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Reviewer: AshayaTReldai Anonymous [Report This]
Date: 03/14/2013 12:35 AM Title: Chapter 1

Thanks for this story and indeed the series. I have laughed so hard i hurt!!! Can't wait for the next chapter...

Please keep writing.

Author's Response:

Thank you!  There's much more of the series planned.  Next chapter is very slow going.  Had a different tone to it, so it's a little bit more difficult to find the mindset for it.  But I plan to have it done by the end of the week or sooner.  Hope to hear from you again! ~ RK

Reviewer: spocko Signed [Report This]
Date: 02/18/2013 1:02 AM Title: Chapter 1

i request that you write sevral more chapters, with haste. 

Author's Response:

Well, the next one is halfway done.  I hope to have it done for the weekend.  Hope you enjoy!  Thanks for reviewing! ~ RK

Reviewer: Zzickle Signed [Report This]
Date: 02/16/2013 1:13 AM Title: Chapter 1

Spock should know (or at least be able to figure out) when Kirk's birthday is. Kirk is The Kelvin Baby. All he has to do is a quick mental check to determine that it is not the anniversary of the Kelvin's destruction. There's no way he doesn't know the circumstances of Kirk's birth. I don't buy it.

Author's Response:

He had an amnesiac moment?  Thank you for reviewing. ~ RK

Reviewer: TPurr Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 01/02/2013 12:28 AM Title: Chapter 1

Another enjoyable entry. Nice by-play between Spock & Bones. Love the drink names! Personally I tend to stick to Logic Bombs myself, but Jim had a nice list! Looking forward to the next entry in the series!

Author's Response:

Thanks! I really enjoy writing Spock & Bones scenes.  Definitely consulted a drink book, as I tend to stick with the Logic Bomb, too.  Guess that happens when you're very much a lightweight.  :/  Hope to hear from you when the next part is up. ~ RK

Reviewer: Scarlettmoon7 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 12/18/2012 11:01 AM Title: Chapter 1

I saw that you'd written some other stories and came across this series... Amazing! I'm pretty surprised that spock was violent in defense of uhura but i guess you had a reason that spock broke up with her.... I was hoping it was because she trashtalked kirk... And he lied to kirk about being unhappy with her or is there more to the story? Interesting that kirk always fascinated spock. Also like the emphasis kirk puts on the importance of food in this series. Would like to see how tarsus is dealt with in your universe....

Author's Response:

Tarsus will be touched upon bit by bit as this goes.  (It is definitely an influence as to the reason why Kirk puts so much importance on food in his life.)  It's going to definitely come into play.  As for Spock's violence for the jerk in the bar...well, let's chalk it up to an overly-masculine-display-of-chivalry-a-bit-out-of-control for now.  Nothing to do with trash-talking Kirk, since she never explicitly says his name, and Spock doesn't know who the 'jerk from Iowa' was.  Spock's aggressive behavior will be addressed further later... ;) There is a little more to the breakup reason...bit by bit.  Be patient yet. 


Sorry I take forever to respond, but I always try.  Thanks for leaving a review! ~ RK

Reviewer: argona Signed [Report This]
Date: 10/24/2012 8:28 PM Title: Chapter 1

I must admit the story is moving a little too slow for me and maybe Spock is too clingy?Just saying because I really like this story.Oh and bones is mean!

Author's Response:

I'm sorry to hear that.  Spock needs a friend at this point, since most people he knows are on a professional basis, and he's recently ended his relationship with Uhura.  He's also still grieving over the loss of his homeplanet and his mother.  They'll move a little bit faster once they truly start talking, I suppose, and actually get back out into space and on missions.  I'm thrilled you're enjoying the series! :) And, aww, Bones isn't mean...he's just cranky.  Poor Bones.  He'll adjust, once him and Spock have an unspoken agreement going on to tolerate each other.  Gosh, I hope I'm not giving too much away for the future installments. Hope to hear from you again, though.  ~ RK

Reviewer: Pamdizzle Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 09/17/2012 8:10 PM Title: Chapter 1

Damn it, woman! You need to update this series already. It's been months, and I have been patient, but there are few series I love more than this one...actually, there are no series I love more than this one.

I was thinking too, if you haven't already finished it...that it would be cute to see Spock guilty over Jim's sore back from having to sleep on the couch...anywho, UPDATE IMMEDIATELY! lol

Author's Response:

I know it's been months!  I've been forced to neglect writing for a while.  Real life; you know how it is, I'm sure.  I've at least got the next one halfway done, but it's hard to bust it out with only 15 minutes here and there.  And just for being so patient, I will definitely work your suggestion into it somewhere.  Don't you worry!  Thanks for being so patient and hope you like the next one when I finish it! ~ RK

Reviewer: MyriadProBold Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 07/08/2012 7:58 AM Title: Chapter 1

This series is terrific. I hope the next part comes soon. How could you kill Keenser? Yikes.

I loved your portrayal of a drunk and giggly Spock. So cute. Logic Bombs. Nice.

Update soon.

Author's Response:

Thank you!  Glad you are enjoying the series so much so far.  :D I know...I wanted a familiar character, not a main character and not a random red-shirt, either.  So, it needed to be done.  Spock all giggly was too fun to resist.  Thanks again!  ~ RK

Reviewer: Pamdizzle Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 06/18/2012 10:01 PM Title: Chapter 1

No, you aren't crazy, but I did just repost it. I was going to take it down because incase you didn't know, Harlequin Hearts was an answer to a challenge that CMM had been working on already, and even though I know she doesn't give a shit, I didn't want to have done that twice. Besides, the challenger asked her to do it, even though I didn't know about that and so I figured I'd just let her respond to it. BUT, I've had a few emails asking me where the fucking tribble fic went (CMM among them) and so now I feel obligated to continue even though I really don't want people to think that she and I are involved in fic war--we're not, lol.

So yeah, you're not crazy...I am. LOL

Author's Response:

Okay, yay!  Just reviewed again for the reposted version.  Glad it is back! ~ RK

Reviewer: Perfect_Potion Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 06/16/2012 2:55 AM Title: Chapter 1

Hey babe! I totally breezed through this on my lunch break... and I plan to read it again (and leave a better review) tomorrow after I get off work. I'm too exhausted tonight. Just wanted to let you know that I am still loving this so much, and I SQUEED when I saw the update. :) 

Author's Response:

I look forward to the "better" review.  Glad you are enjoying this series so much.  I think you are my first squee-er!  Yay!  Thank you! ~ RK

Reviewer: Pamdizzle Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 06/15/2012 12:40 PM Title: Chapter 1

I was so happy to read your response to the review I left on the part previous to this one! What a great story to wake up to. I loved the entire bar scene. You got Jim's persona down so well, I could picture him rolling his eyes at his communicator and slinging his arm over Spock's shoulders.

Sucks about Keenser. Can't wait to see what caused the accident and how he died. I loved that little green...whatever the hell he is...Also, grumpy-ass, irratible Bones--Spot on, chica. God I just wanted throw a pie at him during that whole breakfast scene. The breakfast scene too...adorable!

Needless to say, I am again waiting for more. I love this series. And, in response your earlier response, I figured as much. That site is so full of self-richeous, hipocritical trolling bastards that I hesitate to post anything there anymore. I mean, it's like 80% of the people on that site will read your story and not review, 10% will read and not review but add it to favorites or put you on their alerts, 5% will actually put your stuff on their favorites AND review and the other 5% seem to enjoy trolling their favorite fandoms looking for writers they can harass. I'm seriously sick of it.

How pathetic do you have to be to sit behind your computer like any other nameless coward and discourage those who may not be the best author in the world, but still had the courage to take their ideas, put them on paper and then post them on a forum where God knows who is going to read it, hoping for feedback that will either help them improve their writing or encourage them to keep going. I've never understood how someone can just sit there and tear someone down like that. It's one thing to be blunt, but you don't have to be an utter asshole about it, you know?

So, anyway, I hope you find the environment here more welcoming. I can't believe anyone would tear you down though, you're writing is brilliant and if they wanted to nit pick you about seafood, well, they can just go eat a dick for all I care. I think you're awesome! ;) And I really don't think you'll have anyone giving you shit over here.

Author's Response:

Oh, yay!  Another one from you!  (I promise to stop being a lazy puke and return the favor on some of yours, I swear!  Speaking of, though, did you just post and then just remove one about Kirk the Tribble - or am I insane?)  That bar scene was a beast for me to work through, so I'm thrilled it worked.  Jim is a challenge for me a little, but I do enjoy writing him a lot!  But, I have FAR too much fun writing Bones and Spock, especially them being all snarky at each other.  We'll find out what happened to Keenser next installment. 

I agree about the other site...completely.  This archive is more welcoming, actually.  And I burst out laughing at "eat a dick!"  O.O  Thank you for the encouragement.  Working on the next one slowly but surely...I hope to have it up soon.  :) ~ RK

Reviewer: Fugitive Signed starstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 06/15/2012 9:30 AM Title: Chapter 1

Awwwww... I liked Keenser.  I felt that that little whimper he gave when Scotty and Kirk beamed away from Delta Vega (and Spock and Keenser) expressed beautifully what Spock felt but could not vocalize.  I guess Keenser's not a major character though, so you didn't have to warn for major character death.

Liking story on the whole, apart from that.

Author's Response:

Yeah, he's an endearing little...whatever species he is.  Who knows.  And I didn't give a warning about it, because I wanted readers to get the news right along with Kirk.  The aim was to show how relaxed and happy times can be shattered in the life of someone with as much responsibilty as Kirk.  Glad you are enjoying it!  Thanks for reviewing! ~ RK

Reviewer: SORAL179 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 06/15/2012 6:03 AM Title: Chapter 1

Thank you for this tale. It makes me think that Jim has not quite shed his cadet skin. I love your tie in with Uhura regarding Spock's loss of temper and why she was on the Farragut. This feels like a story where Jim mofrom rom the Narada being a fluke to it being the first of many incidents of skilled command. But what kind of accident or is it?


Also liked number one's name never made that connection and Sulu's LTGF good idea! The Pavel thing is interesting as it shows the big difference between UK and US underage drinking culture. Looking forward to the ongoing story. Made me think about fanfic. Ersus commercial ST. There are few really good commercial books that grip you and make you want to read more or that you re read. Obviously there are some not so good Fics but the number of good pieces that hold you is higher in fan writing. 

Mmh good idea about the temper thing and the Pike discussion. Vulcan aggression is not often considered in this context. One more thing is water really called a logic bomb if not it is a brilliant idea!

Author's Response:

Jim still has a ways to go before he could be truly comfortable and secure in his captainly role.  He's still a little unsure of himself, but he'll get there.  Glad you enjoyed the Uhura flashback things.  Just wanted to go into it a little bit.  What happened to Keenser at the end of this one gets a little more attention in the next one.  I have no idea about UK drinking culture but at least in TOS Chekov was all about his vodka, so I thought, alright, let's just make him sound a little naive about it - just so long as the thing's got vodka, he's happy.  And I'm sorry, but Number One needs a name! 

Does your comment here: "There are few really good commercial books that grip you and make you want to read more or that you re read. Obviously there are some not so good Fics but the number of good pieces that hold you is higher in fan writing," imply that this series is among those good pieces? If so, I'm flattered, and thank you! :) If not, I'm afraid what I just said will make me sound a smidge arrogant.... :/

Yep, Water is the ultimate Logic Bomb at bars.  Could NOT help myself.  Glad to hear from you.  Thank you for leavignn a review!  ~ RK

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