid of? Was it that Jim Was it an experiment like Jim's daliances that drew Spock too deep or was it that he knew Jim couldn't be as Amanda was and that he could not be human? You leave all mid air like thebeatbox Trek

Author's Response:

Oooooh, "masculine writing" made me do a happy dance!  That's one of the things I worry about as a chick writing dudes, so I'm glad it worked for you.  Regarding Spock's... issues, I have some idea about what they are, and may or may not attempt a sequel one day based on that.  The way I left it here, I figured the reader could fill in the blanks for now - everybody's got their own Spock theories, I think!  On to your other comment...

Reviewer: cowgirl dressage Signed [Report This]
Date: 08/08/2012 4:02 AM Title: Part 1: Smoke

lovely story.  

Author's Response:

Thank you! :D

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