Reviews For Aikum
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Reviewer: argona Signed [Report This]
Date: 10/22/2012 7:34 PM Title: Aikum

Lovely tale!

Author's Response:

Thanks! Happy you liked it. :)

Reviewer: jimali Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 08/10/2012 10:18 AM Title: Aikum

Very lovely story! I'm glad you updated the series, I already loved the first two parts. Your stories of ancient Vulcan customs are always beautiful.

Author's Response:

Thanks! I have at least one more part to go, so stay tuned. :)

Reviewer: oyboh Signed [Report This]
Date: 08/07/2012 12:42 PM Title: Aikum

Lovely and poetic (and yeah hot;)--and I'm so glad the legend ended happily--so often they end tragically, losing the moon and the lovers too.

Author's Response:

Personally, I can't do sad endings. :) Happy you liked this and thanks for the review!

Reviewer: Nocturnal Nightengale Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 08/07/2012 3:01 AM Title: Aikum

This was really beautifull^^ I love the old Vulcan tale and Jim and Spock's story as well, it intergrated very well^^

I'm looking forward to more from you^^

Author's Response:

Thanks for the review! Very pleased that you enjoyed it. :)

Reviewer: SpirkTrekker42 Signed [Report This]
Date: 08/06/2012 8:12 PM Title: Aikum

Wow, that was awesome!  Great job :)  I loved the legend, and of course the K/S goodness.

Author's Response:

Very happy you liked it and thanks for the review! :)

Reviewer: cowgirl dressage Signed [Report This]
Date: 08/06/2012 3:09 PM Title: Aikum

Well, I just loved it!  What a great legend you came up with!  Normally I find these less than engaging but you had me from the start.  I also really enjoyed Jim questioning every turn just like a small child being told a bedtime story.  

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm very happy you liked it. I kind of have a soft spot for myths and legends. LOL. Thanks for the review!

Reviewer: CMM Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 08/06/2012 1:19 PM Title: Aikum

Very nicely done. And I can pump out so many words because I have no life, lol.

Author's Response:

Still though! Le sigh. My muse is just an evil, flighty bitch is what the problem is. Happy you liked it. Thanks for the review! :)

Reviewer: Pamdizzle Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 08/06/2012 12:01 PM Title: Aikum

I like your tales of Vulcan lore. ;)

Author's Response:

Thanks honey! I like you bits of Vulcan sex, so we're even. LOL.

Reviewer: VCVZ Signed [Report This]
Date: 08/06/2012 2:14 AM Title: Aikum

I never thought of Vulcan's moon, but if it was worthy to be a gift of must have been beautiful!
I wonder what happened to the stones...

Author's Response:

Nobody knows what happened to the stones. Thanks for the review. I hoped you liked it. :)

Reviewer: shamrock220 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 08/06/2012 12:39 AM Title: Aikum

Wingstar, you lil' minx! This was just spicy enough to sassify the appettite! Well done!


Author's Response:

Thanks! I would have had it done a lot sooner like I said I would, but life got in the way. Happy to satisfy your appettite any time. :) I should have another one of this series in the next couple of months, so stay tuned.

Reviewer: Mairin Signed [Report This]
Date: 08/05/2012 10:50 PM Title: Aikum

It's a very beautiful story thank you for sharing.

Author's Response: Thank you for the review. I'm happy you thought so. :)

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